Saturday, September 9, 2017


 When a loved one is struck with a tragic illness or even death, God is sometimes blamed.  I do not understand the logic in that and perhaps neither does the blamer.  It's easy to blame God because they think that the devil is some kind of cartoon character with red skin, horns and a pitchfork.  That is exactly what he wants all of us to think, that he is not real.  But the fact is, he is very real.  Although he didn't start out as an ugly character.  It is written in the Bible that before he became satan, he was lucifer, God's beautiful angel.  It is the fact that he thought he could be God that led to his downfall.

We all start out innocent, beautiful and pure. As time goes on and in becoming aware, slowly satan sets his eyes on us.  All of us.  he wants to gather up all the souls that he can in order to defeat God.  his biggest problem is that God has already marked his fate.  he is on the losing side.  People who turn away from God and turn towards the dark side intentionally choose the losing side.  These are the same ones who blame God for tragedies in their lives.

If they only knew what God can really do for them if they are on His side they may change their minds.  But satan will always be there to throw a wrench in those human decisions.  Know your side, pick God, He will bring joy, comfort and insurance for your eternal life of happiness.  Not just in the next life but in this life, most importantly.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Never have I ever seen worldly chaos such as we are experiencing today.  Whether or not one person has caused people to have ideas and been convinced that they have somehow been short-changed, the world that we live in right now is badly in need of a heavenly intervention.

I've often wondered why before the time of Jesus, people, especially the chosen ones, the Israelites have been severely punished by God when they disobey or sin against Him.  For sure, our All-Knowing God has forseen our time today.  Why then hasn't He punished the people today who blatantly turn away from Him, have no regard for another human life, making them expendable?  When will He look at this dirty world and say, Enough already!?

Having been alive all these years, I can't even begin to explain how my youthful days' breaking news pale in comparison to the daily evil we currently experience.  As much as I want to see God smite evil people causing evil deeds, it really is up to Him to say, enough is enough!  I trust in His plans, whatever they may be.  But in my simple little human understanding, I believe that if there is ever a time to swing that ax, it is today.  Right now!  But I'm not God, and I can't even begin to comprehend the greatness of His plans.  All my minute understanding can come up with is that He is giving us time to come back to Him.  The faster that happens, the quicker Jesus comes back.  

As for now, I choose to be positive.  If I catch myself becoming negative, I would follow it up with positivity.  For now, that's all one can really do.  Are you with me?

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!


Saturday, August 12, 2017


When we decide to turn back to Christ and follow Him, the enemy is most present to block it every which way to make the transition unsuccessful.  he attacks our most vulnerable human characteristic... sinfulness.  he uses our weaknesses against us, guilts us into submission to our comfort zone and that is continuing to sin.

That is why it is very difficult for a lay person to turn against their sinful ways simply due to the uncomfortable effort to fight their sinful ways daily.  Some even backslide and never return to God.  satan will plea bargain, then intimidate, then convinces us to sit on the fence.  he knows that once we really know God and become obedient to Him, the grace and blessings will flow effortlessly into our lives and our lives will be so fulfilled that it becomes easier and easier to avoid sin at all costs.  Of course we are not perfect like Jesus, and we will falter every now and then.  God knows that and He will always give us a mulligan as long as we come back to Him and get back on track.  

With God, there is no middle ground.  Either you are with Him or against Him.  That is it.  Only a fool accepts the premise of the enemy.  If we are ever to really be free, we must sell out to Christ completely.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!


Sunday, August 6, 2017


If people who doubt the authenticity of the Bible only did their research, they will find the complicated and meticulous process in which the Word of God ended up in our hands today.

Some of the oldest manuscripts of the Bible are locked up in a St. Petersburg, Russia library.  Meticulous care was exercised that the translation was met with accuracy.  Several translators are involved and the procedure designed to avoid addition or subtraction from the original manuscripts.  It is imperative and critical that careful measures were taken, after all, God exalts His word above His own name as the fulfillment of that Word was His precious Son, Jesus Christ.

This fact must not be taken lightly.  Our lives must revolve around God's Word, to be as important as our very own lives.  The Bible was not words from just laymen.  It is a living, breathing, Holy presence designed to guide our lives as ordained by God.  The Bible IS God.  It is our tangible and direct connection with God.  The Bible is not man's view of God, instead it is God speaking to us.  We must treat it with our utmost reverence.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Three types of love exists on earth.  The first is love for those we love; family and good friends.  This type of love is easiest to dole out.  It needs no further explanation.  

The second type of love is trying to love people we dislike.  As a Christian, we were taught by Jesus before His departure from earth that we are to love one another.  This type of love is not yet defined as love until we are obedient to our Lord.  He didn't mean that we force ourselves to show love to these people, only to not bear any hatred for them in our hearts.  We are to pray for them in whatever capacity that lines up with God's will... think about the 10 Commandments when we think about loving our enemies.  We are not to take up the methods of the devil, instead we take up the methods of Jesus Christ.

Which brings me to the last type of Love.  The love of the three Godheads, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is the LOVE OF ALL LOVES.  It even has its own name, AGAPE (a-gah-peh).  This type of love can never exist in our hearts because we are born of flesh.  Only when we get to heaven will we be able to achieve this.  It is not to say that we shouldn't practice it while we are on earth.  God actually encourages us to do so.  It should be our goal.  The more we practice, the closer we are to God's heart.  And we all know what happens to us when we have that close relationship with God, right?  We become favored.  Favored children of God get the goods!  They get the blessing and the grace and the unlimited mercy from God.  Because God understands we can never be perfect like Him, he lengthens his forgiveness and mercy for us.  Jesus was the sacrificial lamb for past, present and future sins.  What an honor for perfection to give His life so we can live in everlasting life and Love of God.  Something to ponder on, amirite?

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!


Sunday, July 23, 2017


Forgiveness is one topic I love to blog about.  Forgiveness is the divine gift that is offered to us by Jesus Christ in exchange for our faith in His blood sacrifice and then the circle goes on and on.  

Jesus' most important lesson to all of us is forgiveness for one another.  Our high regard for our Lord must also manifest in our relationship with each other.  If Jesus can forgive us so easily and all He ever asks for is our faith, then we must forgive each other just as easily as He forgives us.  Living a life of forgiveness, not holding grudges can only benefit us.  If we refuse to give mercy, it will not only be difficult for us to receive it, but we also hinder others from forgiving us.

Bitterness can ruin our soul.  The power of bitterness is destructive because pride usually gets in the way.  Pride is the product of our belief that we are better than anyone else and when someone wrongs us, holding on to the ace card only hurts us in the end.  Bitterness not only troubles us, but it also defiles others.

Unforgiveness destroys relationships.  It causes a myriad of physical ailments such as high blood pressure, ulcer, headaches, even cancer.  We also face the danger of our children following in our footsteps.  Holding grudges is not an option.  We must love and forgive or we decay.

Remember what Jesus said to one of His disciples.  Not only should we forgive 7 times, but 7 times 70.  (Matthew 18:21-22)  Jesus is perfect and we are not.  So if He can forgive a plethora of our sins, who are we not to?

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Whenever we read Exodus 20:4, one of the most important of all ten commandments, you know, the one that talks about idolatry?  We often think about an actual statue, an amulet, an image of buddha, etc.  

This particular commandment says, "thou shalt not have strange gods before me."  Then it goes on to say, we should not make an image of anything anywhere, heavens, earth or sea.  That we shouldn't bow down (worship) anything or anyone except God.  Let's look at this for a moment.

When the Bible was written then, the Hebrews created idols that they worshiped instead of God.  In our world today, we have a myriad of things and people we worship instead of worshiping God alone.  God was clear as He went on that He is a jealous God.  We were created by God and worshiping other things or people is an insult and a blatant disrespect for our Lord.  So what is idolatry?

Idolatry is the serving of, loving of, honoring of, focusing your time to, and fearing of anything other than God.  

There are people who spend their time and all their energy on their jobs.  Others are engulfed in co-dependency to their spouse or lover, some for their children.  Some are under the control of drugs or a habit that grip their lives.  Some even immersed in sports and celebrities.  Whatever it is that consumes us is idolatry.  God should be numero uno in our lives, in our hearts, our minds and bodies.  You say, well how can I possibly think about God 24/7?  To that I say, why not?  Being in tune with God on a daily and hourly basis is not that complicated.  God speaks to us through our hearts.  If we are 100% under the will of God, He makes that clear.

The bonus prize when we are in tune and committed to loving God, He makes things work out in our lives so that we feel fulfilled and uplifted.  There is no lose situation when we are situated in the Lord.  We must accept the world's 2 cents when a curve ball is thrown at us, but as long as our will aligns with God's will, we can be thrown curve balls all day long and nothing will faze us.  What other way results in success?  Nothing!

Unless we can understand this concept and surrender to God, our lives will always be in turmoil, strained and unfulfilled.  God is the answer for everything.  If you ask an unbeliever if he or she believes in God, and they answer NO, they are lying.  Because deep in the pits of our guts, we know that God is as real as the moon in the sky.

Until my next rant, love God only, and LOVE ONE ANOTHER!