Saturday, June 24, 2017


There was a time in my life when I was a young single mother, my mother, stepfather and father-in-law would come visit me to make sure that I have the basic necessities for my daughter and I.  My stepdad would sometimes pick me up and we would go grocery shopping for the week.  My mother would come over to visit with bags of groceries and clothes, whether I needed them or not.  I felt very safe and loved.  I would do the same for my children because the love that was shown to me made such an impact on me that I passed it on to my own children.

When Jesus faced His fate on the cross, He also gave us a protector before He left.  Even though He is God, He was able to experience what it was like to be in the flesh.  Although He was powerful and Holy enough to ward off the evilness of satan, He knew of the pain and suffering we would experience as flesh because He himself went through them.  Because of His love for us, and because He could not be present with us all, He left us a protector.  One who is an equal part of Him and God the Father.  But this one is pretty special in my book.  He is the one who is inside of our hearts, our minds and our bodies who guides us every step of the way through this life.

The Holy Spirit is our conscience that prods us to be Christ-like.   He is the one who protects us from the evil principalities that surround us every day.  He is the one who blesses us and grants us the answer to our prayers.  He is the link, that feeling of close intimacy with God.  What a wonderful gift Jesus has left us.  Our individual protection.  Jesus could have stayed in the world had it not already been planned from the start, but if He stayed in the flesh, He could not have had a one on one with every single person alive.  With the Holy Spirit, He can.  Isn't God just awesome?  And as soon as we stop questioning His mere power with our limited understanding and our human mental capacity, but instead have pure faith, we will be able to let the love flow into our lives from God.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Sunday, June 18, 2017


It seems true to think that when one grows up with an absent father, one seems unfulfilled.  Absent can both mean physical and emotional.  Some fathers can be present physically but fully abandoned emotionally and mentally.

This truth makes God even more real.  The father is usually the head of the family, the glue that holds together a unit that is in need of not only financial support but emotional and spiritual protection.  Absent the latter, the unit falls apart.  Most men can be baby makers but not fathers.  For whatever reason they abandon their units, the unit is in turmoil.

Most women would surmise that they can fill both roles.  However attractive that seems to be, a woman can never fill the role of a father in all aspects of her children's lives.  Case in point, I was a single parent to two children.  Although I worked myself off to make ends meet, I still could not fill the role of father to my son who wanted to engage in sports.  I can be in attendance, sure.  But I couldn't teach him the techniques, the male perspective, because I am not a man who knows about sports.  The same with my daughter.  I can tell her about relationships from a woman's point of view, but never from a man's point of view.  It's not sexist to say this is true.  If a woman thinks she can fulfill both roles, she is just deceiving herself.

God assumes the father role to all of us.  Thank God He does.  He was the one I clung to growing up with an physically, emotionally and mentally absent father.  Thank God for human fathers like my father in law, Earl and my stepfather Henry who stepped into a father role in my life.  With them I learned both worldly and spiritual lessons.  They were my guide and protectors in my adult life.  I wish they lived longer but the lessons they taught me is engraved in my heart and mind.  Since their passing, God, who is the almighty Father, protector and provider has been there for me.  I can say with all honesty and gusto that I am proud for Him to be my Father.  Meeting Him face to face is just a bonus.  I feel His mighty and strong presence every day.  And of course, I feel His disappointment in me too.  Life on earth is not perfect, but God is.  So I really take to heart His lessons for me via situations I'm faced with every day.

I hope and pray more men would step up into the father role doing God's will for their own children.  That would just be a double bonus!

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  That's the ticket!

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Who gets it?  Often on social media when commenting on a post some people do not understand another's point of view, and because the handiness of face-to-face conversations are lacking in these types of venues, such comments usually gets misunderstood.  Especially when it comes to the perspective of a Christian by secular people, it often requires a rather long thread.  

I remember a time when I commented on a post and said, "we are born alone and we will die alone."  Someone thought I was being very cruel by making this comment.  I am a lazy explainer, I will admit it.  One of the things I lack, which God has not graced me with, is patience.  God teaches me to be patience every day.  Every day, I fail.  I keep on trying, but somehow, I find myself struggling with patience.  The only test I struggle with on impatience is impatience with lazy thinkers.  I do not use the word "stupid" in this instance because I feel that God gave us all a brain to use.  But for whatever reason, there are people out there who refuse to push the envelope when it comes to thinking.

Case in point, this person who accused me of being cruel to another.  So, for his sake and anyone else's sake out there, I will expound.

When I say we were born alone and will die alone, I meant that physically.  It is a fact that even in a multiple birth situation, we think and feel individually so we are still born alone.  Similarly, when we die, we die alone.  Throughout our lives, our brains and our hearts only feel and think for one person.  Our accountability to God and our fulfillment of His plan for us is for each and every person by themselves.  Even if we have been married for a thousand years, when we die, we will die in one body.  Our spirits live on but life for only one. 

For this reason, being co-dependent with our spouse is a silly notion.  Our relationship with God is between us and God, individually.  We cannot read others' thoughts or their hearts but God can.  If there is a person present when we die a physical death, it is God.  He is there waiting for us on the other side.  

There is no joy that can compare to that time when we meet God as we enter our eternal lives.  This life is merely an incubator.  We exit it when we are fully cooked.  We are given a chance day after day to hone our skills for God's glory.  Let us not waste a moment for the opportunity to do so.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Thursday, June 8, 2017


Have you ever had an obsession?  I do. Now.  Well, besides art, SUCCULENTS!!!  I have a large collection of succulents and I want to share them with you!




Sunday, June 4, 2017


It really is amusing to me that I have a fear of things beyond my control.  Perhaps that is a normal human reaction as I am sure I am not the only one who feels that way.  

When things are good in life, we often fear that a problem will arise around the bend.  Instead of enjoying the calm, we brace ourselves for the storm.

My first (and perhaps last) paragliding experience in Maui was interesting.  As I was being hoisted up in the air like a kite, I white-knuckled the strap around me as if letting go would send me plummeting to the very scary and vast Pacific Ocean.  However, as my mind settled and got used to the unfamiliar state of being, I began to appreciate the silence of the atmosphere, away from the noise of the terrain below.  My mind wondered about how fortunate the birds in flight as they experience its peacefulness.  

Back on land I couldn't help but appreciate life and all of God's blessings.  The paragliding experience gave me a glimpse of being taken up with Jesus upon His return, only more glorious!

Confident living is a result of a relationship with Christ, and not by one's own resolution.  The more we seek and know Christ, His complete control will be ever so present within us and the more we can relax.  Life is not for us to control, even our own lives.  The bigger Christ is in our lives, whether by life or death, the more confident we are in fully trusting Him as we live our our days on earth.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Saturday, May 27, 2017


There are times when Christians fall into the traps of pride.  We can get caught up in our own definition of acting Christ-like or godly.  We look over to all the others around us and size them up looking for imperfections to criticize.  In the same token, we become full of ourselves thinking we are at least trying not to commit a sin but honestly, we are.  

Pride is one of the sins that trip us up.  We think to ourselves and tell God, "at least I don't do what so and so does!"  Do you know that God doesn't even listen to such talk?  God knows mankind's heart.  No matter what we do, no matter how good we or others think we are, we are still sinners.  I mean daily sinners!  Alternatively, when secular people look at us, they also automatically think that we are holier-than-thou and that is enough of a reason to hate us.  The world is a crazy place full of crazy people.  Maybe crazy is too vague of a word.  How about self-righteous?  Yes, that's a better word.

It is just like the story of a certain king who, when removing his crown for rest, hangs it on a nail instead of another human's head.  The reason is because when a person wears a crown, even if for a short time, he would puff up and feel he is fit to be a king.  A person can do this, but not a nail. 

We must realize that as humans, such faltering humans, there is no good in us.  We are only as righteous as Jesus makes us.  The moment we start brag praying to God, it is worthless to God.  We must remain humble knowing that we do not have a crown...yet.  All that we are, and all that we do that is good and pleasing to God's eyes is all for Him.  Not for us to gloat about.  As soon as we realize this, we continue to walk in God's will.  When we continue to walk in God's will, God is glorified and after all, it is all about Him.  It is never about us. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017


I understand you. I understand that all your life you have just gone through the motions. As a child, no one has told you about God. 

Alternatively, for some of you, God was shoved down your throats so you learned to hate Him, hate church, and could not wait to get out on your own so you can make your own choices. 

Once you left, you heard others say that the world was your oyster. You set out to make a name for yourself. You got a good job, made good money, maybe even met the person of your dreams. You lived the life you've always wanted to live. You got married, bought a house, had a couple of kids. Life was great. You look around you with a nod and said, "I did all this on my own. I am a strong person. I can handle anything else that comes my way and come out a victor!"

Years later, tragedy struck. The firm you worked for filed bankruptcy. You found another job, but it was not as golden as the last one. Because you are older now, competition was tight. But you take the job anyway because you needed to support the family. The children are older, they needed more. Your spouse suddenly went cold and you find out about an affair. You get divorced. The custody and support problems drag you down. Property needs to be split, which means you will soon lose your house. The kids are stressed about the situation. Money is now tight. All of a sudden, your world feels like it's crumbling around you. And it is. Because soon you need the help of family, friends, anyone who will just listen. On the surface, they did. But you only got advise. You hate to burden your family and friends with your problems knowing they got some of their own.

Suddenly, you feel alone and dejected. You think of the worst. But if you were gone, the kids would have no one. You certainly could not do that to them. They need you! Now more than ever. But who do you turn to when there is no one there?

Without warning and as if on cue, you look up to heaven. But instead of asking the God that was shoved down your throat when you were young to help you, you curse him instead. You scream at him, "If you are who you say you are, why did you let these things happen to me? How can people worship such a punisher?" 

You then realize what you just did. Just like a wayward child would lash out at their parents with blame, they still run to them when life gets tough. We always hurt the ones we love and who we are comfortable enough to know love us unconditionally.

Suddenly, a sweep of calmness envelops you. This calmness is the Holy Spirit, the protective God, the one that was given to us by God the Son. God let's you feel his love at that time. He said that He is all you need. He loves you and gives you peace. He says He will take care of you even though you have turned away from Him all these years. You surrender. You give your life to Him and ask Him to take your burdens from you because He promised it to you. You repent. You ask for His forgiveness and He you is merciful enough to give it to you wholeheartedly because He said that is why JESUS died. He died so you can be easily forgiven. He died so God the Father would not cast you to the pit of hell for any sin. JESUS is the buffer between you and God. JESUS gave His life because God sacrificed Him to us. His precious baby boy! For you, undeserving wretched sinner. But He understands because He created you in His image to love Him back. He wants you to spend eternity with Him! But He understands that you will never be perfect. And yes, even after you return to Him. However, because of His forgiveness, you try to live a life that is pleasing to Him. You will try to see others through His forgiving eyes and heart. So sin becomes less and less tempting to you. 

You start seeing things in a different light. You now want to do what he has done for you to help others like you. You take your life and place it in His hands. You let JESUS take the wheel. Now you are not responsible for anything bad happening in your life because nothing but good will transpire. Because you trusted Him. And that is all He wants.

Yes, I understand you, because I am you.

Saturday, May 13, 2017



Pierre August Renoir, a master of Art suffered from severe rheumatism.  Although painful for him to continue to paint, he continued on.  A friend asked why he wish to torture himself.  Renoir responded, "The pain passes, but the beauty remains."

Like Renoir, Van Gogh suffered from a mental illness as described by professionals in his time.  Although it may be partly true, in my opinion, half of his quirky character was because he was misunderstood.  You see, Van Gogh was a genius and had a deep relationship with God.  Often, we as Christians, are invalidated because secular people do not understand how having a relationship with God could be possible.  Jesus said, we, who are His people will be persecuted in His name. 

We see in all around us in current times and has become much more prevalent.  I compare it to an ant hill.  As long as the hill continues to be left alone, the worker ants and the colony are fine.  However, once the ant hill is demolished, the ants become discombobulated.

For years we have lived in a country where speaking of and about God was silenced by the progressives.  They were allowed to do whatever they want whenever they wanted.  Life was cool.  As soon as God stepped back in our lives, ever loudly, they have become discombobulated.  But like God has done in the past, we in this time will once again be led by God to fulfill His plans that have been set in place even before the beginning of time.  The upcoming events will be manifested whether we like it or not.  God's power is stronger than all of ours put together.  It's just a matter of time when beauty once again blankets our world.

For now, we exercise patience.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Imagine if you will that you were always the giving person, ready to care for and help others.  Your sole purpose in life, you have decided, was to be the oak tree that people relied on.  It's just in your nature to nurture.  It made you happy just to know that you have helped out in some way or another.  You don't usually expect anything in return but a token of appreciation, such as a simple thank you, would suffice.  Although you do not expect it, it would still be hurtful if you don't get that appreciation for all the effort you put out.  After all, you are only human.  We all need that validation to keep us motivated to continue to do for others.

Imagine how God does of so many of us day in and day out.  We are in full focus when we have favors to ask but sometimes our human nature kicks in and we forget to praise Him when our prayers are answered.  Although God is ever powerful and faithful to us, He is also a jealous God.  He wants to be the center of our lives.  He is well-deserved to be.  Praise is a habit we need to learn to do always for the pure development of our souls.  Psalm 147 says, "Praise the Lord!  How good to sing praiser to our God!  How delightful and how fitting!"  We have to be resolved that God is the ultimate problem solver.  He is the one we turn to when all avenues have been taken into account.  He willingly answers our prayers that line up with his Will but yet we forget to appreciate Him for what He does for us.  

We need to make appreciation to God and learning to praise Him a vital part of our lives.  I mean from the littlest minute thing to the biggest and boldest solution He has given us.  When we do, there is a sudden change in our own personal lives when we deal with others.  The appreciation spills over to other people we have relationships with, no matter who they might be.  In turn, the act of appreciation becomes contagious as others are inspired by them.  

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!


Gardening succulents to propagate! Using delft blue tea cup.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


Everything worldly is a double-edged sword.  One cannot simply depend and focus their energy on any one thing on earth.  Some people, especially new Christians, are solely in need of guidance through the learning of the spiritual life of a Christian that they solicit the help of those who have been conditioned in the faith.  

But one cannot rely on or use as a crutch any church establishment in the strengthening of their faith.  Just as we learn the steps for Zumba, and afford the help of a personal trainer, eventually we get into the groove and are able to do it by ourselves to reap the benefits of getting fit.

The process is the same with spiritual strength.  New Christians are led to God, and eventually, through the help of the Holy Spirit, their relationship with God grows stronger and stronger every day.  Eventually, they become wise believers and like a bird departing from its nest, has the wherewithal to fly on its own and succeed.

I do not minimize the role of the religious organizations as a necessary stepping stone and in providing valuable services, but their role stops there.  It is when we begin to ripen to rot in the church but are not able to fly on our own that we encounter stagnancy.  No longer are we growing spiritually but fall back into the worldly existence, again surrounded by fallible people.  We need to recognize if we are to volunteer and be active in the church organizations that our service is for the furtherance of God's kingdom, not for people or to appease them.  

Those types of people or cliques become the cancer that sends the church crashing down turning new christians sour about the church.   The church members' role is to bring people together and not cause separation from each other and eventually from God.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Friday, April 28, 2017


I love hot air balloons and they make my day when I see them flying above Napa every morning!  But I have never seen them this close.  Praise God for such blessings!

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Christians know, or should at least be aware, that prayers lined up with God's will are answered.  The tricky part is the "when." God, in His infinite perfection, only knows the right timing of answered prayers.  Full surrender to Him breeds patience in us.  Patience is difficult for our human understanding, especially when what we are praying for is perceived, by our own minds, to be urgent.

When tragedy strikes, in our sadness and sorrow, there are a few choices to make.  In our despair, we may give up, use temporary aids to forget, or turn to God. 

In our lifetime, sorrow is part and parcel of our makeup as humans.  It is inevitable in this wretched world, but our reaction of survival to troubles or sadness, is what makes us stronger. Situations may look hopeless but submerging ourselves in the presence of God and praying for his protection and guidance may only be manifested through spiritual strength.  A wise person will turn away from bitterness to God because he/she knows who is larger than, or more powerful than, any problem that exists.

We never should give up.  God will take care of the "when" in His time and He is the only help available in our time of need.  God is the end all, be all.  We have to stand by His blessed assurance.  God will always come through for us.

As Paul said, "Therefore, put on every piece of God's armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil.  Then after the battle you will still be standing firm."  Ephesians 6:13

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Saturday, April 15, 2017


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**The images were taken from the National Geographic magazine December 2016 issue from the article "Putin's Generation"

The Bible, God's Word, teaches us to always be aware of roadblocks encountered that hinder us from our goal of being Christ-like.  It tells us that we need not fear the seen more than that which are unseen.  Humans just like us may be scary at times for whatever reason that play on our own fears.  What is scary to you may not be scary to others.  What God tells us is that we need to always be on guard with the principalities that are unseen.  

The devil is very real.  It can take many forms, for example; guilt from our past mistakes, people who have hurt us and make it a career to keep doing so,  human urges and sins of the flesh which we have very little control over like food, sex, gambling, drugs, etc.  Anything that can trip us over and taking away our focus off God.  Because God does not interfere in our own free will, it is up to us to be strong through our own volition or, if that is too difficult a task, ask Him for assistance.  God always wants us to call on Him to fight our battles for us.  He wants to take on our burden and when He does, He wants us to trust us enough to not rip it back away from Him.  It is on us to understand that we are not in control of anything, but God is in control of everything.

The prize we win is not only did God take care of it for us, He also blesses us for giving Him the trust He so wants us to give Him.  How awesome is our God, right?  All we have to do is to be able to tap into the truth, and the truth will indeed set us free.  

But we need practice.  A lot of practice.  The reason is because we are merely humans.  Before we realize that God can fix it all, we have been doing things our way and it is not easy to give up that habit.  However, we need to seriously keep our minds open at all times, and catch ourselves when we slowly start to take that control back from God, and because of our free will, He has no choice but to let us.  Practice makes perfect.  Start practicing today.  It is better for us to be on the winning side than struggling to fight a losing battle  on our own.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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Friday, April 7, 2017


One of the funniest speeches (which I couldn't get through after the first few sentences) was of Madonna where she was being honored at an academy award show.  She said that when she was a struggling music artist in New York, her apartment was broken into so much that she quit locking her door.  It struck me as odd that instead of heightening security, she would choose to welcome the thieves in.  But what was funny was that she was struggling but yet she had something in her apartment that was valuable enough to get broken into so much.

The whole scenario reminds me of one of the funny stories of Aesop's fables where the hares were in constant danger from predators that they decided to drown themselves.  However, upon reaching the edge of the lake, they found that the frogs were afraid of them.  They decided instead to hang out at the lake and frighten the frog because they now feel empowered.  How silly!

But in all seriousness, we often respond to dangers of our environment in the same manner.  When troubles strike, most people turn to self-destructive behaviors not only to themselves, but also sometimes to others.

When the Israelites got tired of waiting on God their responses to that situation was one of self-destruction. They began to feel sorry for themselves and turned to lust and destruction.

Imagine the horror that met Moses when he came down from his meeting with God!  But Moses was smart and had a heart after God's that instead of anger and disgust, he prayed.  He prayed for God to spare His people and he did not give into defeat.  The same should be applied in our lives.  When circumstances beyond our control plague us, the first thing we should do is pray.

It is so easy to be self-reliant.  That seems to be the first human reaction we do.  But when we are spiritually mature, we look beyond ourselves and focus our vision straight up to the heavens.  We need not look around for answers, the answer will always be above us.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Saturday, April 1, 2017


You've seen it before, you were shocked at the very sight of it, so shocked that you say to yourself, "What is wrong with this world?"  The scene is a video you might have come across on Facebook.  People sometimes post them for shock value.  There is nothing wrong with that if you have the stomach for it.  I sometimes watch them just to understand that humanity is slowly but surely dissipating from this world.  God and the Bible are pushed out of man's very core.  What used to be a daily practice, for example, family prayer, is no longer alive in an average human being's home.  We have been desensitized.  Compassion is no longer the response to aggressive situations that arise.  Instead, we pull out our camera phones and film it.  The upcoming "ME" generation of selfies, selfie filters, narcissism is rampant in our youth and has gotten out of control.

God reminds us all throughout the Bible that when this happens, satan will run amok in our world spreading hurt, pain, bitterness and coldness of heart.  Love is no longer upheld.  Instead, love of self is in place.  People reach beyond feeling.  They feel nothing, no more caring, slowly but surely.

We have entered a path that sustains no compassion and love and fear of God.  Men of God continue to plow through and teach us to hold onto our compassion.  Self-examination must be part of our daily lives to sum up our day and ask ourselves if we practiced the act of compassion today. The tap of compassion should stay on, lest we reach our death clothed in bitterness.  It's not an easy task but we should consciously conduct ourselves accordingly and make it our main goal.  Nothing else matters in this world except actions that please God, and what pleases God reaps rewards.  Eternity is a time, space and place where these acts would no longer be difficult.  We practice today, in the now, in this world.  Before it's too late.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

The Napa Valley has Hot Air Balloons

On my way to work this Spring, I usually rush out and jump in my car.  While going through the motion, something catches my attention up in the sky... THE HOT AIR BALLOONS!  I don't know why but it does make my day.  Since there are no roses to stop and smell, these balloons are an awesome substitute.  They are usually the subject of my photo fetish.  So I share them with you.

A little photo editing.  This was taken from my work.  All my kids were mesmerized by how close they were.

How can you not possibly fall in love?

Friday, March 31, 2017

KYOTO - A New Music Video

Yesterday, my daughter Tara Alesia launched her new music video "Kyoto" and of course Mom made Japanese themed cookies for the occasion.  Check out her video on YouTube 
 KYOTO - TARA ALESIA - Please subscribe to her channel as well as my art channel!  

My YouTube Channel - Armie Fox

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Empathy is a very tricky emotion.  When tragedy strikes someone you care about and she confides in you, unless you have walked her shoes, you really don't know the deep pain and sorrow she is feeling.  When we empathize, we put ourselves in their shoes and feel what they are feeling at the time.  Whether the intensity is on the same level or not, empathizing with someone helps us analyze with clearer thinking because we are not the ones affected.  It is less difficult for us to think of what to say and how to act since we are not in the direct line of fire.  When we look at the same person and feel sad for them, We are most likely only sympathetic.  There is a distinct difference.  

When Jesus encountered people who had loved ones who died or had serious illnesses, He sprang into action and miraculously healed the sick and brought the dead back to life.  He didn't do these acts for mere show.  He was actually demonstrating to us that with even a mustard seed sized faith, we could do the same for others.  But alas, when faced with the same situation, we grapple for ways to help out and simply fall into the sympathetic rather than the empathetic.  Perhaps if you were the person in trouble, would you do everything in your power to be able to fix the situation as Jesus did?  The Bible says we do have the power to do so.  If we only have the faith we can move mountains.  If Jesus says we could, then believing and standing on that truth would allow us to do so.  Living in the realm in which Jesus lives will allow us to.  But to get to that point isn't easy.  We have to be completely surrendered to God in thoughts, words and deed.  But practice makes perfect.  I know there are people out there who actually have that much faith that they have the ability to transcend the norm and actually reinforce what Jesus already taught us when he walked the earth.  

I don't know how far you are with your faith but if you are one of the ones who are grown in God's truth, you would understand what I'm talking about.  If you are the opposite, then you have some seeking to do and do it now.  Time is running out, Jesus' return is imminent.  Don't be caught off-guard.  Always be prepared.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Saints vs. Swine

There are two types of people according to Viktor Frankl an Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist and a holocaust survivor when faced with the unavoidable and complete influence of their surroundings.  He noted that while at camp, he witnessed that some people acted like saints, choosing to help others while some acted like swines, forgetting humanity and thinking only of themselves.

Even as I go through life, I witness the same especially in the relationships between children.  I can distinguish those who are caring, possess maturity and genuine responsibility towards another.  Then there are those who barrel past everyone to get the best of the best of everything and anything no matter what the cost.

I can't help but feel the disassociation with the swine people from the pure heart of God.  Yes, admittedly, like others, I fall prey to imperfections on a daily basis but most of the time, I feel compassion, caring and sympathy.  How sad for those who have created an island of themselves instead of being oceans washing many shores.  God's purpose, at least for me, is to touch as many lives as I possibly can and I hope and pray I have been doing so in my own little way.  

But I learned to determine and decide what is right from wrong with the help of three questions: 1) Are my actions coming from pure motives? 2) Will anyone be offended? and 3) Will it expose me to the danger of developing bad habits?  Answering the questions honestly, and with the help of God's urging through prayers will get us to the right answer.  More often the world is full of people who live by the law of the jungle, the ME law, what will benefit ME first before I even start thinking about others, rather than a world abiding by the law of love.  

The world is suffering from famine today, starved of the spiritual and learning to witness through love is our best contribution to it.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!