Monday, October 29, 2012


     Have you ever been to a restaurant like The Outback and they have these cardboard coasters and while waiting for your food think to yourself, what could I be doing with these if I happen to take it home with me?  Well, here's one way!  Paint on it!  It's a tiny canvas, lightweight, small enough for quick art but big enough to make it count as an actual work of art!  I hope this inspires you to do what you wish....

    Have fun!! It's not good to swipe these things.  You will find that the servers will happily give you some, so really all you have to do is ask.  LOVE ONE ANOTHER........

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


In your life’s equation, is God a major part of it?  If one's Faith is not limited by logic then God must be.

Faith is the vibrant factor in spiritual wisdom, as it is through faith that we understand.  The invisible is made visible.  In the Bible, God is presented but not argued or explained because God wants us to accept him by faith.  If we believe, we become wise.  When in faith, we are not expected to prove to a skeptic that there is a God.  The skeptic should prove to himself that there is no God.  Everyone has faith in their heart.  The faith of God’s existence and the faith of God’s inexistence.

Scientists study phenomenon now existing and it takes less faith to believe that nobody times nothing equals everything.  That’s what they believe.  The fool that says in his heart there is no God.  God is the supreme fact and the man who denies it is the supreme fool.  Faith is not the evidence of reason, it is beyond reason.  The scientists who make it their life’s mission to try to prove God doesn’t exist, is like a pianist trying to take a piano apart to find the notes he plays.

Faith is the stronghold of spiritual wisdom.  God does not have an obligation to prove himself to you to make you believe, faith is the heart’s response to the character of God. 

Jesus came from heaven in a very non-descript and very ordinary way.  When we see Jesus, there is no beauty that we would make us desire him.  Jesus doesn’t look like what is presented to us with the flowing robes, hair flowing and a halo above his head.  If Jesus looked spectacular, why did Judas have to point him out to the soldiers?  Jesus was not clothed in golden robes, ornamented with jewels, lived in a palace much like a king.  But there was in Him all of the glory, serenity, dignity, majesty, purity and character of God in human flesh, not from outward extravagance but with miracles, they were not publicity stunts.  He didn’t want that kind of fellowship.  He wants to be known for what he was. 

Why did he come as he did?  Because he wanted us to learn faith because He knew without faith, it is impossible to please God.  He could buy us, he could bribe us, he could do whatever he wants, but he doesn’t want that. 

When your eye is right, it responds to light.  When your ear is right is responds to sound, when your heart is right it responds to God and that response is FAITH.  The bible says beware of you who does not believe.  Unbelief does not come out of your brain in thinking, it comes out of the heart.   Faith honors God and vice versa.

Faith is the dynamic of spiritual wealth.  Hebrews 11:6  God rewards to those who seek him.  Be it unto you according to your faith, not fame, not feeling, future, fortune, or fate.  Faith is the medium of exchange in the kingdom of heaven.  If you pray without faith, you don’t get an answer.  You have to believe that you receive what you desire which i9s in line with His will and you will receive them.  Pray and believe you will receive, pray in doubt you will do without.

How spiritually worthy are you?  How much reserve do you have?  It is all according to your faith.

Life is a journey.  We are headed somewhere, it is not a casual journey it is a race (Heb 12:1-2).   Jesus is the author and finisher of our fate.

Life has a goal.  Faith helps us find that goal which is the will of God.  The destination of faith is to find, follow and finish the will of God.  That’s what faith is all about.  How do we do that?  We need to be motivated by the saints around us.   You can’t see them but the champions of faith is in the ring of honor, they are watching us on the field, they are cheering us on, “Go, go, go!!!” 

We are to be separated by the shackles of sin that weigh us down.  Remember, when we ask God to forgive us, He does immediately, and our sins are forgotten as far as the east is from the west.  We no longer need to carry extra weight and it is crucial to lay it aside.  When you are in a race, you shed as much clothing as you can to be as light and as fast as you can be in order to win.  We need to train ourselves to shed those sins that have been forgiven and forgotten by God, the only one who knows how to do both.

We need to strive to be liberated by the snares beneath us.  Sins are constricting, we wrestle with it for a long time, and trips us up.  Ask God what it is, where you keep falling and lay it aside.  Come to grips with it, be done with it.  The great enemy of faith is sin.  You have dirty rotten sin, not intellectual problems.  If your heart is right, if you are having trouble with faith, try repentance.  Repentance comes before faith, get your heart right, and you will be surprised how the fruits of faith will grow when you get the sin out of your life. 

Is holding on to sin worth God not answering your prayer?  Is it worth a right relationship with God, or being a mighty power for God? NO!  Lay it aside, be done with it! 

We are to be energized for the race ahead.  It means determination, a course from God for you.  Be dedicated to the savior above us.  Look upon Jesus, the author and finisher of your fate.

It’s not great faith in God that we need, it is faith in a Great God!  Do you know what faith is? It is the by product of looking onto Jesus, the Alpha and Omega, the fire and the coach that makes us run, put your eyes on Him!  He is the bridge through faith that will guide you to an eternal life of bliss.  Look to Jesus, fall in love with Him, study him, you find him in the word.  Live by faith.  You can exist without faith but you can never live without it.  Jesus said I have come so you can have life.

Till the next rant…. LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Monday, October 22, 2012


Art this week - Lotus Flower is ready to go trick or treating.  She keeps her uniqueness but puts on a pumpkin costume nonetheless!  She loves candy and hopes to rack up some serious stash! (It's coming along pretty slow as I am getting my studio ready and so I'm spending most of my time finishing up.  More art to come soon!  Thanks for your patience and loyalty to my blog!)  Love one another...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


     I have been so busy getting my art studio ready for something that is in the works right now.  More details when I have a definite date for you.  But, let me show you what I was working on and some of the art in the the works right now....
     Focal point of the studio.

     My OCDiva is prancing proudly holding a paintbrush ready for the next project!

Just a little showcase of my Catwoman collection

     Let's face it, I am a non-conformist when it comes to art.  So, even my labels have to be exciting.  I chose to then add a word here and there to at least make the labels meaningful like "laugh" ribbon.   To me when I hear a laugh, it brings joy.  Much like a ribbon is to a gift package or a little girl's hair.  Hmmm?
     My own showcase of what nature feels like when I gaze at this collection.  My dream house in a vineyard, flowers surrounding me, my children, animals, and my favorite childhood pet duck, Cleopakwak (R.I.P).

Miss Queen Bee, ruler of My Happy Cocoon! 
     (Bees representing ideas buzzing around in her head!)

In the works.  Ms. Leoparda Thunderbolt!

Till my next rant.... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


    PART 5 Continue communication.  Men and women are different, psychologically and emotionally opposites.  The fact that opposites attract is God’s joke, because what attracts us before marriage, drives us nuts after marriage.  The grace of God will allow you to communicate your differences.    That’s the reason God put us together.

Embracing our differences keeps the relationship from getting stale.  How boring would it be if you and your spouse do things exactly the same.  Yes, it is sometimes a boon to a mate who thinks and does things the same way you would but let's face it, differences add the spice of life.  God has created each of us unique individuals and He threw in free will which if we mull about it more, we could come to the conclusion that does make the proverbial "world" go round.

   PART 6-Refresh Romance.  Keep the love light burning.  When we say "living together", what we really mean in today’s society is that we’re sharing the same bed.  That is the idea that we are together physically, we are dwelling together, living together, speaking of sexual mutuality, the physical side of marriage.  Express that love physically, but all through life keep the romance going.  Always touch and hug,  Keep it there.  Keep that courtship going, never cease flirting with your wife or husband and never flirt with another man or another woman.  There is only one darling, or honey.  Keep her/him number one.  Give honor.  Be a gentleman.  Show her courtesy, and compliment one another constantly. 

Making time for each other doesn't just mean dinners, vacations, etc.  Even at home, you can do things together like cook, watch football games, play cards, or just talk.  Never lose your sense of humor with each other.  For me keeping the humor is very important.  Making light of everyday events and not taking oneself so seriously really paves the way to a comfortable and stress-free relationship.  Be each other's best friend.

Often the wife is the one who initiates a deep conversation.  The husband should at times oblige her with some thoughtful musings even if it could be unsettling and foreign.  Consequently, at times the wife should just sit and listen to her husband or in the same token, be quiet, when he is lost in his thoughts.  The result could be very fulfilling in the form of mutual respect.  However, in the event both are fragile, the stronger one at the moment must let the other go first.

Till the next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Monday, October 8, 2012


Hey-LO!  This paper clay candy jar was masterminded by moi jeez I guess a year or two ago, just sat sadly plainly on my shelf all this time.  I knew I wanted to do something cute but had no clue until the other day while watching my 49ers win again.  I hope it inspires you to do something so random but utilitarian at the same time, cute!

It started with a plastic container from the store, you know the kind the peanut brittle or cookies come in from Costco.  I actually had to handcraft a lid for it using a styrofoam ball for a handle (check out the Youtube video click here  Then I let it dry for 2 years, LOL!!! I crack myself up!

Then I drew some random drawing after applying a coat of gesso and began painting away.  I chose the retro style colors and whimsy because it's fun!

Until my next rant/project... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

THE VINEYARD - FINALLY!!! (Again, I digress)

I don't know what I was thinking when I started this painting/texture art in 2009 (LOL!).  There is so much detail in this artwork that I would practically get burned out doing it, stop for months, come back to it, get burned again, and so on.

Finally, today it is finished.  This will stay in my studio forever!  I will create a workshop to teach the technique to create this.  POSSIBLY encase it in resin to give that further shock value. :)

So sharing with you the result of my blood, sweat and tears.  Here is the finished VINEYARD. 

Till my next rant....LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Don’t be bitter.  Be the better half not be the bitter half.  Learn that there are no problems too big to solve, just people too small to solve them if we just stop bitterness and attack the problem rather than one another.  For example, it may be an insignificant small thing like a splinter.  If you don’t bother to remove it right away, three days later you wake up with a throbbing pain, it's infected.  Those little things that bring infection into your life.  Banish bitterness.  Don’t go to bed back to back, angry, don’t let the sun go down upon your wrath.  Don’t be getting back at each another.

The key is understanding.  No one is perfect, not even you.  It's difficult enough to live with yourself, let alone another person for the rest of you life.  I once asked an old married couple what their secret was.  The husband said the wife was always right even if she's wrong.  The wife said overlook the little things the husband does.  Pick your battles.  When you are really angry, let some steam off, then let it go.  Pray and ask God to help you choose your words when you finally talk about it later.  This won't be easy, because of our innate need to always be right.  But, what's the alternative?  What are the advantages?  You decide.

Contrary to popular belief, the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence.  The grass is greener where you water it.

Till my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!