Saturday, March 30, 2013


As vulnerable human beings, we are almost always exposed to not only other vulnerable human beings, the uncontrollable force of nature, life changing events, etc.  No matter how strong we are physically, mentally or emotionally, we are merely humans and we react to these types of elements is various ways.

One of the ways we react and get affected is our health.  We try to live a normal happy life but the stressors that afflict us are oftentimes unwelcome.  We try to let it slide but to no avail.  Another way is to sometimes lash back out at the source of these stressors, but do we really feel better post retaliation?  

When the element is an uncontrollable force of nature, life changing events, etc., we feel frustrated and helpless.  Most people cope with it just by plugging along and suppressing the source.  Others become angry and then become immobile, meaning, instead of acting and doing something to rectify the devastating results, they retract interiorly and freeze.

The people we watch in awe of when they are able to handle bad situations are the ones who brave their circumstances and rise above them like champions.  These people get a boost from something, someone, another source of energy that inspires them to fight and to beat whatever it is that dunks them further into the abyss.  That source of that fight is God.  Call it what you want, God is, and should, be everyone’s refuge in their time of need. 

When you give up and wallow in your sorrow and just let these sources of negativity pounce at you and beat you down, you pretty much succumb to the fact that God is powerless.  On the contrary, God is the strength and the power we all need but the funny part is, all we have to do is ASK, and we shall receive, SEEK and we shall find, KNOCK and it shall be opened to us.  The Bible doesn’t say, “maybe,” it says SHALL, shall means WILL and we were born with our own wills but if our will lines up with God’s, it is already considered DONE!!  Isn’t that awesome? 

Now, in order to get there we have to really accept the fact that it is done.  Done doesn’t mean right here, right now when we ask for it.  Done means when God is ready for you to accept that it is done.  It is done when you are ready, but when it is finally realized, you will know for sure that it was done by Him, and there is no other question in your mind, or anyone’s mind that it was God’s work.  That’s how God works.  He is the most powerful and he sure acts that way.  When you recognize this, you have just unlocked the mystery, the secret access to a life unparallel to mere simplicity.  He is your refuge.  In everything, seek Him, ask Him and He will open doors for you, comfort you, guide you, shelter you and most of all Love you.

Till my next rant… LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  Love you, mean it!

Friday, March 29, 2013


Share share!  I love this piece because it is a combination of life and fantasy.  I've always liked the Napa Valley and hope to have an art gallery there one day soon!  There's just something quaint and romantic in a city where grapes for winemaking flourish.  The place is ritzy but nevertheless it is unmistakably effervescent.  Makes one want to say, Ciao, bella!  It reminds me of Italy.  Till my next rant.... LOVE ONE ANOTHER! Love you, mean it!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hi Everyone!! Join me for today's art prompt!  Ok, so we are doing a postcard to God.  Think of what you need absolution for and want to be forgiven for and follow along!

First, grab some cheap postcards, or you can also use watercolor paper or acrylic paper, whatever you want.

Then cover the entire area with either gesso or watercolor ground.  I use watercolor ground because I have a lot of leftover watercolor paint.

I made three for now saving the other two for another day.

Draw something that will inspire you to focus on why you're doing this.  Don't worry about what you are drawing, it could be doodling.  It doesn't matter because of what is going to happen in the end.  The next few photos are just progression of my own steps.  I hope to inspire you.

Add your heading... or not.  Now turn it over to the lined side...

Now write a love letter to God about what you want to be forgiven about (I am not showing you what I wrote... secret) and then....

Go outside and light it up.  BE VERY SAFE PLEASE!  I used a glass container.  The smoke going up only symbolizes the direction it is going.

At the end, if there is a piece left, tape it to your art journal and write something about it.  Part 2 I will show you how!

Have a great day, and as always... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  Love you, mean it!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Come in and support your local artist!  Come visit Stories Bookshop 629 1st St. Brentwood, CA.  Till my next rant.... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Monday, March 25, 2013



Ahhhh.... singing. We all do it whether we think we're good enough singers or not, whether it is done in the shower, a karaoke, at church, or just in the privacy of our own home. We all sing because we are naturally captivated by a melody, a tune, a note. There is something about music that stirs up feelings in our hearts and which we all have in common. When we sing to God we praise and worship Him. It is believed that when we sing in church, we pray twice. So no matter what you think you sound like to others, who cares? Keep on singing and praising God while you're at it. It is a sweet, sweet tone in His ear. Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER, Love you, mean it!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Your whole life, what labels did people put on you or you put on yourself?  Are they positive or negative?  I bet most of the negative labels come from people around you, even close family members.  We are not in control of the labels other people put on us but we can refuse to make the label stick to us.  This is how satan works.  He would love to stick labels on you to keep you from achieving your highest level. He doesn’t fight you for where you are now but for where you’re going.  He knows God has amazing things for your future so he will fight you, intimidate you, and make you feel insecure.  

Words are like seeds, if you dwell on them long enough they become roots that would have a stronghold on you.  It is like giving power to them much like water is to a new growth.  It is not easy to shun the labels sometimes because those thoughts would play in your mind constantly especially if you feel like you are in a rut.  Once the label is removed, you have to put in new labels.  Labels that God endorses, such as “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” or “Greater is He who is in me (the Holy Spirit) than he who is in the world (satan)” or “no weapon formed against me will ever prosper, but every tongue raise in judgment” (Isaiah 54:17) It means for every negative label, it points at you to be in the wrong.  God said it is up to you to show that nothing that is spoken over you has to define you, even from the people who raised you.  Nothing that has happened in your past has to keep you from your destiny.  Shake of the self-pity and move forward in your life because allowing them to fester inside of you will stunt your growth.  You are not who people say you are.  Who are they to criticize you?  The one who loves you unconditionally, the one who has the power, the one who is Lord of all says you are perfectly and wonderfully made from His own image and is whose voice you need to listen to.  Wear the right labels.   Negative people listen to the labels people say about them instead of what God says about them.  People do not determine your destiny, God determines your destiny.

The only power that label has over you is the power that you give it.  Removing it means stop thinking about it, stop thinking like it’s the truth, and those labels will have no effect on you.

Remember that misery loves company.  People who throw out negative labels on others are living in the rut of their own.  You must break those chains for you as well as for others to see you as a soldier of God. 

Along the way, there will always be negative labels thrown at you, but God would not have given you the dream unless He’s already equipped you.  You already have what you need.  What seems to be a limitation, God can use as an asset because He knows what He’s doing for the race that He planned for you.

Negative labels are: guilt, mistakes, sins (large or small), lies, death, misery, anger, unattractive, average, ordinary, weakness etc.

Godly labels:  redeemed, forgiven, mercy, grace, blessings, love, success, patience, abundance, etc.

You have seeds of greatness inside and created to be a history maker.  You’re not supposed to live and die with no one even knowing you were here.  God has an assignment for you that nobody else can fulfill.  God needs you, He needs your gifts, your smile, your love, your passion.  YOU ARE UNIQUE.  Don’t be average because God knows you are not.  There is nothing ordinary about you, you have the fingerprints of God all over you.  The creator of the universe breathed His life into you.  He crowned you with His favor.  You have royal blood flowing through your veins.  You have a destiny to fulfill, something greater than you have even imagined.  YOU ARE HIS MASTERPIECE.

I give permission for you to print out the artwork with the message and post it on your mirror, so that everyday, before you walk out that door, you are reminded of how special you are.  All I ask is to respect the copyright and not distribute it for profit, but instead, share with love to others.  

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  Love you, mean it.


Check out my art featured on Create Mixed Media website by my art teacher Lisa Cyr!

Friday, March 22, 2013


Coconut Shrimp with Veggies - serves 4 - (134 cals rice not included)

4 oz. large shrimps deveined and shelled
1 bunch asparagus cut (better with string beans)
1 onion sliced thinly
2 tbsp chopped garlic
4 tbsp gingeroot
1 can coconut milk
3 tbsp fish sauce

Saute garlic, onion and ginger
Add the shrimp, season with pepper and fish sauce and cook for about 10 minutes
Add the coconut milk 
Cook for about 5 more minutes
Lastly, add the asparagus and simmer for another 10 minutes until veggies are done.
Serve over brown rice or white

And for dessert.... tada!

Babe Ruth Bars - about 200 cals

6 cups of Kellogs frosted flakes - reduced sugar
1 c. light corn syrup
1 c. creamy peanut butter
2/3 cups chopped almonds
1 c. semi-sweet chocolate chips

Mix the peanut butter and light corn syrup and microwave for 3 minutes
Meanwhile in a big separate bowl, mix the frosted flakes, chocolate chips and almonds
Mix in the peanut butter and corn syrup with the cereal mix.  Mix thoroughly
Transfer and spread into a 9x12 inch baking pan.
Let cool completely before cutting.
Calories based on 15 bars


Thursday, March 21, 2013


Remember the word "GROOVY"?  Whenever I see this piece I painted I think of that word.  The 60s was a great era.  It seems, Peace and Love are ever present.  I mean people said it to each other all the time.  There is, believe it or not, power in those words.  Something subliminal, something that gives people commonality.  It was also the time of psychedelic which I have only heard of but never experienced.  For now we will just focus on the positive.  Groovy, Peace, and Love are perfect!

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  Love you, mean it!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Albert Einstein?  The King of Nerds, pushing creativity?  Well that just goes to show that inside of all of us, creativity exists.  So don't ever say I can't or I'm not an artist.  There is an artist in every one of us as unique as our own characters and personalities.  So why don't you try?

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  Love you, mean it!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Were you aware that I have an Etsy Store?  Yes! I do!  I have numerous artwork available in the form of miniature pins for sale!  Click the link and wear the art that inspires you.  Thank you!

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Monday, March 18, 2013


At first glance you probably think, oh what happened?  Well, nothing.  Those were done purposely as an art technique.  It's gouache and ink. In art, there are no mistakes.  It is beauty as seen by the beholder.  I love techniques like these because you can never expect the results you get.  It's so much more like life itself.  Things in our lives happen for a reason.  Whether it is good or bad, it brings us growth and strength.  So if things look bad for you right now, there is always a lesson to be learned, a sign to be heeded.  Take good care of yourselves.  After all, who else would?

Until my next rant.... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  Love you, mean it!

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Sunday, March 17, 2013


In our world today, we have become so engrossed in technology.  Sure there are numerous benefits that assist us in our day to day human function and as our world ages, technology will progress even more.  It amazes me how much I rely on my techie toys that I cannot even imagine my life without it.  Not saying I would not survive, but I know that it will surely take some time to adjust. 

I came across a verse while reading my daily devotional which talked about idolatry.  In an instant I thought about other gods, money, people, etc. that would fall under that category.  However, it explained that idolatry is the need to “have” everything which taunts us all.  Ok, before you roll your eyes at me and say, “oh here we go” I would like to expound on my understanding of the thought. 

Whenever we are consumed with thing we need, want, or have to have, the bigger the consummation, the more we push our focus off God until He becomes less and less of a priority.  Our focus shifts away from Him and in essence we become covetous which results in idolatry.

God does not want our lives to rot and get stale from not progressing with the rest of the world, but He wants us to surrender all of the “possessiveness” we may have to Him, meaning He should continue to be the center of our lives in whatever it is we choose to own.  As long as he is not crowded out by the things we desire, we should be okay.  God wants us to be happy and to enjoy material things as just that, material.  He should stay our top priority over all things.  After all, everything we have is from Him. 

Until my next rant… LOVE ONE ANOTHER! Love you, mean it!

Friday, March 15, 2013



Trying something new with watercolor and special papers.  Lookin' good hippos!

Updated photos will be posted soon!  Watch out for them.

Until then... LOVE ONE ANOTHER! Love you, mean it!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


 This lady is a diva.  This piece is completely textured using all kinds of texture medium.  Her brooch is made of paper clay, one of the molds I used from my "How to Perpetuate Antique Buttons" It's on the YouTube tab on my website. (   

This piece is watercolor on rice paper.  I love the bright colors!

When I am tapped out with my creative juices, I sit at night with my art journal and just doodle and paint with either leftover paint of inexpensive pan watercolor paints.  It's amazing what you can come up with when you're not thinking about anything while you continue to create.  I call this ritual my Creative Palette Cleanse.

I hope you are inspired.  God is within you waiting for you to impart your own beauty from within.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER! 
Love you, mean it!

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Loneliness is one single emotion that we all dread.  When we are hit by major tragic life events,at the end of the gamut of emotions sending us through the roller coaster ride, is loneliness.

The result of loneliness stems from subjecting ourselves to sin, death in the family, a break-up, a shocking revelation and the list goes on.  You get the picture.

At times loneliness is self-inflicted, meaning we realize that we subjected ourselves to it by succumbing to sin.  In these situations, we can blame no one but ourselves.  In other situations unbeknownst to us, we blame others.  In some tragic, we tend to blame God. Regardless of the situation, we are still lonely.

Please remember that you are not alone.  We all have experienced loneliness at one point or another.  It happens to the best of us.  It happened to David.  Even as a mighty leader in a mighty kingdom, David succumbed to the sins of the flesh, committed adultery with a woman whose husband he ordered to be killed.  Even as a king ordained by God, who God called as one “nearest and dearest” to His heart, he is not immune to the sins of the flesh.

Confessing our sins with the understanding that God is so merciful and forgiving that as long as we sincerely repent for them, we are forgiven.  Only if you feel the sense of relief and joy after doing so will you ever be confirmed your sins have been forgiven.  God goes as far as saying that your sins to Him has been FORGOTTEN as far as the East is from the West.  Do you realize that only God can do that?  I do not know of one person who does not become “historical” when it comes to others’ sins against them.

That brings me back to loneliness.  Loneliness is a state of mind.  It is satan telling you that you do not deserve joy in your life.  It is restricting the Holy Spirit to move inside of you to assure you that God will not leave nor forsake you.  As long as you feel God’s love, all pain in your heart, mind, soul and body has been healed.  Literally.  But because we have our own will, it is the will that needs to take a huge deep breath and release the pain in order to allow the Holy Spirit to wash over it. Our own will is a double-edged sword. It will either destroy or uplift us. Ultimately, it is your choice. What do you believe?

Until my next rant… LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  Love you, mean it!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Even as an artist, I find myself losing some creative prompts especially when much of my energy has been expended on my last art piece.  So like all constant activity, cleansing one's creative palette is sometimes necessary.  So without thinking of anything, I started to doodle this piece.  As it turns out, letting yourself go without rules or initial purpose, I thought this was a very interesting piece. As I analyze it, I have a whimsical output and maybe even surrealistic tendencies.

So with anything we do in life, we always have to cleanse our palettes occasionally.  Good luck in yours.  Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013


No, thank God I am not a candidate for the show but I do have to lose a few el-bees.  My daughter is able to talk me into the vegan world which I am willing to try although I do love my shrimps and chicken, so that may be incorporated sometimes.  Then I went to my nephew's birthday party and my other nephew, Blaine challenged me to get into the macro diet.  So I got set up with MyFitnessPal where you can enter your stats and daily food intake to help me along by taking charge of my weight maintenance.  After our cruise last year, I gained back 10 of the 23 lbs I lost and that's huge for me because I can feel my knees screaming "uncle!" sometimes.  Overall, I just need to be nicer to my body.

That being said, today is my first day and so far I have been doing good.  I still have to hold back reaching for that bag of banana chips.  But I did make something good for dinner.  My own version of zucchini fritters.  I would like to share it with you in the hopes of tagging along with me on my journey should you wish to do so.  It does take some doing but I believe in the end it will be well worth it.  So the recipe abounds:


2 large zucchinis (shredded)
1 c. panko
1 tbsp flaxseed ground
2 cloves garlic minced or chopped
¼ c. diced onion or shallot
¼ c. shredded vegan cheese
¼ c. egg replacer
pinch of parsley
pinch of sage
olive oil

Makes 10 medium sized patties

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and form into patties and fry.  

Serve with marinara sauce on top and whole wheat penne pasta and broccoli.