Sunday, July 28, 2013


At the time of our attraction for a love interest, we often speculate if our infatuation is reciprocated.  In our youth, we pull each petal off a flower to get an answer from the last petal pulled.  It is a very silly concept but in our innocence we are convinced that such answer is true.  This is because even as a child, we are unsure of how people feel about us, partly due to the finicky nature of all human beings.  The last petal of the flower is the reassurance that we need.  Sometimes it is joyful and sometimes it is disappointing.

With God it’s different.  God’s love is pure, it is certain, and as He put it, “I am the same yesterday, today and forever.”  It doesn’t matter that we are imperfect and sin almost constantly.  God understands that it is in our nature to be faulty.  But yet, He heeds our calls to Him always.  There is no need to doubt if He has forgiven us when we do Him wrong, it is guaranteed that no matter how much we ask Him to forgive our sins, He will forgive us.  Just repent and sin no more, He assures.  He guaranteed this to all of us through the biggest price paid for by Jesus’ life.  This is how much He loves us.  So when the last petal says “He loves me not”, be assured that it will always be wrong.  

God is all you need.

Our cries in the spirit of privileged candor, which God welcomes, He responses with two promises: 1) Our cry will never fall on deaf ears and 2) time will always bring an answer in your best interests.  Always.

When “bad day blues” turn black with the unanswerable, and everything you thought you knew backfires, forget human philosophies or riddling theologies.  Cry out to God.  He doesn’t mind your complaints, and He’s never far away.  His blessed assurance is the comfort He offers to us who love Him.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  Love you, mean it!

Sunday, July 21, 2013


God is the stronghold that carries us through an imperfect world, where it seems to be getting worse not better. Some people don't have their God -sized hole filled in their hearts so they continue to look for love, happiness and fulfillment from money, vice and other people.  It is concerning to me that their never ending quest is unresolved until the day they realize that only God can heal them, comfort them, and fulfill their every need.  

Of course we see successful people everyday who are financially robust who only relied on their own merits to achieve success but I can guarantee you that if they did not acquire their fortune through God's grace and blessings, they are not happy and fulfilled in their lives.  They may deceive themselves and say they are happy and don't need God but it would not be true.  How can one possibly live on material abundance when they are God's creation and all of their success are merely tangible?  

In this life we need only God in every facet, whether minor or major.  In love, we need to let go of the people who may not want to stay in the relationship or marriage, lest someone who God has meant for us is waiting just around the corner.  And when we finally do let go and meet the true person God has planned for us, we would appreciate the fact that had it not been for that difficult decision we've had to make, how could we have ever found the right one?  God has a strange way of making this possible and His way usually ends up to be our testimony.

Until my next rant... Love one another! Love you, mean it!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013



More photos below:

Till my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Picture this.  You are the most powerful person in the world who could have anything you want with a sweep of your hand.  Everyone in the world worships at your feet.  Anyone would do anything in the world you wished.  You could destroy or create anything on a whim.  Get the picture?  You must really be powerful.  What would you do with that power?  Would you use it to scare everyone else into submission?

What if another person had that power and you are the one who has to please him?  Would you do it?

The very person who owns the world, in charge of it, can do whatever it is He wants to do is God.  What I often wonder why would He want to know what it feels like to be us?  Putting Himself in our shoes by manifesting Himself in the world through Jesus Christ His son and then purposely allow mortals to murder His one and only Son?  Why didn’t He, when Jesus was asking to let the cup pass from Him allow Him to go through it anyway?  Why would Jesus, who was pretty much beaten to death love us anyway by leaving us with the Holy Spirit, who is the third God person to protect us and to make us feel His presence because He could no longer be in this world?  All of these questions challenge me daily.  I would like to understand it even though I know I never will until the time when I am called home.  

I believe the word Love is underestimated.  I believe that the answer to all my questions is summed up simply with one word.  LOVE.  A kind of love none of us have ever felt let alone given to anyone. True and pure unconditional love!  The kind of Love that proves to me everyday that no matter how much I disappoint Him, He will never ever learn to not love me.  All He requires of me is to repent from sin that separates us from Him and continue to grow spiritually and slowly learn to love others as much as He loves us.  Maybe even half of how much He loves us.  My dogs love me unconditionally and multiply that by infinity.  That’s how much God loves us.

If you haven’t felt that love yet, seek God with all you have inside and He will be there.  He already is.

Until my next rant.... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  Love you, mean it.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


This week at My Happy Cocoon, there are more unique birdhouses created.  I'm obsessed with them and would like to make more.  So more to follow later.  But in the meantime, check out the new ones.  The largest one was commissioned so it is sold.  When my obsession wanes a little, they will be available on Etsy!

Sunday, July 7, 2013


We always need to remind ourselves of God's greatness, He doesn't.  So when we praise Him, we are not doing it to strengthen our religious faith we feel we belong to, to emphasize some kind of humility to impress Him or because we think He wants us to be intimidated by Him.  

Instead, praising God exalts his greatness and reminds us of our own limitations, in our personal lives and/or our circumstance.  Seeing first hand and in wonderment of His enormity can quickly settle the place of our confidence.  Suddenly, we stand in renewed amazement at His ability to handle our every need.

Because He is larger than life, He can handle anything we have in our lives that we ourselves cannot handle in our own limitations.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  Love you, mean it.