Saturday, August 30, 2014

Go Ahead, Get Silly! Be Yourself!

Chacoal, Ink and Watercolor on Watercolor Paper

There is a misconstruction out there that Christians are square, boring and straight-laced.  Well, yes, some of them are.  But just because Christians are placed at a higher expectation, it doesn't mean it they cannot experience joyful acts like, being silly, dancing, playing, etc.

Real Christians are joyful.  Joyful in a sense that we are at a level higher than happy.  Why?  Because we are allowed to be so by the Holy Spirit in us.  Ever hear of the phrase, "high on oneself?" 

When the most dominant intention in one's life is LOVE,  joyfulness follows.  The fact that God is in control, in the driver's seat, and the carrier of our burdens, opens us up to a sense of freedom, liberated from everyday nuances and lies the devil throws our way.  Once joyful, true Christians are not ashamed to show their carefree attitudes and would never feel guilty for being joyful.  That's what God wants for us.  When we are walking in His will, all others can take hike.  No criticism is sharp enough to burst our bubbles.  We walk around with huge smiles on our faces, so big that people start to wonder what makes us tick.  To that the answer is simple... walk in the Will of God and God will handle the rest.

You see, giving into the flesh is not worth it.  Fleshly pleasure is temporary.  It is also very deadly, not only physically but spiritually and emotionally.

Case in point.  Premarital sex.  Sure it is exciting to do but ultimately, it is empty and not blessed by God.  When something is not blessed by God, it is bound to collapse and deteriorate because God is not in the middle nor will He EVER be in the middle of premarital sex.  A lot of people struggle with this.  I don't blame them.  There are people who would say, why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?  Or, before I buy the car, I have to test drive it.  Yes, that's funny but according to God Word, sex is meant for marriage because the sexual act unites two people as one.  This is why break-ups are so painful.  It is because for every time you have sex with someone, you become intimately one with him or her.  After a break-up, a piece of you has gone away with that person.

Think twice or thrice or a few thousand times before indulging in acts that sin against God and ask yourself, "Was it worth it?"

When you are deep inside God's love, that is all you need to fulfill your very best joyous self, that you would not seek fulfillment from others for completion.  Really, God is all we need.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014


There is a saying most of us like to use when referring to big decisions we’re not so sure of and that is, “I’m on the fence about it.”  Almost persuaded but still thinking about it.  It’s ok if the decisions we are about to make are minuscule and insignificant compared to our eternal future.  I, for one, would not get caught dead (pun intended) without certainty of what my eternal future is.  Accepting Jesus in my life is the biggest decision I have ever made.  It was very easy because I was born and raised believing in God.  It wasn’t until 2001 when I made a decision to give my life to Jesus and be born again.  And it wasn’t until 2013 when I got baptized as a symbolic gesture that I have accepted Christ in my heart and made Him my Lord and Savior that I now stand before anyone on earth unabashedly admitting that I am saved and my eternal destiny has been decided.  It took me all this time to come to such conclusion.  What more those of you out there who are still “On the Fence” about it.  What about those who are not even close to the fence?

All my life I have been on the fence about everything.  I was the type of person who was average in everything I did.  I wanted to stay average so that I would blend in with everyone, not attracting attention on myself by excelling at something, for fear that as a human being, I could never stay excellent.  I also tried my hardest to comply at certain rules and strove to be knowledgeable, even smarter than the average person so that I would not be deemed a loser.  So lukewarm I stayed.  So you have to understand that to a lot of people, especially to unbelievers, promoting God and His Word is really not something I would normally tackle.  Why bring attention on myself?  Why risk the naysayers’ sneers and hurtful remarks?  Why put myself out there to be judged by fellow believers who see things differently than I?

All I can say is because God asked me to do so.  When God asks you to do something, you better do it.  He will purposely put you out there just like he put Jonah in front of the people of Ninevah, just like he put Moses in front of Pharoah, just like Daniel in the lion’s den, should I go on?  Yes, God will put you out there!  God put me out there but He did not throw me to the proverbial wolves and said, sayonara!  No.  When God puts you out there He says, I got your back!  You take a leap of faith for God and He will pour out His blessings on you.  He will let you experience feelings that you have never felt before.  You will be favored, because God doesn’t lie.  He told us in His Word that He will pour out the blessings to those who love Him.  We can’t see God.  All we have is His Word.  The bible will not last this long if what is printed in it isn’t the truth.

So you decide.  Will you stay on the fence or jump over it with a leap of faith? 

Until my next rant…. LOVE ONE ANOTHER!