Saturday, June 14, 2014


What is a heavenly account?  The foundation of giving is the tithe.  When you give the first tenth of your income for the movement of God's kingdom here on earth, you open the door for God to come into your finances and move supernaturally.  In Proverbs 3:9-10, God says that when you honor God with the first fruits of your increase, your storage places will be filled with plenty.

This is called seed money.  These seeds will grow flowers in your heart and will pave a beautiful xyst for you in paradise.  Whether you see the results or not, the mere act of tithing is a working investment in the heavenly stock exchange for you.  Bonus... it feels good to give knowing that you are furthering God's kingdom here on earth. 

There is one caveat.  You have to be a joyful giver.  You cannot give a tithe and resent God for that law.  You have to wholeheartedly relinquish the funds and be happy about it.  When you do that, your house will never be empty.  God will always provide over and above what you give.  There is a supernatural return that is so unexplainable that when you really muse about it, God will reveal to you just how much He will bless you.  This has happened to me time and time again.  God is faithful to me with it which is why I become more cheerful every single time I tithe, not for the returns but for the virtual honor I see God bestowing over me.  Honor God and He will honor you. 

In the beginning it will not feel that way.  Our human hearts and minds will fight it all the way to the bank!  Our flesh will argue that our bills need to be paid, and we can barely make it to the next check.  Everyone goes through that phase, even I did.  Once you have overcome that phase, it becomes easier and easier.  There will be plentiful bounty that will come and you won't even know how it got there.  You just have to be keen and patient about it.  When it does, it will blow your mind!

It certainly isn't a lottery win, although it may very well be!  There is nothing more important to God than to herd His flock back to Him.  If you choose to be the favored shepherd, God will bless you, honor you and give you glory because you made the first move!

Until my next rant...

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Regardless of whether God favors us over the angels or vice versa, we all function in this world in preparation for the eternal life we are to live in paradise.   The most important factor is that we have to become believers in order for God to favor us.  With favor comes blessings, that is the truth about God's favor.  When we give as much as we can give in honor of God,  that's how much favor we will receive in return.

I often reflect on this when God shows me favor by blessing some of the things I desire that is of course in line with His will.  I ask myself why it is someone who is so undeserving could be favored by God so much?  I realized that the more I keep His Word and obey Him, the more God keeps His word to me.

Walking in love is one of the things He looks upon us to do.  Walking in love sets aside what is prideful, hurtful, and other negative feelings we have towards another, especially to those who have hurt us.  The greatest return we can give is to love those who do even when we think they don't deserve it.  After all, God offered to us the same courtesy, and He is God!  He could be the God of the old testament when everytime we offend Him, the punishment is definitely a learning experience, just like Sodom and Gomorrah, Cain, etc.  When we walk in love, we glorify God because Jesus didn't stutter when He left us with that commandment.  God is to be worshipped, served and obeyed.  When we treat Him with respect, and do whatever He asks of us, favor comes to us.  And not just any old favor, it is the supernatural kind.  The kind of favor that when you mull about it, there is no denying that He had the hand in it all.

What is stopping you from being favored by God?  He will easily dispense those supernatural favors to you if you are able to please Him.  It's an easy task if you only want to sincerely be one of His favorites!

Until my next rant....