Monday, December 31, 2012

UPCYCLE MONDAY!! Decorating for New Years Party

In this new year, tightening our belts for the uncertainty of times does not mean sacrificing beautiful things. God gave us a few basic things, our hands, our brain, and of course, trash that could be transformed into treasures, plus a few things I'm sure most of us haven't put away yet, namely; christmas lights.  


So, I gathered a few clear bottles, cleaned them out and found this antiquated address labels used in the 80s for the peg printers. You can also use any extra blank labels or anything you come up with, like if you have real star stickers, even better but make sure you are able to remove them easily.

I then drew stars, a lot of stars, cut them and randomly place them around the bottles.

I then took silver spray paint and spray painted all the bottles. they dried quickly so I removed the stickers and voila!! Instant decor accent. I then arranged them on my fireplace mantle, stuck a few led lights inside with some strung outside in between. So the led lights I had is battery operated so no cords but I was just fortunate to have them. You can use white Christmas lights as well.

The rest of the things you see in the photos are paper decorations from party city, cheap ones, 39 cent 8 foot ribbons, cardboard stars you can make and hang yourself, and those vent hoses for the dryer you can get at home depot, cut and connect in a circle and then hung!

The rest of the things you see in the photos are paper decorations from party city, cheap ones, 39 cent 8 foot ribbons, cardboard stars you can make and hang yourself, and those vent hoses for the dryer you can get at home depot, cut and connect in a circle and then hung!  Have a great 2013 and of course...


Sunday, December 30, 2012

BORN TO DIE - The tragic life of Jesus

The greatest tragedy of the life of Jesus is that He was born to die.  When there is a new birth within our own circle, it doesn’t even occur to us one way or another that our babies will one day die.  How it must have been so painful for Mary to know that as soon as her baby was born, He was immediately stamped for death. 

Jesus was never described in the Bible to be extraordinary with His looks.  His was not the handsome face we see when artists’ depict Him complete with the intense attractive eyes, soft smooth hair with a halo around His head.  Further, coming from very humble means, he was not adorned with jewels or clothed with the finest linen.  He had to be identified by Judas to the Roman guards because His non-descript appearance. 

When He was being scourged and beaten, blood was coming out of His pores because His capillaries burst internally.  Even God the Father turned His back from Him.  Jesus Himself feared His inevitable death so much that He begged His father to let that cup pass from Him.  But God was, is, and will forever be true to His Word.  He gave up his precious Son.  Gave Him up!  Does this resonate with you as much as it does for me?

I have two kids.  If someone said that I have to give them up to die for the sake of saving others, I highly doubt I would agree to it.  Being a mother, my two babies are more precious than my own life.  How could I even start to think of sacrificing any one of them?  Sometimes I feel so undeserving of God’s love.  I stop to think, who am I to not live my life for His only Son who sacrificed His own life for me?  It is so heartbreaking to imagine and try to put myself in His place as he was being beaten.  I writhe in pain from a little paper cut let alone be crucified, beaten or slashed!!!! 

Yes, the commemoration of Jesus’ birth is over.  We have had our celebrations, came together with family and friends to share a common happy time.  But as we go back into our own lives, back to our daily grinds, do we thank God for our loved ones, our world, our own relationship with God so as to really understand the most precious of all gifts we had been given, that is, a chance to live in eternity because of the life that was sacrificed for us to be given our own eternal life after death?  Just like the great and wise man Rick Warren points out in his book, The Purpose Driven Life, “It is not about you.”

This Christmas, I have been held accountable by God in so many ways towards several people.  It hurt my pride to try to make amends with people I didn't really care about making amends with because of the hurt they have cost me.  Unwillingly but obediently, I succumb to God's wishes.  It will probably take a little time for me to feel better about it but that's only because I am human and imperfect.  But the fact is, I gained the approval of the only Number One Person who matters to me.

That being said, note that the greatest of all commandments was from Jesus and He said, LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!!  So be it.

Friday, December 28, 2012


Yes, Yes, I know!  I've been slacking!  There is a firm direction My Happy Cocoon is headed and that is to be ever present every day in 2013.  That is my goal.  For next year, I will start a theme plan and be more up to date so that if you happen to swing by my blog, you will have something new every day.

Also, there will be an additional presence in the coming year, but she is a surprise for now.  She is funny and lively!  That's all I'm going to say, lol!  So watch out for her!!! 

Also, there will be an actual website for My Happy Cocoon now.  Most of the upcoming events, new art, new YouTube announcements will be there so you can also visit the website for new information.

There is also another secret that will be revealed in the next three months, so stay tuned! 

I will also be doing more giveaways, I know I have not done one in a long while but I was just waiting to get more visits from you as well as interactions so that more comments are made.  Thanks to those who have commented as well. If you wish to be an anonymous comment giver, please sign a special name at the bottom of your comment and send me an email with your name and the special name to identify you in case you are the lucky winner!

Hopefully a store will also be in the near horizon so I can give you details and if you are close enough, you can view my artwork in person.

So the beginning of the theme plan will be this Sunday.  For international readers, it will be published at 12am eastern time.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

May the joys, grace, blessings and good fortune be upon you all from God!!!I love you all!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


     This one is a submission to Grumbacher "Winter Wonderland" art submission.  It is an ATC (Artist Trading Card - same size as a baseball card).  The snow section is textured.

     This is called Blue Peacock 18x24 on canvas.  This will be displayed in my new co-op coming up soon!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


There will be days when one’s faith is tested.  satan uses the vulnerable to attack us in this physical world.  When you stub your toe, you just chuck it as accidental.  It hurt physically but you pay no second thought to it.  However, when someone deliberately berates you and throws false accusations, it is much more challenging. 

We have certain levels of sensitivity to people around us.  There is Level 1 which is reserved for our immediate family such as a spouse, a brother, a sister, children, etc.  Level 2 is more for close friends, in-laws, etc.  Depending on which level they belong, our levels of sensitivity is higher or lower.

However, in the same token, the closer we are to certain people, and which level they represent, there is a certain expectation of how well they know us.  Also, we must lower our expectation of self-centered people as their willingness to look outside themselves to get to know others is a task for them, sometimes even zero.  This is where patience and forgiveness come in.  Most often, self-centeredness is a direct result of low self-esteem.  The lower the self esteem, the higher they regard themselves because let’s face it, only they have to hold themselves up to the highest level because they don’t trust that others will regard them that way solely on their own merits.  Low self-esteem self-centered people will often put others down further to lift themselves up.  They do not know how to handle life crisis because they can’t get the focus out of themselves first so they can begin to empathize with others.

These types of people are experts in uttering the right words, not because they mean it but because they want to appease you so you can feel validated and in turn get that much needed appreciation back.  Be aware of such people because when confronted by accountability, the horns, so to speak, will emerge.  Vile utterances will suddenly spew out at you uncontrollably when they get backed into a corner as you will find yourself wondering what the heck this is.

So how do you deal with such a person between levels 1 and 2 when they come at you with such gusto? 

You pray.  First thing is to pray to cast the devil out but immediately remove yourself from the situation.  Next, ask God to provide you a stronghold of your faith so as not to fall into satan’s trap to trip you up to sin.  God does not require us to continue to associate ourselves with the ungodly, especially family, unless they ask to be forgiven, then and only then would you have a Godly responsibility to forgive.  Never put yourself in a situation where you might be attacked again.  God puts a higher expectation on us, especially those who present themselves wearing the cloak of God’s purity but sinful behind such cloak.  Third, you ask God to bless them.  Suddenly you will feel peace.  The best part of this is that you walked in line with God’s perfect Will and He will pour the blessings out to you more than what you wished for or expected.  After all, it is God you want to please and no one else.


Saturday, December 15, 2012


The events that occurred yesterda in Newtown, Connecticut is an outrageous and unbelievable tragedy against God’s little angels and school staff I call heros.  Inasmuch as God reveals Himself to us in unique ways when He does, where we could only regard it as Divine intervention,  satan tries to upstage Him like he always does.  I say this because this little quaint New England town that is so picturesque, Americana and sleepy as sleepy could be satan run amok yesterday when the town experienced such horrifying tragedy in the highest of all levels.  This is the sort of place people relocate to when they want to escape the chaos of big city living and violence.  Who would have imagined that it could happen to them?

How in the world can one 20-year old child commit such heinous crime.  I often wonder what goes through these peoples’ minds to be able to do, or even think of committing such evil acts.  I will assume that the same goes through your minds. 

It is an interesting thing we ask why there is violence in our schools but God has been systematically removed from our schools, should we be so surprised that schools would become a place of carnage because we’ve made it a place where we don’t want to talk about eternity or life?  What responsibility means? Accountability? Not just are we going to be accountable to the police if they catch us but one day we stand before a Holy God in judgment, if we don’t believe that then we don’t fear that and so when people ask, why did God let this happen?  God wasn’t armed, he didn’t go to the school, but God will be there in the form of people, with hugs, with therapy and a whole lot of ways in which He will be involved in the aftermath, maybe we ought to let him in on the front end so we wouldn’t have to call him to show up when it is all said and done and at the back end. 

My daughter Tara and I were discussing this, not to relive the events but to brainstorm about what the solution could be.  If God is not welcomed back in our schools, why not then create a humanitarian class?  Teach good values and morals and create a class in school from Kindergarten to Senior Year in High School.  Even if they were as basic as politeness, caring for others, or controlling their anger when situations arise.  Regardless of what solution there is, something’s got to be done.  Basic instruction starts at home, but considering the homes that some of these kids come from, the schools are their only hope.   

Until my next rant.... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Hello Beautiful People!!! This week I've been so busy making art, re-inventing past art and just getting ready for the Christmas holiday!  As you enjoy God-inspired art below, please remember the reason for this season.  It is not about us, it is to commemorate the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who gave His life up to save ours.  As exciting as this celebration is for us as a happy common denominator, it also reminds us that humanity is more important than anything in the world.  With that, LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!  Thank you for continuing to support my blog and reading my rants about the most important person in my life... GOD!

Monday, December 10, 2012


Tada!  It's a really small tree but it's great!  It features all of the ornaments posted on this blog!  Have a great Christmas everyone!!!  Before photos and close ups below:

Until my next rant.... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012


Here we go again!  We are running out of time and running out of money to finish shopping for Christmas presents.  I have an idea!  How about taking a little time on the last few weekends to make ornaments for those loved ones who have everything?  A personalized ornament along with a heartfelt Christmas card or baked somethings?  How can one go wrong with that?  Two years ago, this is exactly what I did.  I bought some candy containers from Michaels and filled them with baked food for the gods and one of these personalized ornaments.  They're so cute and the best thing is that they would more likely grace someone's tree for years to come and remember the giver!

So our staple here is again the paper clay from the last project.  You will need the following:

Glue gun
acrylic paints
miniature and flower shaped buttons buttons
miniature pompoms
letter plastic beads from Walmart (the ones kids make name bracelets with)
any soft and thin fabric to make the scarf
cinnamon sticks or just sticks from outside
1 1/2 inch styrofoam balls
1/2 inch thick styrofoam sheets cut into 2 in. x 3 in. rectangular shape for the body
Cracle medium

For the head:  Cover 1 1/2 inch styrofoam balls with a thin layer of paperclay.  Stick toothpicks halfway through and apply glue around the tootpick to hold it permanently in place.

For the styrofoam body:  Sand the edges to make it rounder.  You can use a piece of styrofoam as a sander, it works fantastically.  The shape doesn't have to be perfectly straight because it is vintage, the irregularity will give it character.  Cover with paper clay like the head

Let dry for about 2 days. You can tell it is dry when it looks chalky.  When completely dry, paint with gesso or just white acrylic paint.  Paint a second layer of diluted sky blue color, haphazardly but not completely covering the body.  This will be the under layer color that will you will see coming through the cracks.  Do the same with the head but use a touch of pale yellow. 

Apply crackle paint.  When dry, paint the entire head and body with a creamy white.  Do not use stark white as you want this to look vintage.  So you can add a tinge of brown or beige to your white instead.  Let dry and crackle.  Seal with gel medium or varnish.

Glue buttons for eyes.  I found some miniature glass ball ornaments and used those for the nose, but you can use buttons or pompoms, or whatever you want.  Paint the mouth by using black dots and then paint rosy cheeks with pink color.

Apply glue on the other end of the toothpick and insert through the top of the body leaving a half inch gap between the head and the body. 

Glue two pompoms for buttons as shown above.

Tie a piece of fabric around the neck and apply some glue to hold it in place. 

For the beanie cap, I purchased infant socks in red, blue and white and cut triangles with two edges sewn together.  Turned it inside out and then folded over twice.  Then I glued it to the head.  At the top of the beanie, I stitched a piece of cord, knotted to make a hanger.

Lastly, I attached the sticks to the side for the arms and legs (cut legs slightly longer) and threaded a piece of wire through so there is movement.  Then did the same for the hands and strung the letter beads through and curled wire on both ends to finish.  Viola!  Special ornament gifts for less than maybe 2 dollars!  All you need is time.

Until my next rant.... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Our current world seem to have succumb to individualization as of late.  What used to be all heart, genuine and wholehearted helping of each other, fall more and more by the wayside replaced by the sense of entitlement.  What is in it for me?  Our beautiful and generous awareness is becoming smaller and smaller.  The realness of the heart seems to become more miniscule as we face the upcoming ME generation.  We are not immune to judging the next person, even failing to look at ourselves first.  The true danger is the melding of the "I deserve this" syndrome into normality.  It is more difficult to see the the difference between wholehearted generosity and generosity to get  recognition.  So, we've become desensithized and fail to see what God expects an desires for us in order to do His good works.  Therefore, we have to be totally aware of our souls.  Soul searching is simply this:  When you help others, do you do it because there is an urging in your heart (which by the way, is really God speaking loudly), with no expectations in return, not even to say that you are doing it because God will honor you, but just by humbly giving God the glory?  He gave you the opportunity to do something for His kingdom, you will be blessed as you chose to walk with Him, in His will.  Make no mistake, we have to realize that there is a difference.  Once we realize this difference, it is a good indication that we are growing in our Faith.  God is then pleased. 

Till my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I needed to make Christmas ornaments for our Christmas tree courtesy of my Mommy Dear.  She bought us a humble 5 ft noble fir which I was quite happy about since we planned not to get one this year due to its high price here in California.  I was awaken by my DAD (God) early this morning with this idea.

Since we now have a tree, and concurrent with my obsession with Boho Chic decor this year, our tree ornaments will not be immune. 

To further be in line with this notion, I planned to make everything from what I already had in hand.  At one point in my art obsession, I accumulated a lot of polymer clay in various colors.  So, I figured make ornaments using polymer clay and fiber!  Mixed media in mind, I pulled out my sewing machine and fabric remnants from past projects and came up with this.  I am going to make a video of this process and they will be available on Etsy in a couple of weeks.  Sorry about the timing, however, there is always a silver lining.  If you are interested in purchasing the dvd, you will be able to keep it for next year's projects, and it can also be given as presents even for birthdays, valentine, etc.  The possibilities are endless!!!  So for now, I hope you enjoy this!  More posts about the tree as I go along.  Stay tuned, but for now... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


How many eyes do you think you have? Two? Hmm... maybe not. Our two eyes see everything around us, every beauty, every landscape.  Some of our eyes catch general details of an object but some eyes, maybe the eyes of an artist see color variations, texture, etc.  Maybe an engineer sees the mechanics of how something works.  What we see in something is as unique as we are individually.

But there is another pair of eyes we may not see through so many times.  That is the eyes of our hearts.  In Ephesians 1:15-23 talks about these very eyes.  When a person has wisdom about God’s word and God has revealed Himself to him, he has the ability to see clearly through his heart.  He knows how to feel compassion when he sees someone in need, he knows how to use his tongue and speak only truth and wisdom, he knows how to cast evil when he sees it coming and he knows to see everyone as a children of God.

So how, pray tell, can we all achieve this great wisdom?  I believe we have to immerse ourselves in God’s word.  I was never a big fan of reading the Bible in the past, except for the Book of Revelation.  As a teenager I thought if I just jump to the end I would know and understand everything.  BIG mistake.  It’s just like reading a book and only reading the last chapter.  Am I serious? So as I jump around and read a verse here a verse there, I started to really soak in what it is God wants to reveal to me.  Somehow it made it clear to me why God revealed his plan at the end.  He was giving believers a chance to continue spreading His word and for non-believers to start believing and helping others do so.  Simple as that.  In my twenties I used the “fan the pages and point” method and every single time, my finger landed on the exact Bible verse I needed as a solution to my current problem.  Don’t ask me how that happens, I credit it only to God.

The eyes of our hearts are more important that our very own eyes because the eyes of the heart understand what God wants us to do as His holy army, giving us blessings so others would see and take examples from, understand why He sent His beloved Son to die and save us from our sins and that at the end EVERYONE will know beyond all certainty that He was, is, and will be the power that reigns over all.   So ask yourself, are you ready?  Read your Bible and get inspired.  Let the eyes of your heart find God and help you look at the world for you.  Jesus wants us to experience, sustain, and enjoy a personal walk with Him.  He is the fountainhead of everything; strength of your day, wisdom of your task, comfort for your soul, grace for your battle, provision for each need and understanding for each failure… EVERYTHING!

Until my next rant…. LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!