Thursday, November 29, 2012


Rain.  Living in California, spoiled with so much sunshine can prove to be a disability when rain shows up.  For a hot minute it gets me down, the gray, wet an ddreary outdoors.  I don't like the words, "but we need the rain", yes I know we do but it still gets me blue.

So then I rely on my imagination to take me away and guess where it did?  Paris!  I've never been there but just imagining myself and DeeDee in Paris in the rain doesn't make the rain feel so bad!  I hope you can take yourself away too!  All you need is a little bit of imagination!!!

Till my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


God’s power is boundless.  We are but a little tiny speck in this world that we live in yet we often forget the immense power God possesses.  He only imposes limits on his own powers when it comes to us because we were given the gift of free will when we were created.  He waits on us to ask Him for His will to be done because He only when He is invited.

Make no mistake though.  He will to work through people.  There are those who resist, those who sin in rebellion to His will but understand this, there will be someone through whom he can work, and He will.  Working for his kingdom is here on earth as it is in heaven.  We are here for but a minute, and heavenly life is eternal.  Make yourselves available to do God’s work right here, right now, on earth, and sow true riches in heaven because ETERNAL heavenly wealth is more valuable than earthly wealth.    

Jesus then says, “Let it be you”

Till my next rant.... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Next to deceit, judging others is possibly the worst of all human flaws.  Everyone is a judge, yes, including me.  What if we step outside of ourselves for a moment and analyze what makes us do so?  Some people judge others as a reflection of their own shortcomings to further create a smokescreen for the same thing they are judging others about.  There is a saying when you point a finger at someone, three fingers point back at you. 

If we truly look deep within ourselves, we don’t only see our strong traits but our weaknesses as well.  When we do so, we would know that the very thing we judge others about is the weaknesses we somehow cannot change within us.

In Matthew 7:1-6, Jesus warns about judging others.  He wants us to change what needs to be changed before we look at what they need to change.  To understand our own weaknesses, strengthen them, and then that strength will manifest itself in our actions which will then be a testimony to others which they can learn from.  This is the “plank” that Jesus talks about.  The very thing we judge another with what is impaled inside us and needs to be removed.  Have you ever met anyone who WANTS to be told what to do?  Isn’t it the saying that “actions speak louder than words?” 

So how do we do that?  Listen to yourself.  What do you catch yourself saying about others when you judge?  Before you let the words come out of your mouth, ask yourself, “Can someone else say the same thing about me?”  Chances are, the answer will be “Yes, indeed.”  We can’t overcome this flaw overnight just as sure as we may let one, two, three instances slip by.  God does not like hypocrites but God forgives us all instantly if, and only if, we confess our sins and are truly repentant.  We were born imperfect and He knows this.  He knows when and what you will do when you sin before you even do it.  That’s no secret to God, but you gotta ask yourself, is it worth it?  Do I further His kingdom by continuing to do the wrong thing just because I know I will be forgiven?  Or do I make that change now and become a good Christian role model to those around me, whether they are my family or just the people I come in contact with each day?

To be honest, even for me, it is a tall order.  But no matter how big the struggle is, I know that God is deserving of my obedience and love because that small thing I can offer Him is a mere speck compared to the magnanimous and gargantuan love He has for me.  Let’s make a concerted effort to, as the great Michael Jackson said, “starting with the man in the mirror.”

Till my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Friday, November 23, 2012


One might say, what does this painting have to do with today’s message?  Well, as the artist, my illustration of the wolf representing all the evils in the world that try to devour us leaves us sometimes feeling frustrated with how more and more people have become uncaring and even worse cruel.  However, no matter what, evil can never destroy another who holds a deep Godly character.  We all have some good inside of us.

A very special person passed away in 2001.  Earl Walker, Grandman, as we all lovingly call him was my daughter's grandfather who immediately became more like a father to me.  Beyond his role as a quasi-father to me and perhaps to hundreds of others whose lives have been touched by him, what I can say about him is that he was quite an exceptional human being.

Grandman was a saint, plain and simple.  He lived the simple life of a hardworking man.  For as long as I knew him, he never owned a car.  Yet he contentedly walked everywhere.  As a conductor for Amtrak Train, he had stories galore.  His stories were filled with inspiration, so I'm pretty sure that as many passengers as he came in contact with everyday, he's probably touched a thousand lives in a very positive way. A devout Catholic and Jesus’ number one fan, one look at him, you can immediately sense he had a strong relationship with God.  It was written all over his handsome smiling face, radiant with pure love.  He keeps God ever alive in us who were lucky enough to regularly receive snail mail from him with either a scribbled verse from the Bible, an article about keeping healthy, or just a note to say he loves you.

Grandman gave new meaning to the phrase "will give the shirt off his back for you" because not only will he give the shirt off his back for you, he would give you his last dollar, his next paycheck, his love, his time, and throw in about ten bottles of vitamins, anything! 

Grandman had friends, acquaintances, and fans even though his popularity was not concentrated to the Piedmont Ave. neighborhood.  Forget about walking down the street and engage in deep conversation with him if you would be annoyed by interruptions because people stop and talk with him everywhere. 

Grandman had a very infectious and jolly laugh and laughed at any joke you awkwardly try to tell.  But when it comes to serious advice, he readily gave it to you when you ask, genuinely understands, with boundless wisdom.

The day he passed away was perhaps the loneliest day of my life.  Where he used to be just a phone call away; now was a void that cannot be filled by another human being like him.  We are all unique in every way, so what Grandman had to offer was exclusive to him and would probably take a collection of several people just to make up for one Grandman.  So you're left with no one but yourself.  But wait...

As much as I loved and missed Grandman, all those loveable traits are just a few of God's traits.  Yes, I saw Grandman in the flesh, spoke with him, hugged him, etc. but I don’t have to see God to know for certain that He is there seeing, hearing, feeling me ALL the time.  God in all His power, faithfulness, and unconditional love is there anytime you need Him.

Loved ones come and go but God is always there, yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.

We all had a “Grandman” who have passed away and miss so very much, and the sting of our loss may be unbearable but it only feels that way because they left something special of themselves with us.  Understand though, that very thing you miss about them is only a part of God they gave to you.  It is okay to feel the longing, but God comforts you whether you ask for it or not, He always has His loving arms around you.  All you have to do is accept them.

We all share some good from within ourselves to others who will always remember us in that light long after we pass.  The good traits we’ve inherited from God that make others gravitate to us. The closer we are with God, the concentration of such traits are seen and felt which turn into a legacy passed on and on.
Till my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


A few months ago, I thought I was done with my Boho Chic living room but I realized that there were still some large furniture in it that negate that.  So the opportunity arose when my mother moved back into her previous residence and needed refurnish it. 

With the knowledge that I would finally be able to get a red couch, I searched Craigslist for one... or two.  I didn't have enough money to buy brand new so I had to settle for a used one.  However, I am very meticulous when it comes to used ones so it took me a couple of weeks to find one I was even willing to drive to and examine.  I found these couch and love seat that looked fairly new and clean.  I called the owner who told me that they were stored in their garage currently as they were replaced with sectionals.  They were only two years old, placed in a formal living room so barely sat on.  So we headed over and sure enough, it was clean, pet free, and stain free and came with a plethora of throw pillows.  I was sold... and excited to take them home.

You see, with a little patience and research, you CAN get what you want.  These couches were reasonable but of course I haggle, why not?  All they can say is NO.  Won't hurt my feelings.

The next day I purchased a 4'x4' canvas half price from Michaels and got to work.  Three full days later, my painting was finished.

Viola!  My completed (or so I think) boho chic living room.  If there is anything else I would probably do, it will be to cover the double papasan cushion to protect it, but that will perhaps come later... Much later.

Till my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


As an artist and a crafter, I often alternate projects to kill the monotony of my profession.  After several weeks or months painting on canvas or flat surfaces, I switch to creating three dimensional art.

Recently, while organizing my studio, I came across some pint sized gourds I seemed to have stashed away a few years ago.  I am admittedly OCD when it comes to art supplies stating the age old motto that “I may use this someday” and being true to it.  Here is a link where you can buy gourds online

In these especially challenging economic times, we can resort to making our gifts instead of buying them.  So here’s my rendition of some updated way of making something special for someone for the holidays or just grouping them together to make someone smile.

Step 1:  Preparing your gourds

If they were store bought, you can certainly go straight to your paints and brushes.  However, if you are starting from scratch, you need to follow certain steps to dry them.  Here is a link to get some information of just how to do that ( 

Step 2:  Apply a coat of gesso.  Please make sure you are using the type of gesso that will accept the media you desire to use.  I use acrylic paints.

Step 3:  Outline your drawing of a face.  It doesn’t really matter if you make a perfect one with shading or not, your receiver will appreciate it.  Consult a magazine or the internet to get an idea of color combination that will work for you, or, think about the person you are giving the gift to and ask them what their favorite color is.  You can certainly even make them look like the receiver of that gift. 

 Step 4:  Paint the details of the face starting with flesh, shading under the eyelids, around the nose, lips, inside face line and hair line with brown oxide.  Shade a watered down mixture of red for the cheeks and paint the lips.  Paint the color you desire for the eyes, and then black for the pupils.  Lastly, dot the eyes with white paint to add the sparkle.

Step 5:  Paint the hair.  This is where you want to be creative.  You can make the hair as big as the point of the gourd or paint a hat for her.  It’s up to you.  Paint the rest of the gourd’s back side with any color and decorate with polka dots, or swirls or even apply glitter!

Step 6:  Seal the entire gourd with Gel Medium.  When you are done, you can string three or four together, or just arrange them in bowl, wrap it up with clear cellophane tie it with a ribbon and there you have it.  A special gift for that special someone!

Until my next trick....LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


When I saw this picture, a flood of inspiration overcame me.  A feeling of nostalgia triggered for those days when politeness, respect and caring were inherent in everyone as I drew and painted.  As human beings, we are imperfect, but deep within our core there will always be some good.  As the centuries turn, we fell farther and farther from good and were pulled towards unrest.  It saddens me to see the sign of the times but still hopeful and prayerful that we can make the change back to the days of old.

This morning as I read my Bible, God led me to the Book of Daniel.  In the past, I’ve only heard of the stories within that book but never fully digested the entire story.  I mulled about how great men, Kings at that, as tyrannical as they were, immediately change their course and succumb to the champions of faith such as Daniel, the messenger of God as he told of their fate if they continue to lead his people to worship idols.  Today it seems leaders’ hearts are stone cold.  If in those days the wrath of God brought cruel punishments, I shudder at the thought of our own punishment.  The sins I see in this current world is insurmountable compared to the acts done in biblical times, although we know that sin is sin, theirs is pale in comparison to ours.

God has a reason for everything and I believe the reason he led me to this book today is clear.  So I rant about it to you, in the hopes that it could lead you to read this book of the Bible, if not only to read such great a story as I thought it was.  It may touch you quite in a totally different way but I’m hoping its meaning, as deep as it was for me, hits just as deep for you in your soul.

Until my next rant…. LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Marriage defined at its most basic understanding is a union between two people in kinship.  The popular definition of marriage is a commitment between a man and a woman.  Although we all have our own concept of marriage, we can all agree that it is a sacred bond between two entities.  These entities could be a spouse, a job, a country served or our God.  Personally and currently unmarried, I uphold the highest form of all marriage in a form of deep commitment and it is the one with God. 

A commitment to God is one of obedience and submission to His perfect will.  Perhaps there are no words, try as I might, to implicitly describe the joy and blessing I feel within the bubble of His grace.  I say this not to try to persuade or force unbelievers to see the proverbial “light” but perhaps to urge him/her to ask a question within himself/herself on what it really means to be immersed in God’s glory.  God does not pick the creme de la creme of humanity to inspire others but instead uses the worse of the worst.  Why is this so?  Because it is further proof that God is a patient, loving and forgiving God.  How can he ever persuade sinners to come to Him if He only used the imperfect Christian to manifest his forgiveness?  The sinners would look at it and say, well yes he sinned, but he has been a Christian since he was born, how can I even measure up to that?  God uses people we can relate to because it would be easier for us to walk through his door of forgiveness that way.

Being in a committed relationship with God is not an easy task.  We can strive to be perfect but we will fail because we are born sinners.  But the good news is, our God is slow to anger and quick to forgive.  All you have to do is walk through that open door.

Until my next rant….. LOVE ONE ANOTHER! 

Friday, November 9, 2012


Crumple 1/4 page of regular sized newspaper into a ball and wrap blue painter's tape to hold the shape.

Cover with fresh paper clay completely as shown, adding a tiny ball for his nose and smooth out seam, then another ball shape, flatten a bit to create the bottom part of the hat and about a 1/2 inch snake on top of that.  Smooth out all around the seams.  Cut a piece of wire about 4 inches and with needle nose pliers, create a half hook on one end and insert on top of the hat all the way and then with a tiny piece of paper clay, seal around the wire.  make some interesting curls with the other end to create a hanger as shown below. 

 There are two ways to dry the clay.  If you are in a hurry, you can place it in the oven on the lowest setting such as "warm" for about two hours, checking occasionally to check for dryness.

Another way is to just let them sit in a warm room, possibly sunny but this takes about a week and a half to dry all the way.  When the clay is still wet, it is heavy, but when it is dry, it becomes lightweight.  So it's really up to you how you would like to handle this.

When dry, you can begin to paint whatever color you'd like.

I prefer to make mine look really festive so I added some interest by painting the entire head with white pearlescent paint.  It dries transparently so I found it really cute!

Finally, I bought a white boa from Walmart, or Party City and cut a few inches and glued it under the head to add more interest.  I gave these away to each of my guests at my Christmas party as a souvenier of a really fun party.  They can hang it in their tree every year!

Try it! They are so much fun!

Till my next rant...  LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Like I said, going GAGA over them.  Prints of these are going to be sold for $10.00 each plus shipping and handling, ready for Christmas to give as presents!  Watch out for them on Etsy or just email me if you'd like to order them.  Each will be sealed with resin, yes, resin so you can really use them!  You can also request for wall hangers to be installed on the back if you'd prefer to hang them.  Order yours early!

Video for the process is available to view on YouTube  To order the complete full dvd, email me at   

Until the next rant and art.... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Our hearts, our thoughts, our prayers go to all those people across the northeast who had been adversely affected by Hurricane Sandy.

We are within hours of election day.  I cast my vote and there is nothing the candidates can do to change it.  But the campaigns are going to continue until right before the poles close, Tuesday night.  We’ve been told for the most of two years, this election is going to be about jobs and the economy.  I don’t disagree with that.  It’s what the election probably will be about.  But this election ought to be about the dramatic difference between two parties, two world views, two candidates and two futures.

Now if you believe that tax more, and spend more and have government run more of your life is working for us, then you’re going to want to vote for Barack Obama.  And if you believe that higher taxes gives government money that could instead funded your job, then Mitt Romney is more likely your choice. 

Look, I don’t pretend to be a predictor of elections but this much I do know.  I sense something very strong moving across this country.  On August 1st, people lined up and waited in line for hours to buy a chicken sandwich so America would hear their voices.  I believe on Tuesday, those same people are going to be willing to wait in line for hours to cast a vote so America will feel their votes. 

This is not just an election about our paycheck; this is an election about our principles.  I believe everyone’s life has value, and I don’t accept the notion that anyone is disposable or expendable.  I am not going to vote for someone who fails to respect the dignity and worth of every individual, but I also believe this election ought to be about America’s place in the world.  I am not at all satisfied that we’re being given straight and honest answers about the murder of our ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi, the lack of transparency and accountability for what happened and the ever changing stories from this administration are troubling. 

Now it’s one thing for a politician to embellish a story or stretch the truth just to make a point but for the government to knowingly and willingly deceive its citizens for political self-preservation, that’s not a political failure, that’s a moral failure.  Now maybe you’re willing to overlook that, I am most certainly not.

We saw the horrors of our fellow citizens abandoned in the neighborhoods of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and throughout the northeast following the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.  For some of them to wait days to get rescued from their flooded homes, and then others to go days without food or water in the most resourceful city on earth, is unimaginable.  And to think that American personnel in Benghazi went for hours without help while under heavy weapons attack, that’s unimaginable.

We’re not just voting for a personality, we’re voting for the trustworthiness of the people we elect.  I have faith in people of faith.  Those who believe in God and don’t think he’s out of style and disengaged.  And if those people vote their values, they’ll change the country.  But if they stay home, they will be abandoning their children and grandchildren to a government they can’t trust and a future they don’t want.  So if you stood in line for a chicken sandwich, please, stand in line for your country.  Huckabee

Huckabee said it best for me.  Your position may be different but ultimately, it is our faith in God that wins.  God does not say he is the Alpha and the Omega for nothing.  He is the one in control, He is the one that matters so our choices may be different from each other but as long as we Love in God's name, we will be fine.  Until my next rant...


Thursday, November 1, 2012



Practice prayer.  Husband and wife should pray together.  Do it everyday.  You would be a sheer fool if you try to take praise for what God  has done.   Practice prayer.  Most men don’t want to pray with women.  That’s because of the hard outer shell.  But guys humble yourselves.  Get down with your wife and practice prayer.  Let her hear you pray, let her hear you pouring out your heart to God, it will give you confidence and great comfort.

- Adrian Rogers-

God said in the Bible that when two or more are gathered together in prayer, He is in the midst of them.   Don't get me wrong.  Direct prayers to God in solitude is no less than praying together with others.  There is a certain reinforcement and comfort in feeling a sense of commonality from togetherness in God's name and His presence.  It is more like a bonding feeling and knowing that you are not alone in your prayer to God.  Especially when you pray with the person you are united in the bond of marriage that brings strength and assurance of love.  Each can pray for the other and both together for a common request.