Sunday, September 29, 2013


It is not a secret our kids mirror everything their parents do first and foremost.  Just think, our kids grow up with the exact same actions, beliefs, opinions, mannerisms, etc. like we do.  Well, you might say, of course, that’s because they inherit our genes!

Actually, yes, there are some factors that are genetic, such as facial features, body type, maybe even health issues.  But have you ever stopped to think what we see in them that we see in ourselves, because of the fact that they were marinated in us 24/7 until they are old enough to go out into the world and acquire other people’s examples?  

Children are very impressionable.  Their formative years are 0-7 years old.  They see and do what we show them and act out in front of them.  Some are positives but I guess you now know what point I am making but I’ll go ahead and say it anyway.  It is more important to show them and act in front of them what and how we would like them to act  and take with them into adulthood.

I will now impart and admit to you what I saw in my kids as they grow into adulthood that I may or may not be so proud of.  

All their lives they’ve seen me always passionate about my opinions about always doing the right thing.  You may say, well that’s not so bad.  Ok, so maybe not to you, but when it is done consistently, we all know that it could be taxing in this day and age when no one else ever cares about doing the right thing anymore.  It is rampant in this world, agree?  So, for a person who feels that others should also do what’s right, it may be very stressful because after all, one person cannot change the world.  So what’s left? I don’t know maybe feelings of defeat, sadness, etc.  Furthermore, I am not perfect, so there are times when even I can’t live up to what I believe.  That’s what makes me human.

What I failed to do because of my own ignorance at the time was to follow it through with prayers.  Teaching them that we needed to have that much faith in God that He will do the right thing and that the hope, healing and restructuring of humanity is not up to us.  The best we can do is to become good examples to others, do the right thing anyway in the midst of decaying morality around us, and impart the righteousness to their own kids, and also to people around them but continuing to pray for those who don’t know any better because they have not seen the right way from their own parents.

It still brings challenge into my life to this day because I did live in a place and time where people were still good to one another, children were respectful to their parents and elders.  When I hear about unruly kids in school, see the news about the ruckus that teenage and even adults cause in my community, I need to learn to pray for God to do something about this.

We have a responsibility to our kids to raise them the right way.  PROPER Discipline is very critical with children because innocence make them push their parents to the brink of anger when they are not consistently disciplined simply because children crave for that structure.  Children will respond to discipline without being physically hurt.  Just remember never to spank with your own hand because they will associate your hand with something negative.

To this day, my kids will now laugh about how I would use my flip flops to THREATEN them of a butt spanking when they act out negatively.  But when they were little, all I had to do was reach for it when they disobeyed and it seemed to work before it even touched them because when I did spank them ONCE and not out of anger but correction, their brain remembered the unpleasant experience.  This is the kind of discipline, very simple and straightforward.  Talking to them like they know what you mean is sometimes ineffective because they are not on the same intellectual level.  Loving and praising them for doing something commendable is important as well.

What is it that you see in you that is predominant in your children?  If you could, would you have done things differently?  If so, would you be bold enough to advise them of the right way to handle things when they don’t go their way?  Would you teach them to give their cares to God and let Him handle them?

Until my next rant..... LOVE ONE ANOTHER! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


What can one put in a box?  Everything!  From treasure to junk, it's all up to you!  But I went crazy making these unique wooden boxes.  But is it more than a box?  Or is it a work of art?  I say both!  Enjoy!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Are there times when you feel all alone, no matter how many people are around you?  Do you sometimes feel like the whole world is against you and caving in on you?  Do you feel as if your family could care less about you, even your spouse?  How about God?  Do you feel that even He has abandoned you?  Of course!  We've all felt this way probably more times than we care to admit it.

Just for grins, let's accept that people, humans, that is, were removed from the equation.  Not totally impossible because God should only be the ONE with which we should rely on ultimately, right? 

No matter how close you think your relationship with God is, there will be times when you feel like He is a million miles away.  Why, you ask?  My answer is, I wish I knew.  

As human beings, our perception of things are often skewed by our own makeup.  It is usually limited and coupled by outside worldly influence, it often results in also very limited understanding of how powerful, magical, enigmatic and wonderful God really is.

A normal day consists of uneventful daily movings with no ups or downs, at least not directly happening to us.  There are days when I feel so disconnected with God and no matter how hard I try to seek Him, He seems farther and farther away.  There is a reason for this.  No, forget that He's too "busy" for all of the world's problems.  That's just your limited perception telling you that.  God is wonderfully unlimited in His power.  

This is the time I feel I have to look deep inside, assess how I have done something that displeases Him.  Furthermore, He may also want me to focus deeply inside on ways to impart the propagation of  His Word more zealously.  In doing all of the above, and continuously seeking Him, before I know it, a lightbulb turns on and tells me He had always been there the whole time.  He is always there to envelope you in love, to protect your heart and body as long as you keep letting him do so. I realize this but because I'm human, I sometimes falter.

I conclude that God is omnipresent.  I believed this since I was a little girl when my Grandmother told me so, and never forgot.  I hope you do too.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Do you ever sit and wonder what this world would be like without HOPE?  If you get some bad news and there was no other way to fix it but only to accept your fate, what would you do? There is a reason why there is hope.  Do you know that hope comes directly from the promise of God to us when He gave (really focus on that word, GAVE) us His one and only Son who He was supposed to protect like we protect our children from any sort of evil or danger?  Yes, hope and certainty that His promise to us will never fail.  

In Matthew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."  What an awesome promise from Jesus to tell us.  We who do not deserve anything because of our sinful nature.  We, who are so quick to disbelieve God and all His capabilities.  We put our faith in people, people who are just as sinful as we are instead of the only ONE who holds all the power and deserves all the glory but yet humble enough to put us first.

God also said that if we believe it, we attain it.  He doesn't say things loosely.  He says it because He knows that if we are faithful to Him, we could really manifest hope in our hearts and overcome anything that this world can throw at us.  For instance, let us take death of a loved one.  Facing and accepting that someone we love is gone, never to be able to speak to them is probably the deepest hurt we can ever face.  Especially when that person is stricken with some incurable illness where we still have time with them but that time is faced with the inevitable fact that soon they will be gone.  

If it wasn't for hope, we would be helpless.  But if we trust in God and pray for healing at the same time have our loved one pray for his or her own healing, hope in the promises of God prevail, but get this, as long as it is in line with God's will.  We  need to accept that God's plan is the best plan.  No matter what the situation may be that we have to accept, we know that God will never forsake us.  This is where Faith steps in.  If we believe it, we can achieve it.  The stronger our faith, the faster the healing, again, as long as it is in line with God's will.  Even Jesus at His inevitable death asked His Father to let Him get a free pass.  This is the human side of Him kicking in.  Because again, He is after all, half human.  But God let it happen to Jesus anyway.  There was a reason for it, and that is His biggest sacrifice, His only Son, in order to save ALL OF OUR SOULS from eternal damnation.  How powerful and unselfish was that?  

In return for such a precious gift, all He asks is a relationship with us.  THAT'S ALL???? Yeah, I can do that!  Can you?

Until my next rant.... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  Love you, mean it!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Baby Ariana Jane Bushnell was blessed into our lives and she came early.  So we rushed to get some items she would need immediately.  Diapers were a must, baby wipes, mittens, baby blankets, onesies, baby bonnets, her first dolly, etc.

I decided to get a plastic tub instead of a basket that may never be used.  At least the tub is useable to keep items on hand.  Plus, it is see-through for peek ability (is that a word?).

So I organized the items inside placing the diapers in the back (less attractive), tall items in front of that, and the most colorful in the front.  The smaller items are in the very front.  The mittens, because they are light I hung on top

I took some ribbons and took each bonnet, fill them with paper and tied the bottom.  I was lucky that they came in a 5 pack which was perfect to create a flower.

Next, I took some clear wrapping cellophane and wrapped the entire gift tied it with a very long ribbon to accommodate the flower and the doll.

Viola!  Ready for baby!

Until my next tip.... or rant.... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!



This is one of the smallest pre-primates in the world.  They are about four to six inches long, minus the tail and have eyes that are each larger than their brains.  Imagine if your one eye was bigger than your brain... I guess we'd look like them too- a little wide-eyed and shell-shocked looking.  Funny creatures.  Because they're nocturnal, this little guy didn't move much, even when branches are moved.  It's no wonder they're endangered.

Hope you like!  Until my next art... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  Love you, mean it!

Sunday, September 8, 2013



Rainy, wet and dreary days come into our lives like clockwork.  This is what we might endearingly call part of life in general.  We all react in different ways.  I will be the first to admit that the initial shock of an unpleasant event leaves me immobilized with dread, fear and anxiety.  I said initial because it is usually short-lived, oh maybe for a day or two.  

After processing the situation and knowing who is in charge, it turns around as quickly as it comes.  For that I am thankful to God.  God said in His word, "Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world."  1John 4:4 What an awesome concept!!   Skeptics will easily dismiss this and rely on themselves fully.  I can't really blame them for being human and subjected to the norm of society, even in their upbringing, automatically thinking the worst that could happen.

It takes some deep pondering and understanding in order to accept God's promises because I will admit that it is more complicated than it really is.  Why? Because our minds are so conditioned throughout our lives to deal with difficulty by fear, stress, negative assumptions, etc.  Our feeble minds cannot grasp what our open hearts already know, because our minds tell us "that's too easy!"  Well it is, actually, that easy.  Giving up self-reliance for something our five senses have not  experienced is indeed very difficult to swallow.

If we only understood what God has already promised, not just to the biblical icons but to those regualr people like you and me who have seen it firsthand, we would realize that we are worthy of God's everyday guidance and love if we only accept Him with open hearts and open minds.  The Bible promises that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Surely, by simply asking Him for His help, love and guidance, we can weather any storm that come our way.  Give God a shot.  You might be surprised!

Until my next rant.... LOVE ONE ANOTHER...Love you, mean it!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Let unbelievers say what they want about the Bible not being real because it has been written by people who are no longer alive to confirm its viability.   I believe the Bible is a never-ending, living, breathing book whose stories continues to this day.

Enter all the stories in between Jude and the Revelation. This book has given us the beginning and the ending, but we are still living in between, so there are far more stories of miracles, testimonies, saints, even evil.  God is so awesome that He has done this purposefully.  He put the Book of Revelation ahead of the next generation to give us a chance to change and go back to His light and become one of His chosen ones  His bountiful mercy enables us to live with Him in eternity despite our imperfections.  YES, all of us faithful ones and sinners.

I can't help but just pray for those who say the Bible is an ancient fable that people had conjured up in the past because some of them are those whom I love and care about, that includes maybe even you.  People often base their positions according to the world they live in today.  A world that is so far gone astray from God surrounded by the works of satan , the lies, the murders, the sexual deviance, the corruption, etc.  

Just imagine the people of the Bible who were much closer to God, they were the ones who witnessed the works of Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, and especially Jesus.  They were the lucky ones.  Despite their favor, they still denied God, they were still skeptical.  Inasmuch as we were not lucky enough to see God in the form of a burning bush, a thunderous voice, or in Jesus in the flesh, we were given the Holy Spirit, a legacy from Jesus to continue to be in touch spiritually with God, so for me, we are luckier.  The only thing He requires of us is to trust Him and be faithful.

In a world marinated in self-destruction we need to focus on God's light.  

Until my next rant...LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!  Love u, mean it.