Saturday, July 30, 2016

HEAD HELD HIGH! Nothing to see here, Live your own life!

During election years, emotions run high.  The party which was not represented during the years in office are always involved in the campaign for their party candidate to win the presidency.  People simply endure what they were dealt with and they just look forward to the next election hoping that their candidate would win.

People become divided.  Politics and religion are two of the sorest subjects that would even sever friendships and I heard, even marriages.  During these times of division, satan runs amok.  He is there waiting, ready to pounce at any and all opportunity to be able to spread hate and ire.

I cannot say I haven't fallen prey to his wiles.  After all, my DNA says human and like it or lump it, I have no choice.  However, I will be the first to say that I am not a staunch anything.  During my years of living in the U.S., I have not labeled myself either a democrat or republican.  When I could vote, I vote for the one who is most likely, in my own view, to be the most qualified.  I never did any research in the past.  I was young and carefree, felt invincible to whatever politics was around me.  I felt I was never a victim of what the government was doing.

As I became more mature, I suddenly realized that my voice does count.  I no longer had the irresponsible attitude in who I was going to vote for.  I began listening to the pulse of our country.  I began to piece the puzzle together, not mired by the agenda pushed or shoved down my throat by the mainstream media.  I looked past the fantasy that hollywood has created as a smokescreen to what goes on behind closed doors.

The media has successfully diverted people's attention to themselves.  Technology did the same thing.  Both are a double-edged sword.  God is no longer the focus, He has been slowly plowed out of the hearts of His own people, His own family.  It saddens me to realize that the time is near.  No longer are the predictions of prophets even sewn into the mix of reality.  This is our reality.  Jesus is coming very very soon.

Does it bother me that former friends break up with me over a post and a back and forth argument?  NO!  Only God's opinion matters to me.  I DO NOT and WILL NOT please others, it doesn't matter who they may be.  I please God.  He may not be pleased with me right now because I fall in satan's traps.  he gets me at my worst, dealing with people who do not and will not even try to understand.  I let people live their lives and I ask they let me live mine.  I am not apologetic to whomever thinks I should shut up, because I will not shut up.  America is in dire need of fresh blood to run this country. I am willing to give a newbie the chance to prove himself.  I think everyone should as well.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Saturday, July 16, 2016


The Bible gives us a glimpse of the God of everything.  Objects such as books are pretty ordinary in our everyday living.  But the Bible is alive.  It contains the word of God.  Words to live by,  THE instructional manual.  Yet, we ignore its importance in the application of our daily movements.  The only real time we pick up this book is when we are in some kind of trouble when it seems like divine intervention is the only untapped source to find our solution.   We think that God is the happiness dispenser, approach only when necessary.

It’s amazing how selfish and whiny we can be.  We indulge in self-pity and whoa-is-me type of mentality.  We forget that in these types of situations, satan is fully aware of our vulnerability and ready to pounce at the chance to sink us even further to the bottom.   However, we don’t have to  wallow in our sorrows and instead rise to the top.  We need to look outside ourselves and into the heart of others in order to find the happiness we truly seek.

When we begin to adopt the ways of God towards others, we begin to experience true happiness. We can pull the strength from God’s love for us, the strength that only comes within his sacrifice for His only Son Jesus Christ.  

We have to remember first and foremost that we are not in control of ANY situation that come our way.  Instead we need to accept that God is in control.  God has promised to do “good work” in us, and to complete it (Philippians 1:6).  When we are stuck in the muck of the moment, we need to focus on what is above us, and keep our eyes on heaven so that we can put the things on earth in correct perspective.

We must strive to turn our own obsession into love for one another.  Let us try to forget ourselves and focus on the beauty of shared life.  In this day and age it is sad to see that everyone is too engrossed in themselves.  We are all selfish.  But we forget that there is beauty in sharing our lives not just with our immediate family but also to others whether friends or foe.  There is real joy in serving others in the form of acceptance, encouragement, forgiveness and submission.

Think about someone you love.  You would do anything for that person just to see them happy.  If only a fraction of that is spread to others, imagine how much the world will change.

It is the responsibility of parents to teach their kids to do so.  As terrible as the world is today, I still have not given up on it, no matter how small I think I am, God thinks otherwise.

Until my next rant… LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Let God Do His Job and Stay Rooted

God respects us enough to not get in the way of our own will.  Although He is a jealous God, He allows us to make our own decisions when it comes to loving Him.  One of His top commandments is to not put anything or anyone above Him.  In my opinion, He does deserve that honor, to be above all else.  After all, we owe everything we have, and everything we are to Him.

Even if we are given our own will, it is not to surmise that He puts people in place in our lives so that their own testimony to being a Christ follower encourages us to make a decision to be on His team.  People like true Christians are conditioned influenced by their purpose to help others understand God's love.  

However, because of our sinful nature, sometimes the very same people who set out to spread the word become so engrossed and entitled that they push the envelope to far up their prospects that instead of whole heartedly hopping on the Jesus train, they opt to let it pass.  Not only were they turned off on the pushiness, the pusher also misses the mark because of their unawareness of their own self-righteousness.

If our life purpose for God is to sow the seeds and understanding the process of putting our faith into action through evangelism, we are simply sower of the seeds, sowing a valuable seed wherever we go.  Though we are faithful to the purpose, not everyone will listen immediately.  Some may not respond to our words, others might have preconceived notions about Christians themselves, which in this case will take a little bit more subtle convincing, others may simply be too unfocused on the message that we are imparting to them.  Whichever the case, there are those whom the seeds will bear fruit, the seed we sow in them can produce crops far greater than we could ever imagine.  There is the joy of new life in Christ and it is great!  

Although it may be nice to be able to control which seed takes root and which does not, it is not our job to do so.  Our role is to offer the seed, God will handle the rest.  We need to let God walk through the paved way we have created.  Then we ourselves must stay rooted in order to be able to sow more and more seeds.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Saturday, July 2, 2016


There is a big difference between self analysis and being selfish or conceited.

The former entails self-evaluation honestly sizing yourself in how you relate to others.  We often strive to do what is right, even going out of our way to do so but sometimes imposing our ways to others.  There is some danger in conducting ourselves this way.  That danger is that sometimes we don't see things from a different perspective.   Even though we mean well, we unintentionally become rigid in our analysis of others until we believe that there is no other right way but ours.

This is what I mean.  Sally has been a model human being from the gate.  Sally does everything right to please everyone.  She thinks that if she avoids any kind of conflict, no feathers will be ruffled.  There are people in Sally's life who loves Sally for who she is.  However, some of these loved ones see that because Sally is so agreeable, others take advantage of her.  But whatever they do, Sally just goes with the flow to avoid any conflict.  In a way, what Sally is doing is admirable.  However, when the situation calls for it, it would not so wrong for her to stand up for what she believes.  

Now Sally has a friend named Mitch.  Mitch is the exact opposite of Sally.  Although he is a person of integrity, he sometimes gives opinions which are unwelcome.  But that's just the way Mitch is.  If you get unsolicited advise from him, it is better just to ignore him.  

Had Sally and Mitch focused on themselves and know when to or when not to exert themselves, instead of thinking that others should take note and learn from them, they would be more wholesome.  Sometimes knowing yourself paves the way for better communication which then leads to relational successes.  

Whether or not majority of others will agree that your way is the right way, the world changes with or without you.  External influences will always distort someone's truth and we are better off adjusting to the movement of time and space in this world but limited to the will and grace of God.  God is timeless, it means His ways flows with time and space.  His presence is the ONLY presence in the entire universe that can travel through and from multi-dimensions.  The closer you are to understanding yourself in relation to others, the better and much more tolerable the world will be.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!