Sunday, July 14, 2013


Picture this.  You are the most powerful person in the world who could have anything you want with a sweep of your hand.  Everyone in the world worships at your feet.  Anyone would do anything in the world you wished.  You could destroy or create anything on a whim.  Get the picture?  You must really be powerful.  What would you do with that power?  Would you use it to scare everyone else into submission?

What if another person had that power and you are the one who has to please him?  Would you do it?

The very person who owns the world, in charge of it, can do whatever it is He wants to do is God.  What I often wonder why would He want to know what it feels like to be us?  Putting Himself in our shoes by manifesting Himself in the world through Jesus Christ His son and then purposely allow mortals to murder His one and only Son?  Why didn’t He, when Jesus was asking to let the cup pass from Him allow Him to go through it anyway?  Why would Jesus, who was pretty much beaten to death love us anyway by leaving us with the Holy Spirit, who is the third God person to protect us and to make us feel His presence because He could no longer be in this world?  All of these questions challenge me daily.  I would like to understand it even though I know I never will until the time when I am called home.  

I believe the word Love is underestimated.  I believe that the answer to all my questions is summed up simply with one word.  LOVE.  A kind of love none of us have ever felt let alone given to anyone. True and pure unconditional love!  The kind of Love that proves to me everyday that no matter how much I disappoint Him, He will never ever learn to not love me.  All He requires of me is to repent from sin that separates us from Him and continue to grow spiritually and slowly learn to love others as much as He loves us.  Maybe even half of how much He loves us.  My dogs love me unconditionally and multiply that by infinity.  That’s how much God loves us.

If you haven’t felt that love yet, seek God with all you have inside and He will be there.  He already is.

Until my next rant.... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  Love you, mean it.

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Anonymous said...

I look forward every week for your inspiration and thought provoking post. Thanks again for the reminder of Gods unconditional love.