Saturday, July 26, 2014



    Envy is not just a harmless human emotion.  The result of envy in our lives is a big deal.   It is a poison that slowly kills us while the devil takes a bow when it has finally stole, killed and destroyed us, one by one by one.

     It doesn't really matter where you are in life, envy does sneak up on us more often than we think.  When I watch Oprah give away those cars on her show, I often wonder why I couldn't be one of those people?  Or if someone wins the lottery and purchased it from a store that I often shopped at, I think why him or her, why not me?

If you think that you are not envious about someone, then you need to search your soul and you may be surprised at what you find.  It is not something we are conscious about because it happens often.  We feel it creep up on us but we dismiss it because we feel that it is human nature.  Envy doesn’t announce itself and therefore comes unnoticed.

     The most dangerous part of being envious, no matter how much you think it to be minuscule and irrelevant, it does something to your psyche.  As soon as you feel envious, you later become a little irritated or even depressed.  You may even put an undue burden of stress on yourself because the only cure for it is to be in the same position as the person your envy is directed to.  You could be having a good day earlier but now you find you have come undone.  What do you think happened?  Envy crept up on you and poisoned you with a feeling of ill will and discontent because of someone else’s success or favor.  Envy set in.

     The devil tries to pressure you into receiving it as part of your spiritual or even human nature.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  You can divert your thinking, your perception and quickly line it up with what God says you are.  You are favored, you are loved, you are special to Him.  You have to consciously rid of yourself of envy in order for the grace and blessings of God to manifest through you.  Envy chokes the life that God has purposely paved for you to walk through.  Never allow this devil devised scheme to enter your life.  Say it with your words and cast him out of your path, your life, and your future.  

Instead of putting yourself down because you feel you don’t have what the other person does, ask God to bless that person and be happy for them.  Only then will God be honored, and we all know that when you honor God, He honors you.  God may give you more than what your cup can handle and then you will realize that being envious with that person was such a silly thing after all.

Until my next rant… LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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