Saturday, December 27, 2014


Mama said there'd be days like these.  Days when nothing goes the way we hoped they would.  In a succession of uneventful days when daily routine sets in, when we really have nothing to complain about, there will be that one day when everything is just off.

Well thank you so much humanity, because it happens to the best of us.  Yes, even those who are filthy rich and think that money can solve all problems.  Regardless of how famous you are, there will be days when maybe a spouse, a partner, kids, or co-workers, people who we encounter on a daily basis will let us down or set us back.

King David, of the Bible, someone who is near, dear and close to God was not immune to failure.  He had conjured up some scheme to send a woman's husband he was hot for out to battle and ordered him to the front line to be first to die, so he can swoop up his wife for himself.  The desires of his flesh became so overwhelming that he knowingly sinned and turned away from God to fulfill his carnal desires. 

Then after he has had his fill, he had the nerve to return to God and proceeded to write the Psalms begging God to forgive him.  Mind you, these were the days before Jesus died on the cross so that God's people are automatically forgiven for their sins.  I cannot imagine having to beg God to forgive me while at the same time writing music or painting artwork for Him just to be forgiven.  But yet, it took that much for God to finally forgive David.

When David wrote the psalms, one section, Psalm 22, caught my attention.  It was here that God was silent, choosing to ignore David's pleas.  It seemed like a long time because David talked about every day and every night.  Imagine having to pray and call out to God for so many nights and not hear a peep?  I mean David was groveling!  Not only did God choose to ignore him, everyone around him was sneering at him, being hated, scorned, and mocked.  They were witnessing someone who used to be at the top of the world with God's backing, overcoming all suddenly abandoned by the most powerful and awesome God!   It wasn't only affecting him psychologically but also he was feeling physical pain, almost to the point of death!

He is making all kinds of promises to God asking Him to forgive him and quell his pain.  He is giving up his entire kingdom and promising to do God's Will for generations to come.  I mean sheesh!!!  I can't imagine being banished and alone without God! 

There are times when I have felt this way.  When it feels like there is no escape from the current situation.  When that happens, my initial reaction is to panic!  But no sooner than that pang of fear sets in, the hope of God's grace, blessing and promises overcomes me.  And then the fear disappears.  You have to have the presence of mind to recognize this when it happens.  Why?  Because you are operating on blind faith.  Blind faith believing that God is omnipresent, He is someone we will never be able to comprehend.  He operates in a myriad of dimensions while we operate in 3.  We are nothing compared to His powers but yet He is loving and quick to forgive us for our sins.  That is why, my friend, He is such an awesome God!  Most doubters doubt because they don't understand God with their pea brains and without faith, their brains could literally blow up from trying to figure God out.  Well, as humans we will never be able to.  That's why we need to just love Him and rely on Him in all the aspects of our lives.

I speak from a place where understanding the power of God is a constant in my life and I hope and pray that you all would be able to get to that point in your lives as well.  If I can do it for all of you, I would.

Until my next rant.... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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