Saturday, April 15, 2017


*Original Artwork is for sale.  This is a mixed media acrylic, paper, magazine, gold leafing, paper, on 11x7x 1 inch thick fiberboard $25 + shipping from Napa, CA to the continental U.S.  International shipping to be determined.  Send payment to PayPal to or click here to go to my website to check out other items for sale

**The images were taken from the National Geographic magazine December 2016 issue from the article "Putin's Generation"

The Bible, God's Word, teaches us to always be aware of roadblocks encountered that hinder us from our goal of being Christ-like.  It tells us that we need not fear the seen more than that which are unseen.  Humans just like us may be scary at times for whatever reason that play on our own fears.  What is scary to you may not be scary to others.  What God tells us is that we need to always be on guard with the principalities that are unseen.  

The devil is very real.  It can take many forms, for example; guilt from our past mistakes, people who have hurt us and make it a career to keep doing so,  human urges and sins of the flesh which we have very little control over like food, sex, gambling, drugs, etc.  Anything that can trip us over and taking away our focus off God.  Because God does not interfere in our own free will, it is up to us to be strong through our own volition or, if that is too difficult a task, ask Him for assistance.  God always wants us to call on Him to fight our battles for us.  He wants to take on our burden and when He does, He wants us to trust us enough to not rip it back away from Him.  It is on us to understand that we are not in control of anything, but God is in control of everything.

The prize we win is not only did God take care of it for us, He also blesses us for giving Him the trust He so wants us to give Him.  How awesome is our God, right?  All we have to do is to be able to tap into the truth, and the truth will indeed set us free.  

But we need practice.  A lot of practice.  The reason is because we are merely humans.  Before we realize that God can fix it all, we have been doing things our way and it is not easy to give up that habit.  However, we need to seriously keep our minds open at all times, and catch ourselves when we slowly start to take that control back from God, and because of our free will, He has no choice but to let us.  Practice makes perfect.  Start practicing today.  It is better for us to be on the winning side than struggling to fight a losing battle  on our own.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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