Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Puppy Love:  Do you remember the first time you started to get attracted to the opposite sex?  The first time you shared a toy, or even given it to him?  When you wished he would win that fake diamond ring from a cracker jack box and gives it to you?  What about the time when you just had a crush on someone and admired him from afar and stole moments alone creating scenarios of a life happily ever after?  As children, we watch fairy tales and while engulfed in our innocence, seek the perfect prince who will sweep us off our feet.

Young Love:  This usually happens in our teenage years, well into our early twenties.  The world was our oyster!  There was no stopping us.  We are free to go out, have fun, experience the world and the people that share it with us.  The young men whose eyes we caught.  We could choose anyone we wanted but at unfortunate times, we make the wrong choices.  Why?  Women are more attracted to bad boys, nice guys finish last, you know the vicious cycle…  Men, well totally different creatures.  Most are only after one thing and one thing only. 

First True Love:  As a young adults, somewhat set in our ways, we meet that special someone.  You know that one person who, just by the very sight of him makes the heart flutter.  The one whose every word sounds so deep and meaningful, someone who we think, if he ever left, would be total devastation.  We ignore the faults we see, even thinking.. oh how cute *eyes flutter*.  You let this person in with a love that is so pure and innocent. The kind love songs were written about.

Then life happens.  There are shenanigans like rent, expenses, and oops, we got pregnant, etc.  The responsibilities of reality set in and we grow up.  Depending on how conditioned we were as children, sometimes we can’t keep up.  Some even succumb to self destruction.  You know when they say, we always hurt the ones we love the most?  That happened too.

We break up.  We vow never to let anyone in as much as we’ve let the last one in.  All the fairy tale dreams shattered.  Every time we loved and lost, it hardens our hearts a little bit more.  They each take a piece of us, until what?

Here’s the harsh reality.  We all need to understand that our happiness does not depend on ANYONE.  We have to learn, each and every day, that people, whether we are  in a relationship with them or not, will hurt us in some fashion.  Why? Because innately, we are selfish beings.  We tend to think about ourselves first and others second.  God gave us that right, the gift of free will.

But you say, “No man is an island.”  Don’t get me wrong, I promote loving each other.  You’ll see that line at the end of every blog I’ve written.  It’s ok to love, and healthy love is unconditional.  You love your spouse not in the way that you become a doormat, but if he or she goes astray and tells you it’s over, let it be.  Well, you say, “easier said than done.”  I know, we’re not perfect.  I’ve had my heart broken before and it’s devastating!  I’ve never known pain as bad as a breakup or a divorce is.  But you know what?  I give myself one week.  One week to let it all out.  At the end of that week, I get into God’s loving arms because he will never turn his back on you nor forsake you.  God’s love is not like ours, His is EVERLASTING! (chew on that a little)  NO MATTER how you’ve shunned him, turned away from Him, or run away from Him, when you’re ready to go back, His arms are stretched wide open and his embrace is firm.  He is our constant.  HE will never force you to love Him but when you’re ready to do so, you can bet He will always be there. 

Okay, that may sound like a bunch of blah si blah blah to you.  If you want to know step by step, I can only suggest it the way I do it.  When I’ve reached the lowest of the lowest point in ANY GIVEN SITUATION (not just a break up), I sit in my quiet space and tell him straight… God I am giving this all up to you, you handle it, because you are the only one who can.  I won’t and can’t look back because by doing so, I am saying, I don’t trust you.  So there.  You’re IT.  Whether you believe this or not, He takes it over.  It may be that very instant, the next day, week, month or even year. He does it in his own time.  You may say, “that’s crazy!” Well, this is what I’ve learned about God.  He won’t give you proof that may create further doubt.  When HE gives you proof…. You would definitely know it.  It may even cause you to say, PRAISE JESUS!  Think about it.

Till my next rant… Love one another!

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Love your rants. Keep it up.