Sunday, June 24, 2012


I remember a commercial Cher had made a while back where the punch line was, “we take better care of our car than our own body” and resonated with me since.  We put ourselves through so much living in this rat race and often forget to reward ourselves with a little R&R.  We become so tightly wound that it is a small wonder we find ourselves snapping at every little thing.

The human body is not wired to get run down and be put through the daily maximization and overload.  A balanced body however, moves at a pace that is comfortable but fully functional and productive.  But who are we kidding?  In this fast paced technological world, everything is up to the minute, and instant.  Although I am a huge fan of technology, a geek at heart, like most people, regrouping is essential.

Disease is a direct result of a body that is in constant motion, the body is at the state of “dis” “ease”.  Shifting the body back to its normal comfortable state is crucial and very necessary.

I am not a big advocate of planning.  To me planning an outing is sort of stressful.  Knowing that there is an activity ahead makes my mind wander in all different directions. There are a lot of “what-ifs” involved.

So Scott and I decided last weekend to head down to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to enjoy one of these summer days.  My daughter, Tara, told me they were headed that way as well but to Monterey.  I thought, hmmm, it would be more fun to have more people to spend the day with so we drove the extra 20 minutes down to Monterey.  We did have a fun day of music, food, and yes… icecream!  Although there was some planning the night before, the later part of the day was very spontaneous!  Serendipity…. Happy accident.  Guess what?  I had the best week following the daycation.

I would like to share the day with you and the art created from that day.  I hope this will inspire you to let loose, be spontaneous and soak up the beauty that is around you because God created that painting for you to enjoy.  You even get to see how San Francisco’s famous Ghirardelli Chocolates makes their waffle bowls, hmmm….. I wish I could write about how it smells… wait! You know the scent of homemade waffles?  Well multiply that 100 times!

Check out the process of this artwork and how Ghirardelli makes handmade waffle cones and bowls!

Have a great day!!  Until my next rant…. LOVE ONE ANOTHER… ALWAYS!

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