Saturday, June 30, 2012


There may be nothing on this earth that stirs up a myriad of emotions inside me than the sexual abuse of a child.  In light of the Jerry Sandusky trial which I had followed from beginning to end, the enormity of this man’s demonic acts toward a large number of pre-pubescent boys is to me more heinous than if he just took someone’s life.  For those of you who are not familiar with this monster, he was the renowned and ex-respected assistant football coach for Pennsylvania State University. 

In 1976, Jerry Sandusky started a program called the Second Mile.  Its purpose is to help children who are in trouble to get them to go on the straight and narrow.  I often wonder as most of you who know about this case, if Jerry’s intentions were truly to help these boys or create a comfortable smokescreened lair for his devious desires to molest young boys.  There were only 10 boys who testified with the same brand of stories of molestation by this sick sick man.  Later during jury deliberations, one of his 5 adopted boys, Matthew, approached the prosecutors to inform them that he too was molested by his adoptive father.  Questions remain for me the role that Dotty, Jerry’s wife, played in it.  I’m sorry but if my husband was spending hours with a boy downstairs in my basement, I would certainly check on him to see what they are doing.  One boy testified that he was screaming for Dotty to help him but only fell on deaf ears.  He concluded that the basement must have been sound proof. 

In 1998, Mike McQuery actually caught Jerry sexually molesting a 10 year old boy in the shower of Penn State and told Coach Paterno but nothing was done.  Then again in 2001, another boy was being penetrated in the same showers witnessed by a janitor.  Nothing was done.

I am appalled!  I feel like no punishment in this world is enough for this monster to even begin to pay for his inhumane and demonic acts.  Not even death.  A promise of eternal damnation may sound good but as I sit here, even that seems short.

So how can we protect our children from these true to life monsters?  Interesting that one of In Session’s guest, her name escapes me, said that one of her suggestions is to talk with your child, set aside a stuffed toy for this purpose only.  Not to play with, or cuddle with at night, but to place on your pillow if he or she feels the need to talk about something serious, such as this.  Often children don’t process these types of confusing situations let alone figure out a way to open up to their parents about it.  I thought this was genius!

Another way is to teach the child that there are places in their bodies that are off limits, and when ANYONE touches such places, they are allowed to fight back, scream, tell an adult.  Also, children should be advised that if an adult tells them that if they tell anyone he/she will kill their family, that this is an indication that they SHOULD tell and that tactics like these threats pedophiles will use but will never carry out.

Parents should also be aware of their child’s behavior.  If the child all of a sudden refuses to go with a certain adult, they should listen to them.

Another bittersweet story I heard on the news last week.  A family in Texas was having a barbeque and one of their friends brought along someone who they didn’t know.  The grandfather happened to enter their barn and found this man sexually molesting his 5 year old granddaughter.  Grandpa beat the crap out of this man then called 911 to get help for the dying bastard.  It was too late.  He died before help got there.  Grandpa did not get arrested and charges will not be filed.  That, my friends, is what I call a happy ending!



Cynthia Hanna said...

I wasn't prepared for the triggers in your post, yet it's a fantastic one.
So many parents need to hear your advice!
I love the advice you give on protecting our children. They are things that I did with my own kids, and I can testify that they DO work.
My daughter, at 3 yrs, was able to communicate with me, via talking with her special stuffed animal, that things weren't right at her babysitters. And I was able to take steps to protect her; to help her heal and to send the bastard involved to jail.
It didn't keep the abuse from happening, but it kept it from continuing. And knowing that there was accountability and punishment for her abuser was a major factor in her healing.
So yes, above all, we must listen to our children - always - and be aware of their behavior.
Thanks for a very important post!

AFOXART said...

You are so welcome! I feel sad that it even happened to your daughter but happy that justice was served. Parents should be aware and have a keen eye about their children because they are precious little beings who should stay innocent and enjoy their childhood years. Thanks for your comment Cynthis.