Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Ladies of Plimouth

In a day trip to Plymouth, Massachusetts, I was inspired to sketch The Ladies of Plimouth Plantation.   The actual village the pilgrims inhabit during the 17th century after arriving from England to escape the tyranny.  They reenact how they lived by very humble means when life was simple, struggles were high but the determination of these people who stand for God were on fire!  They live by the tenets of the Bible and somehow built the strong country, free and powerful which we now enjoy.   In our time today, we are veering farther and farther away from the teachings of the Bible and this is why our country is beginning to get weaker.  Although I was born and raised in a totally different culture, I can relate with the Pilgrims because we have God in common.  Since I am a naturalized American citizen, I am proud to be and American and proud of my country, the country that the Pilgrims built.  

So I believe it is only apropos to draw these two ladies in the style of Van Gogh's sketches in his letters to his brother because like Van Gogh, emotions are high, he for his art, me for my country and my art.  I hope you feel the same emotions I aim to invoke with these two ladies.  

It began when I asked the lady with the book what she was reading.  She said it and the subject quickly turned into how the ladies presented a song they all sang for a couple who was getting married.  She said the song was the wedding gift.  Imagine that?  A wedding gift of song.  She went on to say that whether they were good singers or not, the couple appreciated their song.

I think that I could give up my modern conveniences if it meant that I could live in a world where simplicity was grandeur.  What do you think?

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER! 

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Anonymous said...

Returning this country to a God fearing nation is the key!