Sunday, October 19, 2014


Trust of this world is overrated in my opinion.  The reason is because majority of what or whom we trust daily is laughable.  Seriously, we trust people more often than not.  People who make our cars that we trust to get into every single day of our lives only for it to break down eventually.  Do we know when it will break down?  The answer is usually, No.  But nevertheless, we trust it to take us from point A to point B, no matter how long or short of a distance it may be.  We trust restaurants, even though time and again, we hear of horror stories about disgruntled employees taking out their frustration on their customers who trust them with food handling.  We trust the government to keep us all protected from haters who want to kill us or diseases like Ebola to enter into our country and wipe out as many in its path as it can.  You may argue that we need to have a certain level of trust for each other or for people who make this world go round, and I may agree with you in your stance.

The thing that I have trouble with is that we, in our daily lives, fail to trust God.  Why?  Because we don't see Him in the flesh?  Ok, to see is indeed to believe but only if you have no faith.  This world is full of people who are out to hurt others.  We have no control over them.  But trusting in a God that time and time again has shown his strength, power and love has been proving Himself daily, in miracles that happen to terminally ill patients surviving from the disease, in all the world tragedies that tug at our hearts showing kindness by giving aid.  In missionaries who trek to other countries to help the poor.  Anything in your own life that's good is all a result of God's love.  But yet, because you don't see Him you pretend He's not there.

We are all guilty of such distrust.  Christians are not immune either, in that, just because we're Christians we sometimes fail to give God the power to work our problems out.  We advise others to "give it to God" but yet when we are faced with the problems of the world, we stress.

Instead, why don't we trust God like we trust that our car will take us to work everyday, people we are married to will love us forever, none of our friends will betray us  etc.  The only difference between God and the rest is that God will never, ever, ever, in your existence (which is a long time) eventually disappoint us or FORSAKE you or turn your back on you.  Everything else... well... will.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!

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