Sunday, November 23, 2014


Abandonment takes on many forms.  Physical, emotional and spiritual.  No matter what form it takes on, the results are almost always devastating.  Usually, physical abandonment progresses in to an emotional one.  It could be an absentee parent or parents, a spouse or lover, or children abandoning their parent/s.  But why are we so offended for being abandoned?  Why does it affect us so much that we carry our resentment towards them?  

Perhaps it is because as human beings we are created in Love, it is love that we seek throughout our lives.  Time and again we meet people who guard their hearts from others who could hurt them, by putting up a front and abandoning their feelings and becoming numb to such emotion.  But no matter how much we deny it, our human make up is to be loved.  

The very essence of the word is so innate in our human existence and so powerful that the hardest of all hearts could melt in the presence of love.  

But then when we are rejected and abandoned the feeling is so devastating. We have to remember though that we can never rely on another human being to give us happiness because we are just as vulnerable and erroneous as the person next to us.  We hurt others just as much as others hurt us.  I pity the ones who are so reliant on others for their fulfillment instead of having God in their lives, someone who is omnipresent and available at our beck and call 24/7.  God will never, ever, whether we like it or not, abandon us.  Yes, I'm there, just like you, it's sometimes hard for me to rely on someone who I can't see, or physically feel.  But for me it's that much more special because I know that I am in Him just as much as He is in me.  What I mean by that is that wherever I go, He goes.  I never feel abandoned, even when everyone else has abandoned me at one point or another.  I could be alone, but never lonely.  It's other humans who try to make us feel that way.  However, it is a choice, you have an option.  Do you opt to feel God's presence all the time or rely on another human being to be there for you and be disappointed?  I choose the former.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  

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