Sunday, November 16, 2014


Today, I read the verse in the Bible from Luke chapter 12 verses 4-5 when Jesus said, “Dear friends, don’t be afraid of those who want to kill your body; they cannot do any more to you after that.  Fear God, who has the power to kill you and then throw you into hell.  Yes, He’s the one to fear.”

On face value, after reading it quick I was stunned.  How can a merciful and forgiving God also have the harshness of murder?  I prayed about this and the Holy Spirit cleared it up for me to impart the message to you. 

Jesus talked about the power of God in this verse.  He is trying to make us understand that the power of God to create us is the same power that can kill us.  Killing in a sense of eternal damnation.  Eternal is not just a big word, it is a forever word coming from the word eternity.   Eternity is a long time.  Actually to put it in perspective it is more a status than it is a time period.  Compared to our afterlife, this life we currently live in, in the flesh is a short period of time.  If you lived till you’re a hundred, that lifetime is considerably shorter than the eternal life that is waiting for you.  Most people say that heaven is boring, listening to music and doing practically nothing.  I’ve heard it over and over again, sometimes in jest but the more we hear it, the more we believe it. 

Our own little pea brain cannot even begin to imagine what heaven will be like.  There is a snippet of its description in the Book of Revelation and from just that, I came to conclude that Heaven is AWESOME!!!  Let me tell you that as sure as I sit here, I would rather have the music filled boring life in heaven than the fires of hell filled with moanings and groanings of damned souls, ANY DAY!  And that’s just from what I think.  We will never know.  I don’t even want to know, either!  You see, God is quick to forgive because He knows what it’s like to be human through His Son Jesus.  He knows what we go through everyday but even as God, He cannot intervene because He also gave us our free will.

Going back to the verse, I know about millions upon millions of missionaries who bravely reach the depths of unknown territories on this earth to teach people about God and more often than not, they come back home safe to tell their victorious stories about spreading God’s Word.  It is because God has been with them even physically, providing protection for them with each and every step they take.  Like the verse said, don’t fear that another human being takes your life, because they can’t do anything else to you, not to your spirit at least.  But be prepared always so that the dangers of this world will never cause you to fear where you will live in eternity.

Until my next rant… LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!

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