Sunday, March 8, 2015


(In my sketchbook)

Getting ahead of the mind game is a round-the- clock task.  The mere profession of one’s salvation is not the end of the battle but rather, the beginning.  When our defenses our down, which I might add, often, the enemy is right there ready to pounce.  The pounce, when unnoticed, begins to fester like a wound once small and neglected leading to spiritual death.

I say this because immediately after being saved and dedicating my life to Jesus, I thought I was scot free.  After all, the Bible says that once saved we are clothed with the armor of God.   As true as that may be, it is quite important to realize that we are still mere mortals, of the flesh and hold our own will.  

My desire to get swept away by a godly man overwhelmed my awareness of the wiles of the enemy.  As a baby Christian, I thought that the man who eloquently talked about God 24/7 was truly my knight in shining armor.  Whenever a red flag is waved in front of my face, I dismissed it as one of human imperfection.  Slowly, but surely, those very imperfections became the biggest lie known to mankind (in my own opinion).  Selfishness took over.  Soon, I was someone’s property.  I was isolated from my family, especially my children, one of whom was living with us.  I have become the experimental monkey to someone’s egotistical spiritual project.  "How far can I push this woman to be under my control, my beck and call, enough to break her while I dig my claws into her that juxtaposes to her whole family?" This is how the enemy works.  he is not happy with one person, instead he must recruit the whole lot.

In Galatians 3: 1-3 it reinforces that if you have seen the vision of Jesus on the cross, that is enough for us to believe that it is the law of God that stands, not our own desires, not of our own accord.  It is foolish for us to believe that after we have started our new lives in the Spirit, we tend to revert back to our own human efforts, which is sure to fail.  

At times we forget that as mere mortals, and as Christians, we think that God backs up our own desires and arrogantly think that God approves of every self-serving thing we do just because in our own minds we believe that it is right and customized to our own ideals.  Sorry to say that self-righteousness is not righteousness.  Righteousness is striving to be like Christ.  Notice I didn’t say being like Christ?  No one can be Christ, we can only strive to be like Him.  

In everything, we have to consult God.  In every single minute detail of our lives.  Yes, if you are not sure what to eat for lunch, ask Him.  He is omni-present meaning, He is everywhere, with each and every one of us.  Never make the mistake of likening Him with us.  He lives in a different dimension, a dimension that is unfathomable in our minds.  

Remember that God hates lukewarm.  You are either with Him or against Him.   He said in His word that he will spew you out of his mouth.  I don’t know about you, but I would rather be shot out of a cannon than spewed out of God’s mouth!  I know this to be true.  When I know in my heart of hearts if what I am about to do is wrong, I hear God’s little voice holding me accountable for it.  Regardless of whether I listen to His voice or not, the consequence is quite terrifying, to say the very least.  We all must make a decision today.  Set aside our selfishness, especially pride!  But that is for another post.

And as always…. LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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