Saturday, September 5, 2015


One of my most favorite Bible verses is Romans 8:31.  What shall we say about such wonderful things as these?  If God is for us, who can ever be against us?

No matter where we are in life, there lurks strife.  Problems are often accompanied by stress.  We can always battle it on our own but it costs us something, whether it be money, time, headaches, sleepless nights, the list goes on and on.  

When we are faced with such life trials, the human in us thinks about the worst possible outcome, because as humans, we are not created nor wired to handle problems on our own.  Believe it or not, God is the master problem solver.  Yes, He will allow these things to enter into our lives but just because He does, it doesn't mean He will leave us on our own to fix it.  He wants us to experience the negative influences of being human so that we would lean on Him for guidance, assistance and protection.  As young and inexperienced children make mistakes and their parents fix their messes, so does God.  He is our Father.  NO ONE can handle the biggest, baddest problem we could ever face but God Himself.

I remember a story once told.  In an Indian tribe, boys are put through a test of endurance by leaving them in a remote spot for 24 hours by themselves inside this circle.  The child must stay inside that circle for the allotted time to become initiated into becoming a warrior.  This boy was taken to the spot by his father and left there all day and all night exposed to the wild animals.  The boy was terrified as he endured the darkness of the night, hearing the howling and the growling of the danger around him.  He is hunched over curled up in a ball crying and trembling in the darkness.  Little does he know that a few feet away, his father is standing by him with a bow and arrow ready to fire at anything that comes close to his son.

That is how much God loves us.  He is our protector, He is present in our time of need and He has His bow and arrow pulled, ready to destroy anything that could harm us.  We need to keep this thought in our hearts because God would not let us carry a cross too heavy for us to bear even though He allowed His only Son Jesus Christ to die for us. Now if you don't feel special after knowing this truth, I don't know what will.

If God be for us, who could be against us?

Until my next rant.... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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