Saturday, September 26, 2015


As a child, I used to sneak into my parents' room to secretly play with my dad's guitar.  His guitar hung on the wall, not allowing any of us children to touch it.  My rebelliousness gets the best of me sometimes because of my desire to learn how to play the guitar.

I asked my cousin to teach me some chords and I learned about 5 easy chords my little fingers could handle.  But with those five easy chords, I was able to play several different simple songs.

When I was old enough to be able to afford my own guitar, I practiced for at least an hour everyday learning more chords, so I can play more songs.

The desires of my heart urged me to do those things and as I progressed, the process became easier and easier as the chords got more complicated.  No matter how complicated the chords were, it was worth it to me because I delved deeper and deeper into making music.

I can compare this whole process to prayer.  Some people think that prayer is only to ask God for a favor, healing, help with finances, etc.  However, when you become a seasoned prayer, prayer includes a heart to heart talk with God, asking him for advise, telling Him you love Him, etc.  How do you pray?

When I pray, I talk to God like I talk to a confidante.  Contrary to popular belief, when there is a one way conversation, you feel silly, but I just don't feel that way when I am having a conversation with God.  I cannot explain it in simple words because there are no words to appropriately do so, but just feeling that He is present with me listening and responding.  God is omnipresent.  Trying to fit Him in a category that our little minds imagine is ludicrous because His power will never fit into our tiny box of expectations.

What is incredible is that when you make this kind of conversation/prayer a habit, it changes you.  When people who pray a lot pray out loud, they pray with familiarity and confidence.  When they pray, you can sense that you are in the presence of the Lord.  They just don't know the Lord, the Lord knows them.  God loves hearing them pray.

Let's tap into that type of amazing life that is waiting for us all, if we just practice praying we come into His perfect presence.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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Art @ Home said...

I like your rants. BTW I have always struggled with my prayer life. I tend to maintain a conversation all day long, but I've always felt I needed to set aside time during the day strictly for prayer. I'm getting better at it, at least.

I've also started trying to pray the Lord's Prayer once a day. It has been a good thing to do!