Sunday, October 25, 2015

Le Chamelèon

The chameleon.   We all have heard the phrase, "true colors."  I believe God created things to remind us and give us examples of any message He wishes us to learn.  The chameleon changes colors in any environment it touches in order to blend in and be unseen.  We can liken this animal to what God wants to teach us about blending into certain people, group or circumstances in order to  fit in.

With it, integrity comes to mind.  There are some people out there who try to chameleon themselves into certain groups, relationships, situations, etc.  They morph themselves into the person they are with in order to be accepted or even loved by the other.  They are people pleasers.  The problem with that is they lose their true identities.  A woman will please her man to feed their own insecurities thinking that this will keep the relationship intact.  They figure out later on that feeding into someone's personality is the total opposite of what the we want.  We all compliment  our opposite.  Just a fact of life.  She has not learned that two opposites working together create a strong bond just like two polar opposites of the magnets attract.  When that happens, each can contribute to the other to become whole.

The same goes with church goers.  They spend the time in church in order to be accepted by a Christian group.  However, sooner or later, the "true colors" will come out and contaminates the group.  

The same goes with political figures.  A man runs for office, tells the nation a lie to do what is good for the country and once in office, transgresses into his own agenda.

We have to be mindful of ourselves when it comes to being a chameleon.  Did you notice I said "ourselves?"  Yes, because there is nothing we can do about others.  We are only in control of our own destiny, our own fate.  We are accountable for our own actions.  Let us not waste our time being in a relationship where we magnify someone else's imperfection by just riding the wave with them.  I don't mean conflict, I just mean mixing our own worth into the relationship so each would see the difference in people and embrace those differences.  The caveat to being a chameleon or morphing into a relationship is that dissatisfaction will slowly surface and then resentment sets in.  When resentment sets in, then it leads to another broken relationship. 

Here is my God pitch then.  When we morph ourselves into God, then we cannot fail.  When we are on the path where God wants us to be, it is fail-proof.  Why?  Because God's way is perfect.  When we choose His way, we have no recourse but to have integrity.  God blesses those who bless Him.  He was serious when He said, there is no other way to Him except through Jesus.  So if that is true, any of our ways as humans do not and will not reach God.  But when we do what God wants in our relationship, how can it ever fail?  Think about what God really wants us to be for others and then morph into that.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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