Friday, November 6, 2015


If all the wealth was removed from our world and we were all the same, the same cars, the same size houses, the same amount of food, the same clothes, etc. and the attainment of wealth no longer mattered, what would our worth be?

If all that every person was to vie for is to gain as many friends and the goal was to have as many friends and family, how would we act?

Remove satan from this world and there will be no more strife, no more pain, suffering, anger, violence, etc.  How wonderful would it be if we did not have to compete with each other?

The promises of God to us in everlasting life is exactly that.  He promised that when Jesus comes back He would create a world wherein satan would have zero contribution.  He promises that because He had to sacrifice His own Son to a physical death to forgive our sins, He would make it worth Jesus' life and whomever attests that His sacrificial lamb is Lord, they will be saved from the damned eternal company of satan.  I hear eternal fire is just that, non-stop burning forever. Yikes!  No thank you.

You may ask, "Is it that easy?  Just profess Jesus is Lord and turn away from your sins?"  The answer is YES!  

You see, when you follow Jesus and love Him, you are acknowledging that God the Father does love us unconditionally.  It is not uncommon that dogs love us unconditionally no matter how bad they are treated.  Sometimes I think God created dogs to be man's best friend to show us what unconditional love feels (what is the word dog read backwards?).  But God is the most powerful source of such deep and unconditional love!  It is unfathomable how such a being could love us that way.  But it is not impossible.  You see, when you have a deep relationship with God, no matter what sin test is presented to you, you would not even hesitate to defy such a test.  There is no effort at all, because you are protected.  You have a shield called Jesus who is omnipresent and ready to pounce at any wiles thrown at you by satan, your enemy.

When we make a decision for Christ, though, our perspective changes.  When we shift our eyes away from this world to heaven, we see things with an eternal vision.  There is a paradigm shift in our priorities to reflect what is really important. We recognize the things of this world for what they can be, distractions, waste of time, empty pleasures.

We know enough about what heaven is like to get our curiosity going.  If God is the powerful source of joy and happiness, what does that say about our future eternal life then?  What kind of place did Jesus prepare for us (John 14:3)?  What would it be like not to worry about pain, suffering, hunger, sickness, sorrow or death?  Our own brains cannot even handle what we are about to trek in our eternal life.  I'm excited about it, aren't you?

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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