Monday, November 23, 2015


You've seen it on tv, you've read it online, you see it in your family and friends' lives, in the children's eyes, in animals, it's all around you.

There is no escaping the truth, that God is everywhere.  Yet, you choose to dismiss it.  As if you can truly run away from it.  There is nothing a true believer can do or say who can convince you, because you shut your ears and heart to it.  But there is no denying the presence of a powerful and omnipresent God in everything you see.  You can't get away from God, no matter how you try.  It's like saying everything you see around you is just a figment of your imagination.  If that is true, what is your truth? 

Evidence has debunked claims by scientists and atheists about God's inexistence.  These enemy- ridden people are adamant about their truth.  But somewhere inside of each of them are questioning and researching stretching themselves to a far reaching truth even though it makes them look silly and idiotic.  They question and research because they themselves are finding it difficult to find evidence to back up their own beliefs.

I am not immune to these types of people.  I unashamedly tweet and post about God all the time.  Once an atheist gets a hold of any of my tweets or posts, the immediately bombard me with insults, questions, etc.  It doesn't surprise me in the least because where God's loyals are, satan's loyals are too.  I do notice, however, that they never face me alone.  They employ the help of other atheists who are, what seems to be, on standby, in case a Christian happens to discuss God in their social media posts.  Funny how they feel the need to have back-up and all I need is God to provide the words for me to meet their sneers.  So in Jesus' predictable style, I kill them with kindness.  Not only does it bother them to high heavens, it frustrates them as well.  They almost always have to spew the final insulting words, as if they're purposely trying to hurt my feelings.

You see, when an atheist attacks, they have no idea who they're attacking and how God's ideals work.  They think that their nasty words will suddenly make you realize what a fool you have been to believe there is a God and drop God just like that and agree with them.  Did I mention "silly?"  They live a very hate-filled life, very self-centered and sinful.  How very sad if one really thinks about it.  

This is precisely why we need to pray for them, bless them and show them Jesus through our actions and words.  This world has a lot of hard work to do for Jesus, but the reward is sweet.

A tiny church sits alone but inside boasts grandeur of God's love for all of us.  Thank God for churches, sacred and shelter to find the most wondrous of all love, agape love that calls out to whomever wants to come and worship the greatest love giver of all.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER! and yes, especially atheists!

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