Sunday, January 31, 2016


When we are bombarded from every angle by the evil that runs amok on the earth, we become weakened and frail.  The stronger our bond with God, the harder the devil works on us.  he doesn't really bother with those who have turned away from God because the are shoe-ins to hell.  he worries about the ones who are focused on God and gets angrier and angrier the closer to God they become.

Case in point.  Yesterday, I received a couple of good news that would build up my art business in my community.  I was praising God, the one who I give the glory to.  One of the requirements of me was to fill out this form that I can only fill out using my laptop.  It cannot be done on my phone or my iPad, just the laptop.  I procrastinated a little last night even though God was nudging me to do it. I admit, I ignored His voice.

This morning, when I tried to fire up my computer, I realized it ran out of charge.  I attached the charger only to find that it would not charge.  I had a whole day planned for Saturday.  I was going to the gym, sketch all day for my blog and then plan my upcoming classes.  So all of my plans were now put to the back-burner.  Beeecauusseeee.... now I had to take my computer in to the Apple Store, the closest one about an hour away. 

Great!  Of course, according to the Apple tech I spoke with, I had to call the store to make an appointment, otherwise I would have to wait 3 hours before someone could get to me.  So, I called the appointment center and while I waited 15 minutes for one to pick up my call, I was told that there was only ONE appointment time left.  It was an hour from now.

We now had to get out the door likety split in order to get there in time.  Once there, lady genius at the Genius Bar took my sick computer in the back to get tested.  I felt like a worried mother, excitedly awaiting lady genius to come back with some good news.  In the meantime I am praying to Jesus, "please let it be a simple fix, in Jesus name I pray." Alas, lady genius came out and told me that my baby was ok again! Yay!  I gave her a huge hug!

You see, satan has already been defeated.  The only reason he still wreaks havoc in our lives is because he is trying to get as many souls away from God.  he has a rock-hard head still fighting God all the way.  The ones he recruits and falls for his tactics are the ones I feel pity for.  They are his victims.  This is why he doesn't have to fight for them, he already has them.  his powers are underestimated, and even the most righteous humans, if not careful, can fall.  It is a good thing God is a merciful one.  God's hands are tied when they turn their backs on Him because we have our own wills which God will never violate.

In your life, what situations have you experienced regarding the wiles of satan, your challenges, your sins?  

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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