Saturday, May 7, 2016


Contrary to popular belief, praying is not a formal audition or convention with a disassociated invisible being who determines whether a request should be granted or not, depending on how well you present your request.  Most people think that there are choice words that need to be used when praying to God.  Praying is not repeating a chant over and over again either as if God doesn't get it the first time.  Newsflash, God knows everything even before it happened.  

Praying is simply a heart to heart conversation with God.  Respect is first and foremost, though.  Just imagine you are having a deep conversation with someone you trust, maybe a father, or a dear friend, whom you can talk to openly, no inhibitions, no hesitations, just pouring your heart out to that person because you have the confidence that He's got your back.

God is not a big, grumpy old man sitting on a throne in the sky ready to dole out punishments.   That is what humans urge you to believe.  God is your confidante, your protection, your guide, your love.  Someone who puts you up high, edifies you, your cheerleader, your friend.  He knows everyone's heart.  He knows what will happen to you even before you do.  If you let Him in He will do for you in your life like you have never ever experienced before.  That is because He loves you.  So much so that He sent two parts of Himself on earth to help you through this temporary life.  All He ever wants back is your love, to do His will for you, what you were born to do in this life for Him.  

As long as you seek Him and His kingdom, you will truly always be lost.  There is a God-sized hole in your heart that only He can fill.  If you try to find it in this world, in a person, a thing, a job, etc. you will never find IT and you will keep searching until you finally accept Him in your life.  But when you do, oh boy oh boy, will it ever be worth it.

God is always just only a prayer away.  You don't need anything special to reach Him.  He will never be too busy for you... He's God!  His tremendous powers is unfathomable so quit trying to figure Him out.   You'll go nuts, trust me when I say so.  Speak from your heart, He will be there for you because after all, He never left.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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