Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Black Horse

We all realize that the millennials of today belong to the ME generation.  While I can't blame them for being young and stupid, I also worry for them.  Of course, there is a fraction of them who are much aware of the path which this world is leading, as much as the older and wiser know, but the majority is cause for my concern.  I fear that in their oblivion of the Word's Revelation they will be ill-prepared for the second coming of Christ.

I pray every night that Jesus takes me and all His believers home soon and the Rapture happens now. I know you may think it is selfish of me to desire to speed things up but it is really not up to me.  I am prepared for it but I mourn for the souls who continue to push it to the back burner and refuse to believe that the Bible is NOT A LIE.  Deep thinkers and deep feelers such as myself are truly sensitive not only to the physical world but internally as well.  

My inspiration for this entry is the black horse in the Book of Revelation.  It will be ridden by one of the four horsemen which symbolizes famine.  Famine.  No one, not even from my generation truly knows what famine is.  I have experienced it for a couple of days, not because there is no abundance of food but because I could not afford it.  It was a time when my daughter was a baby.  I could not get a hold of her father who was on a drug binge and I had no money to buy her formula.  I didn't have a car, he had it.  With one single dollar left to my name, I prayed and bought a Lottery ticket.  I won $20 and bought my daughter all the formula that it could buy.   I could not chance that she go hungry so I went without food instead.  Things mothers would do, huh?  I went without food for a couple of days until Grandman, my father-in-law came back from his trip and saved us.  My daughter's father still AWOL.  In the two days I was almost delirious from starvation.  When you go hungry, you begin to hate the world.  You begin to blame God and ask Him why He allowed such circumstance for you.  You start to become depressed and hopeless.  You cry... A lot.  You hate yourself for not being prepared and being stupid about not being prepared.  You dream about fried chicken and fried rice and vow to never put yourself in that position ever again.  You become desperate, thinking about doing worse things like suicide or robbing a bank or stealing food.  The devil is high spraying his evil mist at you.  In other words, if you have no strength inside your heart to fight all the things that tempt you to do, it will get done.

Now that was just one person.  As much as I am sure there are others out there like me, imagine the whole world in a state of famine?  Here is an interesting article about nanomanufacturing.  I encourage you to read it  I saw a video on Facebook that evidences this prophesy.

So when that day comes, and everyone is in a state of psyche such as I was, there will be chaos.  Even if you have started your organic garden now, if you are still alive then, how many starving people do you think will try to take yours?  How many bullets would you need to protect your family from them?  I know that you might think this is a gloom and doom post, but all I want for you is to get yourself prepared not for your physical well being but your spiritual well-being as well.  God will not allow His wrath on those who know and love Him.  You don't need to kill yourself planting a garden, saving enough ammo to protect you and your loved ones.  All you need to do is have a close loving relationship with God, the ALMIGHTY, who will accept you and protect you from the decay of this world.  Don't continue to be defiant.  It will be for your own good.

Until my next rant...LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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