Sunday, June 19, 2016


Yes, He is the one who created everything.  He was the one who Adam and Eve feared, the one who was envied by the once very beautiful and intelligent angel cast out of the heavens because he was envious of the most powerful one!  The one who orchestrated every single event from creation to current events.  He is the one that we cannot ever escape from yet we choose to reject Him.  

He is the reason for all the turmoil and battles being fought to this very day.  He was the one who punished the rebels and the stubborn people since the beginning of time.  He is feared, mocked, rejected, turned away from because of lucifer who runs amok on this earth being given liberties by those who rebel against Him, the very powerful God of the entire universe!

Since the beginning of time, God has revealed Himself and has been known to man as a scary God.  A God who is angry.  

But that is not how I know God.  For me, God my father is a gentle God.  A person I turn to who extends His arms and His heart openly to me when I need to be comforted.  Sure, in the days before Jesus, He was a very stern and sometimes angry God.  But He was also gentle to the people who were loyal and loving to Him.  Over and over again, He has saved them, forgiven them and given them blessings throughout history.  Not until He sacrificed His only Son, Jesus, did he back off, letting Jesus take over.  Jesus is our advocate, the gentle part of God who understands our situation because He became human just like us.  He was able to feel what it's like to hurt, to want to live, to feel physical pain.  He is our protector, our guide, our shelter and our solace.  

A good father is one who will take a bullet for his children.  He will protect them from harm, work hard to support them and be their children's confidante.  The one whose fathers were absent, He especially loves and protects.  I am that person.  God has always been my go-to person, especially today.  The older I become, the more I understand God and the more I understand Him, the more I love Him.  I may not have had a father to guide me throughout my life, I have to say, all my life God was there for me.  A father that is ever present, a father who got me in touch with two other father figures, Papa Henry and Grandman.

God is the best father there is.  Sure, most people have been the prodigal children but when they are ready to come back to Him, He will have his arms stretched out so far He could hug them all at the same time.

Until my next rant... HAPPY FATHERS DAY and LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!

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