Saturday, December 1, 2012


How many eyes do you think you have? Two? Hmm... maybe not. Our two eyes see everything around us, every beauty, every landscape.  Some of our eyes catch general details of an object but some eyes, maybe the eyes of an artist see color variations, texture, etc.  Maybe an engineer sees the mechanics of how something works.  What we see in something is as unique as we are individually.

But there is another pair of eyes we may not see through so many times.  That is the eyes of our hearts.  In Ephesians 1:15-23 talks about these very eyes.  When a person has wisdom about God’s word and God has revealed Himself to him, he has the ability to see clearly through his heart.  He knows how to feel compassion when he sees someone in need, he knows how to use his tongue and speak only truth and wisdom, he knows how to cast evil when he sees it coming and he knows to see everyone as a children of God.

So how, pray tell, can we all achieve this great wisdom?  I believe we have to immerse ourselves in God’s word.  I was never a big fan of reading the Bible in the past, except for the Book of Revelation.  As a teenager I thought if I just jump to the end I would know and understand everything.  BIG mistake.  It’s just like reading a book and only reading the last chapter.  Am I serious? So as I jump around and read a verse here a verse there, I started to really soak in what it is God wants to reveal to me.  Somehow it made it clear to me why God revealed his plan at the end.  He was giving believers a chance to continue spreading His word and for non-believers to start believing and helping others do so.  Simple as that.  In my twenties I used the “fan the pages and point” method and every single time, my finger landed on the exact Bible verse I needed as a solution to my current problem.  Don’t ask me how that happens, I credit it only to God.

The eyes of our hearts are more important that our very own eyes because the eyes of the heart understand what God wants us to do as His holy army, giving us blessings so others would see and take examples from, understand why He sent His beloved Son to die and save us from our sins and that at the end EVERYONE will know beyond all certainty that He was, is, and will be the power that reigns over all.   So ask yourself, are you ready?  Read your Bible and get inspired.  Let the eyes of your heart find God and help you look at the world for you.  Jesus wants us to experience, sustain, and enjoy a personal walk with Him.  He is the fountainhead of everything; strength of your day, wisdom of your task, comfort for your soul, grace for your battle, provision for each need and understanding for each failure… EVERYTHING!

Until my next rant…. LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!

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