Sunday, December 30, 2012

BORN TO DIE - The tragic life of Jesus

The greatest tragedy of the life of Jesus is that He was born to die.  When there is a new birth within our own circle, it doesn’t even occur to us one way or another that our babies will one day die.  How it must have been so painful for Mary to know that as soon as her baby was born, He was immediately stamped for death. 

Jesus was never described in the Bible to be extraordinary with His looks.  His was not the handsome face we see when artists’ depict Him complete with the intense attractive eyes, soft smooth hair with a halo around His head.  Further, coming from very humble means, he was not adorned with jewels or clothed with the finest linen.  He had to be identified by Judas to the Roman guards because His non-descript appearance. 

When He was being scourged and beaten, blood was coming out of His pores because His capillaries burst internally.  Even God the Father turned His back from Him.  Jesus Himself feared His inevitable death so much that He begged His father to let that cup pass from Him.  But God was, is, and will forever be true to His Word.  He gave up his precious Son.  Gave Him up!  Does this resonate with you as much as it does for me?

I have two kids.  If someone said that I have to give them up to die for the sake of saving others, I highly doubt I would agree to it.  Being a mother, my two babies are more precious than my own life.  How could I even start to think of sacrificing any one of them?  Sometimes I feel so undeserving of God’s love.  I stop to think, who am I to not live my life for His only Son who sacrificed His own life for me?  It is so heartbreaking to imagine and try to put myself in His place as he was being beaten.  I writhe in pain from a little paper cut let alone be crucified, beaten or slashed!!!! 

Yes, the commemoration of Jesus’ birth is over.  We have had our celebrations, came together with family and friends to share a common happy time.  But as we go back into our own lives, back to our daily grinds, do we thank God for our loved ones, our world, our own relationship with God so as to really understand the most precious of all gifts we had been given, that is, a chance to live in eternity because of the life that was sacrificed for us to be given our own eternal life after death?  Just like the great and wise man Rick Warren points out in his book, The Purpose Driven Life, “It is not about you.”

This Christmas, I have been held accountable by God in so many ways towards several people.  It hurt my pride to try to make amends with people I didn't really care about making amends with because of the hurt they have cost me.  Unwillingly but obediently, I succumb to God's wishes.  It will probably take a little time for me to feel better about it but that's only because I am human and imperfect.  But the fact is, I gained the approval of the only Number One Person who matters to me.

That being said, note that the greatest of all commandments was from Jesus and He said, LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!!  So be it.

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Anonymous said...

Simply awesome post. Thanks so much for sharing. God be praised that he gave his only Son so that I can live with Him in paradise.