Sunday, May 26, 2013


Do you sometimes ask yourself, how do I get a close relationship with God?  I know, I know this is so elementary, you think.  It really is easy when you are able to tap into the specific quickest way to it.  But some of you are stumped.  You really don’t know where to start or how to start.

Let’s get things straight to begin.  Begin by acknowledging that satan is real.  For a long time I have tried to avoid saying that name.  And now, the only time I really say it is when I cast it out of my life, my house, my day, my moment.  Or, when I write about it.

Some of you are in denial, not believing that it exists.  As much as you know God exists, you must also believe its existence.  So go ahead, when your day is crap, you know it is lurking.  When you cast it out, in whatever shape or form it is manifesting in you in that moment, you must cast it out.  All you really have to do is say “I cast you out satan” and then follow it up with, “in Jesus’ name.”  You will actually be surprised how quickly the tide turns.  

Next you have to believe that just because it is cast out that it won’t come back.  Trust me, it does, at every opportunity it can.  When a person is submerged in its ways, it doesn’t have to work too much with that person anymore, until... the person starts turning back to God.

Yes, folks, we have to always be mindful of this fact.  So, in order to avoid such travesty, we need to submerge ourselves with God at all times.  I find that the closer my relationship is with God, walking in his will gets easier and easier.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not perfect... yet.  Why can’t I be?  Because I’m still on earth.  Because we are human, still vulnerable to earthly life and existence, we are vulnerable to all of life’s evil a well.  For instance, there are numerous things in this world which can cause a person to sin instantly.  The love of money is one of them.  Money alone is not evil, otherwise everyone who has a relationship with God would be broke.  Au contrare mon friar!  The LOVE OF MONEY is the root of all evils.  Notice that one word inserted changes the whole dynamic?  

Ok, let’s start with the word LOVE.  As we all know and as God has professed to be LOVE, we cannot love two things at the same time.  I don’t mean, oh I love you shoes!  No.  True and unmitigated love is what I’m talking about.  God is a jealous God.  He said  that we must truly love only Him and only Him.  Yes, folks, we love our family, spouse, children.  But the ultimate love is reserved for God.  I can truly and honestly say as I sit here that I love GOD first, then family, etc. down the line.    So if you love money, then you put it above your love of everything else, let alone God.  

God promises that we will all get the blessings only He can give when we love Him first.   How to tap into that?  Well, really it isn’t hard.  The Bible to me is a funny thing.  Not funny haha but funny giddy-because-it-is-so-amazing.  But after all, anything that is amazing (including you who took time off your life to read my rants) I attribute to God.

I digress.  The reason why I say that the Bible is funny amazing is because whenever I have a doubt in my mind, oh say maybe at night or first thing in the morning, the Bible always has an answer for me as soon as I click on that Bible app when I get up in the morning.  Yes, that’s how obsessed I am.  I read the devotionals every morning.  I am on day 265 of 365 right now and I cannot live without it.  Even when I don’t get network service up at the lake.  Again, I digress.

For example, this morning when I woke up I suddenly remembered that I was saying my prayers last night and I fell asleep before I could finish.  I must have been tired.  Anytime you are prevented from praying, or doing the right thing, we have to accept that evil has a hand in it.   Evil has far more power than we think and we would be fools to think otherwise.  The world is controlled by it but if you are in the shelter of God, who by the way has the most power of all, you can be protected by it.  But because evil owns this world, we are subjected to it.  We succumb to it because we are weak and do not possess the full armor of God.  Just a little tutorial before I continue with my story.  

So when I opened up my app, this is what it said regarding the issue I came across last night.  I asked God how to be able to pray at night and be satisfied that I have come to be resolved by the end of it.  Psalm 32:8  I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.  Ok so maybe some of you will think that this is pretty encrypted.  I can see how you would see it that way.

My interpretation of that is that as long as I keep my focus on Him, and keep directing my confusion to what He has to say about things, I will be ok.  As long as I continue to ask Him for explanations He will continue to give me answers.  Case in point, this blog post.  I now share with you what He impressed in my mind.  He impressed that evil lurks in this world because it owns it... FOR NOW.  At the end of days, Jesus will be reclaiming this world and satan will be locked up forever, no more Mr. Nice Guy! (Revelation 20:10)  That being said, any distraction from my time with God is the bad guy’s handiwork.  And boy does it work in overdrive with me.  I am not afraid of it because I believe that I have the full armor of God.  Do you?

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave it down below.  Thank you for reading this blog.  With that, I bid LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  Love you, mean it!

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