Saturday, June 29, 2013


Art heals.  Well to me, at least.  Every single one of us has a way of letting off steam.  I don’t mean just when we’re angry or frustrated, that is a given, unwinding after a hard day’s work, or just rejuvenating from the wiles of day to day living.  Some play golf, others go out dancing, etc.  For me it’s flinging paint around on a white piece of paper.  When I find myself unable to sleep, I make art.  It instantly sends me to lala land, whether it is just after a sketch or just applying gesso on my substrate.

Whatever it is, I feel so much better, defragged.  However, if the form of relaxation was suggested to me, like maybe, hey, let’s go to the movies, or go out dancing, etc.  at the end of the activity it didn’t seem to have done what it had set out to do. 

When I feel like the woes of the world are on my shoulders, I am able to take it out on my art.  It shows exactly what I was feeling at the time.  In the process, I have a deep conversation with God.  The connection and the result of my work represent it. 

We are not robots.  Regardless of what has happened to us in the past, we have been created to be strong, get over it, and move on.  In my relationship with God, I find that his love gets me through whatever it is I am whining about.  For instance He said in His word, I am all you need, and I will provide, always rings true for me.  As long as I believe that He is behind the wheel, I’m ok.  As I go on, He does take care of me.

Like everyone’s life, mine is a roller coaster too.  Highs and lows.  Faith carries me through.  I love capturing those moments in my art and creating something positive out of something negative and hopefully evoke some kind of tug in those who view them.  That is where I get my true happiness and validation as an artist when someone says, your art made me smile, or it made my day, etc.  When they say you’re a talented artist, it is appreciated more than they can ever know, but the true grit for me is the emotions evoked inside of them that makes it all worthwhile.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the thoughts. You have a way of saying things that inspires and pushes me to think deeper thoughts.