Sunday, November 3, 2013


Besides being afflicted by a temporary illness such as a cold, the flu, coughing, etc. that is mostly caused by climate, environmental change or just simply catching the bug from another person, most chronic and long term diseases are caused by our own neglect.  Take for instance the big C word.  I have not heard any doctor ever give a person afflicted with this disease a direct cause.  But common sense will tell us, it is caused by abusing and pushing our bodies to the limit that is much more than it can take.  

Some people abuse substances like alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and worse yet, stress and non-forgiveness.  There are other psychological causes as well.

Inasmuch as I strongly agree that if we already have some kind of condition to rely on modern medicine to correct it, I also strongly recommend a  relationship with God to heal our bodies.  Our bodies are much more complicated than we give it credit for.  Our biological system is so intricate that each part, down to the cell, has a function that work so perfectly with each other.  Our bodies are not made to be abused the way we abuse it but it does chug along and tries to keep up with us.

My point is that the power that created the body heals the body.  Say for instance you created a robot and was successful at what you wanted this robot to do.  When it does malfunction, who would be best to know how to fix that robot but you?  It is no different than God.  We are all of His creation and he even went as far as confirming in the Bible that we were made in His image.   It all boils down to the fact that He is the one we need to call on before we even call the doctor unless it is in dire emergency.

I remember back in 2001 when I would get these shooting pains in my stomach.  I had no insurance at the time so going to the doctor would be such a hardship the way they charge.  Furthermore, I don't know if it was going to be some major surgery, so I placed my hand on the spot that was in pain and prayed for God to relieve me of this unknown symptom because I was scared.  I started to take deep breaths, imagining with every inhalation carrying a thick black smoke from the spot, up through and out of my nose and out of my body with every exhalation.  I did this over and over until the pain slowly but surely went away.  After the pain was gone, I thanked God for healing me.  Years later in 2011, I went to the doctor after feeling a mass inside my stomach.  She diagnosed it to be a fibroid so large that it had to be removed along with my uterus and ovary.  I didn't have any pains until then and at this time had health insurance in place.  The bonus?  No more monthly visitors!

Now call it what you want, mind over matter, or whatever you like.  All I know is that the word disease comes from "dis" ease and I know God is my ultimate healer.

Until my next rant.... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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