Sunday, October 27, 2013


The night was still and the darkness swallowed the colorful sights which daylight brings, surrendered to the eerie blackness of the night.  You long for the comforts that a warm and cozy home brings but, alas, left with only the moist chill of the fog that hits your face as you struggle to find your way but your feet are soaked from the wet and unforgiving ground you have to trek. Not able to see the path before you feels like that same chill goes through you penetrating through your body, to your bones and piercing its way through your soul.  A certain fear comes over you and suddenly you hear the howling of a wolf.  A sound that undeniably connects to something that is not of this earth.  You know it lurks but where?  Is it close? Then, before you can even figure it out for sure, a gust of wind sends your already weak body to push even harder through to a destination unknown.  Your determination keeps you from further frailty to seek refuge, somewhere, somehow, away from that place you got lost in, the place you did not intend to be.  Fear creeps up from nowhere and overcomes your very soul and shakes you to the core.  

Oh how you wish someone was there to save you!  But who?  Anyone.  Someone!  If no help came, death is sure to follow.  But for you, death would be a welcome relief.  Death of body, that is.  What becomes of you after death?  Was the situation you were in before the death wish temporary and more conquerable than the one you never saw coming?

Actually, yes, it is.  There is nothing in this world that God cannot handle for you.  The trick (pun intended) is easy.  Instead of thinking about taking your own life, ask God to take over your life and then let him drive you.  You have to be sincere in giving it up though.  As in, don’t even go back and try to fix it when you couldn’t before.

When the foundations are shaking and you wish you could hide, remember that God is still in control.  His power is not diminished by any turn of events.  Nothing happens without His knowledge and permission.  When you feel like running away - run to God.  He will restore justice and goodness on the earth in His good time.

Remember that death by your own hands will deliver you directly to satan.  Don’t let him get a hold of your body, mind, spirit and soul.  he doesn’t deserve you.  You deserve God and His never failing LOVE.  

Halloween does not have to be a negative event each year.  It reminds us that spirits of the underworld is very real.  It is not a celebration of ghouls and goblins but a reinforcement that there is a more powerful God who is there for us, yesterday, today and forever... if we only allow Him to be.

Until my next rant.  LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!

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