Monday, February 24, 2014


I am 100% sure that every single one of us have found ourselves in a funk more often than not.  But what's so bothersome is that sometimes it is for no reason at all in that there was no major catastrophic life altering event that triggered it.  The truth is, in this world that we live in, with information overload, fast track technology, it is pertinent for us to keep up with the times but at times we forget that no matter how much we try, it gets harder and harder to keep our normality intact. 

I've decided to write my blog today while immersed in this funk to impart the very essence with you.  Most often, our faces show how we feel when in a funk, and the first thing that others do is to try to make us feel better.  I do appreciate when that happens, because we know they care.  But no matter how much they care and how much they do to make us feel better, it is up to our own ability to get ourselves out of the funk.  I would personally just give them a hug and pray for their breakthrough.

When we understand and is clear to us that this phase is temporary, all we really need to do is to let it ride.  We have to identify the factor that caused it, really digging into ourselves to find the reason why there is a diminished self-worth.  Was it something someone said to us that caused it?  Is it because we have raised the bar of achievement so high and then feel overwhelmed to reach it?  Is it financial?  Most likely, the reason we get into a funk is because the devil lied to us and we are buying into his schemes.  he is the voice in your head that says you're not good enough and that your past mistakes is so unforgivable that you might as well crawl into a hole and die.

Moreover, we try to silence that voice by acting out, self-medicating or worse, doing something that digs us deeper into that hole.


So why write a post at a time like this?  Well, because it is part of life.  It is part of the imperfect world of an imperfect human being living an imperfect life.  When someone like me who is immersed in God can still feel this way, it proves that God will allow us to go through times like these so that we can not only move even closer to him but also to understand that we are not citizens of this world where pain such as this is prevalent.  It's funny though because it is the world's expectation of us which we stress ourselves out with that causes the funk.

For me, I would just have to ride this out, remind myself that I am made from the perfect image of God and that the devil has already been convicted.  His future is already determined by God.  For me to agree with a loser makes me a loser.  So I have to disagree and immerse myself in God's promises and have that conversation with Him through his Word.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!


Coastal Sisters Too said...

I love your honest and candid posts Anamarie! You are a very uplifting person and just know I thank you for that!! Hugs xoxo Lisa

Anamarie Fox said...

Thank you, Lisa. I am humbled by your comment. Honesty is the only way to be, after all, we are only human. :)