Sunday, March 2, 2014

Truth vs. Fact

What is the difference between truth and fact?   Are they the same?  Let’s just put these two in perspective then.  Suppose you were stricken with an “incurable” illness.  It can be a fact that you are sick, but then God said that you are healed by the lashings that Jesus received when He died on the cross, and that’s the truth.  Now you have a choice.  It is up to you to apply the truth of God’s word to the fact that you’re sick and make the change, or just stay sick and leave it as that.

In all our human comprehension, it would be easier to agree with the fact rather than the truth because the fact scream a lot louder than the Word of God does.  The Word of God will be stifled until you choose to say them out loud and mean it.  When it does, though, it will be the final word because it will come out in faith!  If it is God’s Word about healing, you will be healed.  If it is about prosperity, you will be prosperous, if it is about deliverance, you will be delivered.

When you accepted Christ as your Lord and savior, you have a binding contract with God.  When your heart is full of faith and do your part by believing, speaking and acting, God’s Word will manifest in your life.  There will be no circumstance on earth and no evil   in hell can stop it.

So we need to stop believing the stories you have heard about someone who believed the Word and didn’t work for him.  No one can ever know why it didn’t because you don’t really know for sure what is in that person’s mind and heart.  Focus on yourself and your relationship with God, quit asking questions and settle it once and for all.  God’s Word IS the truth!  Unless you believe and receive it fully in your heart, you will never see the truth.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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