Saturday, May 24, 2014


It hurts to be alone, to feel alone, even when people are around.  At one point or another, you have felt this way, we all have.  There is no way to describe it.  There are times when I feel I don't have a friend... in the human race, that is.

I could "woe is me" all day long, dance and sing alone in my pity party but even though my heart feels like sinking, it doesn't sink deep enough for me to say that there is no relief.

God is there, Jesus is there, The Holy Spirit is there always at your beck and call, humble, ready and able to guide you through the darkness, knowing that you are going where you were planned to go anyway.  There is no use fighting it, when you do, you just stumble and feel even worse than you do now.  God knows your pain, God knows what to do but He won't impose Himself on you, no, He is a much more respectful God than to do that.  You have to seek Him, call on Him!

I often marvel at the wonderful, awesome, God that He is, so humble, even when we are not worthy, because He is God, His love is unconditional... Agape Love, something no other human on earth is capable of giving, only God!  You may think, "who am I that someone so powerful, wonderful, awesome, glorious person could love?" My answer to you is, EXACTLY!

It's hard to do that to just anybody, right?  Imagine trying to love your enemy, someone who has done you wrong, someone who had betrayed you, someone who put you down until you are reduced to nothing in your own mind!  It's hard isn't it?  Yet, that's how God loves you!  It's unfathomable, but yet, it's true.

So the next time you're down on yourself, feeling lonely and unloved, just stop! and feel God's love surrounding you, it's a given, whether you welcome it in your life or not, He's there for you, someone who cares endlessly watching over you.  Accept it, accept Jesus in your life, right there, right now where you sit, stand or lay.  It's a life-changer, an AHA! moment.

If you are ready to do that, close your eyes, say the words and mean them... Jesus, I have sinned against you, I come to your right now humbled, asking you to forgive me for my sins.  You have died for me and by your blood I am cleansed, this is your promise to me.  I humbly come to you with heart wide open, come into my life, come into my heart and guide me towards your perfect will, towards your perfect plan for me.  I ask this in Jesus' name.  Amen.  You are now born again. Get baptized with water and read your bible everyday, seek God through His own words.  Make the life change! 

See you next time!

Until my next rant.... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!


Deborah Lewis said...

Thank you, just what I needed when I needed it. I so love it when God does that. Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you and to be used by Him to reach both the lost and the redeemed.

Anamarie Fox said...

I am so humbled by your comment, Thank you for taking the time to give me feedback, it makes the effort worth it! God bless you always!