Saturday, May 3, 2014


I liken sometimes myself to an octopus only because I juggle a myriad of things crammed in one day… day by day.  In this world that is spinning at lightning speed these days, I don’t think that I am alone.

But unlike the octopus, where each of its tentacles has a brain of their own, I possess only one.  And unlike the octopus who has three hearts, I only have one.  But what makes humans more powerful than any other creature on earth, despite their intrinsic and complex characteristics, we were shaped and formed in the image of God.

Unlike the octopus, humans are especially favored by God.  Every other living thing was fashioned for our benefit.  Every spin of the eco system’s well thought out synchronicity was done so that our lives would be lived comfortably in God's plan.  He already took care of us from the gate. 

The only thing that ruins us is the desires of the flesh.  Admittedly, it is a hard fight because coupled with free will it becomes a concoction fit to either do us good for our eternal benefit or in the alternative,  for our eternal demise.  It’s not like God is not readily available for us.  What we humans don’t sometimes understand because of our intricate but limited ability to comprehend is that God is multi-dimensional.  You can submit that life on earth is three dimensional, but I submit to you that because God’s power is unlimited, we cannot limit our understanding of God as three dimensional as well.  Just by the fact that He is omnipresent (ever present) and omnipotent (with unlimited power), goes to show that he could be with each and every one of us at any given time.  I believe this because of how I feel when I really want to feel His presence.  But that is the operative word “want” and that will pretty much be the only time we could ever feel Him if we have a genuine “want” for Him to be, not just for show, or for effect, but a genuine want.  Then and only then can we develop that deep relationship with God.  I hope you’ve tried it in your life and/or is already in effect.

So no matter how many brains an octopus can have in any of its eight tentacles, our one brain, our one heart, our one God can overpower an octopus or any other unknown creatures, whether it is in our three dimensional world or the multidimensional world in which our brains cannot even begin to fathom.

Until my next rant… LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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