Sunday, June 21, 2015


All throughout time people have run around the world like goldfish in a tank focused primarily on survival.  Survival means conforming to the norm, what's around, amazed at those who progress and gets ahead.  Part of our human nature is competitiveness.  Dog eat dog world, we always want to snuggle up to the one who is lit the brightest.  When it is impossible for us to do so because those whom we know are crabs in the bucket like us, we get pulled down ourselves because if they can't get ahead, why should anyone else?

We are so wrapped up in the flesh-filled world that mixed emotions run so rampant, casting a shadow over our uniqueness, the person, the spirit, the soul, the child that God has created.  We forget our place in the grace of God.  We conform to the world in order to be accepted.  But by whom?  Those who are human just like ourselves.  How sad.   We are all guilty of this, I am guilty of it.  

When I was younger, I felt invincible.  No one can ever convince me that my body would ever grow weary, in pain or my senses get less and less sharp.  Believe me, there were older people who have warned me.  I shrug them off like dust on my shoulder pads.  I felt like well I have all this time to get better, live better, eat better, work out better.  But then day after day after day passes, and time has as well.

How I have wasted so much of my time comfortable in that cast shadow of arrogance against what mattered the most.  In God's time, my heart changed.  I am happy to have known the truth at the ripe age of 40 when I got deep into my relationship with God.  The closer I got to Him, the more He revealed to me, and still revealing to me to this day.  I feel blessed.  It seemed that the latest celebrity means less to me.  I don't live my life being someone famous just to be accepted socially.  Thank God this body will one day pass and my soul transformed into what God created me to be.  I look forward to physical death only because eternal life takes over.

You see, the opposite of belief and faith in Jesus Christ is not atheism.  No, the opposite of faith is idolatry.  Since the beginning of time, power, wealth, beauty, intelligence, sex, etc. have been worshipped.  In our culture we worship ourselves, the latest celebrity.  Mere mortals worshipping other mortals.  The youth walk around dressed and looking like their favorite celeb and become like who they worship.  Whether or not is is pleasing to God's eyes, they don't care because all they care about is pleasing themselves even if it's the wrong thing to do.

But wisdom honors God.  Jesus asked, "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world yet forfeit his soul?" Mark 8:36.  Worship of oneself or any other idol is a perverted, pride-filled life destined for hell.

Worshipping God instead of self is pleasing to Him.  He rewards those who do so.  You can say I'm a prude, believe me, I know people do.  But God knows my heart and He knows that as long as He is happy with me, I can damn the world, and I do.  God is the only one I trust.  He is the only one who will never disappoint me.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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