Saturday, June 27, 2015


I am going to touch on a subject that many of you will not like at all.  Maybe you won’t even read past the second paragraph.  You may even dislike me after it.  I like to be liked by everyone.  But if God asks me to do something, I do it.  I’m not in this world to please anyone.  I’m only here to please God.  Tonight He TOLD me to touch on a subject that I know so much about but know that it is something a lot of people shut themselves out of as well.

That subject is pre-marital sex.  And yes, I’m going there, so here goes:

As far as erroneous humans such as we are concerned, the sins of the flesh are our greatest downfall.  Our passions are such raging fire and if it burns in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong person, we all get burned.

We are all hopeless romantics.  Yes, even the  even-keeled.  The nature of the beast is that we were born to love.  Even as young children, we crave our parents’ love.  As we get older, we seek after the right person to love.  In our twilight years, we still long for our children and grandchildren’s love.  It is small wonder why intimacy is tantamount to our existence.  God himself created us out of love.  He wants love back but we were given free will and God doesn't want forced love.

Here’s the caveat.  When we become intimate with another person sexually, a bond is formed.  That bond is there because it was created by God as  the basic definition of a blessed bond between husband and wife.  Upon intimacy, we are suddenly united with that person.  However, the pain will culminate inside our very core when we give ourselves away repeatedly only to have those bonds broken along with our hearts.  Our hearts can only be broken so many times before the walls go up and we bar anyone else from entering.  Ultimately, it will be difficult to become intimate and trust another person again.  The sad part is, the right person may be trying to get in but because we have become bitter shells of a person looking for love, longing for fulfillment of a truly loving relationship to no avail.  We hide behind that bomb shelter trying to stay safe from the pain that we have come to know so well.  We become relationship junkies, expecting the next person to be the unreasonable perfect person that does not exist.

Nothing will work, because there is only one love that does… a deep relationship with Jesus Christ.  A relationship with Jesus Christ keeps us inside the guardrails he has established for us so that we don’t drive over that proverbial cliff of destruction.  When we love Jesus, experience His love for us, and live faithfully with one person, our spouse, just as Jesus pours out His love for us, then we will find everything our hearts are longing for.  It is only inside that shelter will we find freedom for our passions that is blessed by God.

Until my next rant…. LOVE ONE ANOTHER!


Art @ Home said...

This is a wonderful post. And when God lays something on your heart to share, well you should share it! God has been laying a lot on my heart lately, too. It's upsetting when folks only want to focus on part of God's word and not the rest. When humans want to rely on their own faulty "reason" and ignore what God's word says. Let's just say it's been a difficult week for me. Thanks for your post. Thanks for being brave.

Love in Him,
Ricki Jill

Anamarie Fox said...

Thanks for your comment. I said a little prayer for you that whatever you are going through May He give you comfort and peace. Remember that God always has something brewing behind the scenes and He will present it to you at the perfect time. Just keep staying on His path and you will be blessed with a solution to whatever it is. Have a great week!

Anamarie Fox