Sunday, February 21, 2016


A kiss is a demonstration of affection.  A symbol of love for the other.  A kiss of respect, of greeting, true love.

Throughout history, a kiss is universal.  Even animals kiss each other and us sometimes.  Yes, a symbol of love.

Yet there is one in history that is seared in its pages.  A kiss that symbolized nothing mentioned above.  The kiss of betrayal, most of us coined, The Kiss of Death.

It was the kiss that marked the beginning of the end.  The kiss that was pre-determined to happen to a recipient who knew the inevitable.  The kiss that will never be replicated by anyone to anyone.  At least not that I know of, unless it was recreated to depict that same ONE.

Satan is the ultimate deceiver and he turns a symbol of ardor, something of God, into something evil.

But then again, this kiss was also symbolic of our salvation, our redemption.  Had it not been for this kiss, we would all remain unforgiven, with our inevitable future that mirrors that of the one who exploited such a positive symbol.

Jesus knew He was predisposed to a death brought on by a series of painful and punishing excruciating wounds which he had to endure but pre-planned by God, His own Father, for us undeserving ingrates.  But I know what your next question is.  You ask, “If God was so good, why would He give up His only Son as a sacrificial lamb for us?”

My simple little mind has gone over this question over and over again in my head.  Although I will never understand in my human brain why God would do such a thing, I could only summon up a reason that blew even my own mind!

God is Love.  There could never be another way for Him.  His love is unlike the love, even the greatest love that we have experienced in our own lives.  There can be no way we can fathom the intensity of God’s love even if we try.  I quit trying.  But I do understand the enormity of someone’s love when they have to sacrifice something as precious as a child, an only child at that, because I am a mother.  I would rather sacrifice myself than sacrifice my son or my daughter to be slaughtered like Jesus on the cross.  That is because I love my kids that much.  You can relate to this if you are a good parent.  Good parents would not and could not stand to see their child purposely killed.  It’s just impossible.

But God did.  He did it to show us the enormity of His love for us.  A love that most people rather not see or feel because of pure refusal, pure rebellion and denial.  That is why God’s love is not called love, it has another name.  AGAPE love.  So pure and so great that none of us can replicate it, or even feel it.  Why?  We are sinners.  We are imperfect, just not possible.  But God shows us that even with all the power and all the greatness He possesses, He allowed Himself as a sacrifice in the form of God in the Flesh to die for us, for our sins, for our eternal salvation, our souls uplifted and offered up to Him.  He did it for us because He knew that our sinful nature is susceptible to satan’s deceit and easily, our souls can be snatched, and most people’s souls have been snatched as a result of their refusal to accept such love from God.  God knows He can’t make us love Him back but He proved to us that we can, by our own accord, love Him back with only a smidgen of His love in return, and be saved.  

And that kiss from Judas sealed the deal.  It was the beginning of the end for Jesus.  He knew what was coming.  He is God!  He knew that it was the point of no return and He understood the pain of the flesh he was about to receive and he knew what that pain was like, what being slaughtered felt like which is why He begged God to save Him from it, feeling like we would feel if we knew our inevitable death has finally come to fruition.  The kiss of death from Judas was the kiss of love from God to us.  The price… JESUS CHRIST!

Until my next rant…. LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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