Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Imagine if you will, just for a moment that we were still existing in the days before Jesus was born.  When there was no Jesus or the Holy Spirit yet.  The days when the wrath of God was like a looming dark cloud over our heads, careful not to anger the God that is so powerful that He can cast some punishment on us like the people of the great flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, etc.

It is no wonder that today, most people who started reading the Bible feel that God is too strict with life.  They use the Old Testament in their own church doctrine for some odd reason to scare others away from turning back to God.  In my own humble opinion, this is not fair to the God that I have known since I have come to an awareness of Him ever since I was a young child.  The God I grew up knowing was a true father to me, yes invisible, but felt.  He was a true father in a sense that my own father was an absentee father, and when he was around he was mean.

So there we have it.  They were all, in those days before Jesus and the Holy Spirit afraid of the angry deity which was somehow used to pass down to current days to inject fear or nonchalant rebellion into people's hearts.

Enter Jesus.  Jesus was God in the flesh.  One can only surmise that God sent His son, not so much as to punish Him by letting Him get whipped and murdered on purpose, but with purpose.  God thought of a way to connect with us by putting Himself in our position in order to feel what we feel since He won't or will ever impose His love on us.  How can someone so powerful humble Himself in such a way?  I mean, the Guy is God Himself!  He could have done anything at all with His powers but instead chose to sympathize with us by subjecting Himself as if He was one of us!

Furthermore, after Jesus left the world, He gave us the Holy Spirit as a gift.  The Holy Spirit who is a Godhead, again Himself, to live in each and every one of our hearts!  How generous of Him to give us a mentor, a confidante, a guide, a protector, a healer, a liaison not only for Him but for others.  As if he doled Himself out like Oprah and said, "You get the Holy Spirit, you get the Holy Spirit, you get the Holy Spirit, EVERYBODY gets the Holy Spirit!"

God is amazing.  If there is another word above amazing or the most amazing word over amazing, that would be Him.  Moreover, all of these blessings He gave us was motivated by love.  Such a love that we can never understand no matter how we try.  Giving one's own child to die on the cross so that we can be residents of a wondrous life eternal is a kind of love that no one on this earth can ever give.

It is easily explained like this.  Three in one, it's like an egg, made of yolk, white and shell.  One cannot do without the other.  Personally and honestly, I would rather have Three in one, than none.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  Why? Because this is the greatest of all commandments which encompasses all Ten given in the old testament.

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