Saturday, March 19, 2016

Stay Firm Like An Oak

Now that the country is ready to put in place a new president, ready to see some real changes, not the empty promises of the past, the political climate is reaching its fever pitch in its selection process.  It seems the whole country is committed to exercising the role for their one vote to count that will at least for four years, be a voice for real change.

The way things are going, it seems there is one man who represents the flavor of the people's frustration about how the country has been run the past 8 years.  Make no mistake though, because along with that, and for the next 8 months, the candidates and their pundits will strive hard to sway our decisions one way or the other.  The final voice of the people will result in who the next president of the U.S. will be.  Despite all the noise, we, as Americans, have to make the decision according to our values and our morals.

One of the ways that is advisable to do is to do our own research about the people vying for the position.  Not only should we objectively analyze each of them, we should also listen to how the other side are portraying them.  Sometimes it is very easy to just go with the flow and adopt a mob mentality without really listening to the rhetoric that one presents.  This is not an easy task, however, because we are all so busy with our own lives that we sometimes don't have time to do the research ourselves so we tend to believe what we hear, from wherever and whomever, as the truth.  We have to be careful about such nonchalant process, because eventually, it could break us.

The other way, and the best way for me is to bring God into the decision-making.  God has a way of intervening His will into the mix.  As long as we are in line with His will, it is very easy to understand what surrounds us because God gives wisdom to those who are in line with His will.  satan on the other hand will feed your head with confusion, lies and deceit.  It is his forte to do so.  he loves to frustrate us because he likes the chaos. Unless we ignore his wiles and his agenda, we will be in the right path.  Be like an oak tree, unwavering, unmovable, sturdy in your truth!

We have to decide whether we love our country enough and each other to shut off the noise and ask for God's guidance.  God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  He is a consistent God.  He unites not divides.  

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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