Sunday, March 6, 2016


If I had an opportunity to ask someone who has passed away some questions, I would ask them if they had experienced any indication that their life is about to end.

Majority of the human race is afraid to die.  We protect our lives and the lives of our loved ones simply as a matter of course.  The initial response to hearing news that someone has passed away is that of shock and gasps.  It is just human nature.  When we were born, we were a blank canvas.  We are the sum total of people that surround us.  People who were influenced by those around them when they were born in turn pass those influences to us.  So most of our instincts are taught based on what we have come to know.  We have no control over that any more than a wild and vicious pit bull trained by an irresponsible dog owner does.

So why are we so afraid to die or even to be diagnosed with a terminal illness?  The answer is simply that we aren't sure about whether there really is life after death, and if so, where we will end up?  Will it be up or down.  Even for an unbeliever, there is that innate notion of the unknown, a doubt as to whether there is a heaven or a hell.  We were born with that instinct because whether we believe in the bible or the big bang theory, we can't help but doubt or believe the existence of another life.

I've always attacked a doubt head on.  Before I understood the after life and the reality of it, I too, was a skeptic.  Looking back, I realized how incredibly irresponsible I was with my own life and my own eternal life.  This life, because I did nonchalantly go through it by occasionally putting myself in danger whether it be walking alone at night or partying with perfect strangers.  I never thought about death and where my future would be. However, my relationship with God, even as a young child, got me through it all.  

Now that I am halfway through my days, I can say that I truly do not fear death.  As a matter of fact, if not for my loved ones, who would be sad if I did pass away, I would prefer it.  Knowing for a fact what is in store for me after this worldly life excites and inspires me.  I look forward to the day I get to see God's face!  You see, when you have a deep understanding of God's love, it is not difficult to wish an earthly death to this temporary vessel.  The alternative is such that would bring so much joy to an eternal life.  A word of caution.  I don't know what is in store for those who turn away from God, and I certainly could not even consider thinking about it.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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