Saturday, July 2, 2016


There is a big difference between self analysis and being selfish or conceited.

The former entails self-evaluation honestly sizing yourself in how you relate to others.  We often strive to do what is right, even going out of our way to do so but sometimes imposing our ways to others.  There is some danger in conducting ourselves this way.  That danger is that sometimes we don't see things from a different perspective.   Even though we mean well, we unintentionally become rigid in our analysis of others until we believe that there is no other right way but ours.

This is what I mean.  Sally has been a model human being from the gate.  Sally does everything right to please everyone.  She thinks that if she avoids any kind of conflict, no feathers will be ruffled.  There are people in Sally's life who loves Sally for who she is.  However, some of these loved ones see that because Sally is so agreeable, others take advantage of her.  But whatever they do, Sally just goes with the flow to avoid any conflict.  In a way, what Sally is doing is admirable.  However, when the situation calls for it, it would not so wrong for her to stand up for what she believes.  

Now Sally has a friend named Mitch.  Mitch is the exact opposite of Sally.  Although he is a person of integrity, he sometimes gives opinions which are unwelcome.  But that's just the way Mitch is.  If you get unsolicited advise from him, it is better just to ignore him.  

Had Sally and Mitch focused on themselves and know when to or when not to exert themselves, instead of thinking that others should take note and learn from them, they would be more wholesome.  Sometimes knowing yourself paves the way for better communication which then leads to relational successes.  

Whether or not majority of others will agree that your way is the right way, the world changes with or without you.  External influences will always distort someone's truth and we are better off adjusting to the movement of time and space in this world but limited to the will and grace of God.  God is timeless, it means His ways flows with time and space.  His presence is the ONLY presence in the entire universe that can travel through and from multi-dimensions.  The closer you are to understanding yourself in relation to others, the better and much more tolerable the world will be.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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