Saturday, July 9, 2016

Let God Do His Job and Stay Rooted

God respects us enough to not get in the way of our own will.  Although He is a jealous God, He allows us to make our own decisions when it comes to loving Him.  One of His top commandments is to not put anything or anyone above Him.  In my opinion, He does deserve that honor, to be above all else.  After all, we owe everything we have, and everything we are to Him.

Even if we are given our own will, it is not to surmise that He puts people in place in our lives so that their own testimony to being a Christ follower encourages us to make a decision to be on His team.  People like true Christians are conditioned influenced by their purpose to help others understand God's love.  

However, because of our sinful nature, sometimes the very same people who set out to spread the word become so engrossed and entitled that they push the envelope to far up their prospects that instead of whole heartedly hopping on the Jesus train, they opt to let it pass.  Not only were they turned off on the pushiness, the pusher also misses the mark because of their unawareness of their own self-righteousness.

If our life purpose for God is to sow the seeds and understanding the process of putting our faith into action through evangelism, we are simply sower of the seeds, sowing a valuable seed wherever we go.  Though we are faithful to the purpose, not everyone will listen immediately.  Some may not respond to our words, others might have preconceived notions about Christians themselves, which in this case will take a little bit more subtle convincing, others may simply be too unfocused on the message that we are imparting to them.  Whichever the case, there are those whom the seeds will bear fruit, the seed we sow in them can produce crops far greater than we could ever imagine.  There is the joy of new life in Christ and it is great!  

Although it may be nice to be able to control which seed takes root and which does not, it is not our job to do so.  Our role is to offer the seed, God will handle the rest.  We need to let God walk through the paved way we have created.  Then we ourselves must stay rooted in order to be able to sow more and more seeds.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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